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Who's Disclosure is Disclosure?

Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:16 am by Cyrellys

The narrative war is in full swing. When there's a 100 different competing narratives, how is it possible to discern a disclosure?

Is it akin to which truth is Truth?

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Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys


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Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Empty Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys

Post by Cyrellys

Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Legend_of_zelda__hero_s_shade_quote_by_thornhylian-d4syym2

Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Viking-Age-Warrior-Woman



Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Sam_1010

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"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Rue she said Protection
Rooster's Crow Confusion
One thing else to end the deed --
A dog with no Illusion.

~ Walter Wangerin Jr., Book of the Dun Cow
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Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 8:56 am by Cyrellys

Certainly not syrup laced with rat poison.

Is there anything you would actually stand to defend Dan? Any principle, value? Obviously you neither understand nor care about the nation that was built as an alternative to an organized tyranny, to support a culture that espouses mankinds highest Christian ideals.

If you can't defend that and the love that went into creating it, the love from Source/God that graced it for most of 200 years....if you can't defend that then there isn't anything I could or would say that would satisfy you.

Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:00 am by dan

The ultimate truth is love.

I will defend truth....... anywhere...... anytime.


You are working at the level of nationalism.

Are you suggesting that it is too soon for universalism?

Then what are we waiting for, pray tell?


Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:56 am by Cyrellys

dan wrote:The ultimate truth is love.

I will defend truth....... anywhere...... anytime.


You are working at the level of nationalism.  

Are you suggesting that it is too soon for universalism?  

Then what are we waiting for, pray tell?  


I am a product of universalism Dan, asked to be part of the rescue team because everything currently depends on this particular nationalism. This is the bottleneck.

We defend Life, Liberty, and Human Potential.

I'm not here to debate it. It simply is.

Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 10:07 am by dan


...... everything currently depends on this particular nationalism. This is the bottleneck.

Ok, but how do you know that?  Who told you?  

I happen to agree with you, on that point, but........ and there is a big but......

What comes next.......?

I think it’s always important to be a step ahead of the game.

And, as a philosopher, that’s where my head is at.  

Today America...... tomorrow the world 🌎!  

No?  Tell little chick 🐥 that he’s wrong 😑........


Cy doesn’t quite understand that, if we have the high ground, the battle is ours.  

It’s all over, but the shouting.


Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:44 pm by Cyrellys




7:51pm Mountain Time

So Dan, I get where your head is at.  Wanting to be ahead of the game. 

But here's the thing, it's not possible to be ahead of this peculiar game because it is being written cold turkey to give an alternate outcome from the previous planned ELE course.  Many many many the parties involved here because the outcome has mindboggling far reaching effects to others beyond this world who will pay the price if we as a world collectively suicide. 

We've had this conversation before and it went over your head and out the door at mach-chicken launched from a trebuchet.

You're not taking the world.  There is no 'taking the world.'

As for your friend who thinks I don't understand about battles, high ground, and winning...

As many lifetimes as I've had you think I don't?

How about you consider this instead:  If I DO UNDERSTAND such things why would I be doing what I do in the many spectrums of the fight, if this is a 'rescue mission'? 

Remember what I've said over the years about ego and assumptions.

Banais Righi.



Mind is not limited by time, space, nor place.

~ Old Irish triad, Pacific Northwest USA.

12,000 years ago: North America, Earth.

High above red rock spires in a clear blue sky, an eagle soared in circular hunting patterns over a lonely inland mountain desert. Air hissed past the tips of its wings and its eye gleamed over the frontier of legends; a land once belonging to the seven most ancient muses; a sacred place, where heaven and earth long ago embraced in the quivering secret of life.

The bird's keenly honed senses took in everything through a composed and contemplative
meditation. It paused on each sense long enough to evaluate the contents drawn into its primal mind -sight, hearing, smell, taste, the pattern of the vibratory air touching claws trailing beneath its body, as well as more subtle senses of inner intuitive vision; a resonance from the living networks in the land, pure instinct, preset discrimination, and innate empathy. The cooperation of the two sets of senses read the character of its world through the fabric of its manifestation as its wings stretched its body out over the upswell of warm gentle air from the red-rock and highland scrub landscape below.

The bird idly took the product of its perceptions balancing it, in its consciousness of being, there between the nexus points of silence and singing flowing within the in-between places at which vision and life force came together, uncoiling from their hidden domain. In this exercise it sought the illusive threshold of true perception, watchful of omens of change. At the outer edges of its perceptional reach, auguries of joy, pain, power and promises of belonging swirled. For this particular and peculiar bird, these things entwined, traveling through the vast expanse of time and place in a communion with the greater story of the universe.

Soaring over that dualistic landscape, it's perception gleaned a ripple in that greater story. The giant bird blinked and swiftly banked as a quantum disturbance emerged from the thought field, washing over it.

Fury rose in its heart and the eagle screamed defiantly in response beneath the sunlight of the star Grian.


The gas pillars of the
Eagle Nebula sprawled behind the massive delta shaped starship. It pivoted in the stratosphere, aligning for atmospheric penetration. It's cold metallic frame angular and inelegant. Soft starlight brought a glow to twin turrets with protruding plasma cannons on its deck. Below the deck weapons, along the flanks of the craft, a set of three jagged V icons with a snake coiled in threatening posture amid them, slid into view on the stark surface.

The ship descended, incandescent streamers flying off the edges. Below a brilliant blue and white world slowly advanced on its axis.

The delta screamed into the moist, cloud laden atmosphere bent on its destination half a continent away. Snow-capped mountains flashed by followed by tall spindly red rock spires as the continental elevation dropped into leeward slopes of arable lowlands and sprawling river valleys.

A sonic boom crashed behind the delta's passage, rolling over the landscape. Then a monolith on a small hill overlooking a geo-glyph grid system inscribed into the paler orange and yellow soil came into view. Beyond the monolith an immense, elegant rust red stone and glass city lay nestled in a temperate valley of verdant croplands and pastures.

Over the monolith the ship roared, fire licking the edges of the wings. The landscape shook as the sonic boom of arrival caught the ship slowing abruptly to 300 knots, its stern rising slightly rocking as the wave washed over and past, its advance then continuing forward like a predator stalking easy prey.


In the wake of the thunderous boom, the eagle dove for a rocky outcropping. On the great
bird's arrival it spread its wings wide, catching the less disturbed air near massive glacial boulders braking for a landing. The atmosphere around the bird erupted in a flash of light. When the light cleared a huge pale wolf loped hard for the spires over which the delta had disappeared.

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Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 7:47 pm by Cyrellys

TLectricToday at 5:24 PM
I was just about to sign up and saw that too, wtf, so what's left? Should I even bother with Spreely?
[5:26 PM]
Trying Spreely now and I keep getting "502 Bad Gateway"

@Goat Moag


Liberty Tree RadioToday at 6:52 PM


busted bernie

PBS Principal Counsel Michael Beller Advocates Re-education Camps F...
Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Maxresdefault


------ Forwarded Message --------
Subject:        Armed rallies at state capitols?
Date:   Thu, 14 Jan 2021 11:00:47 -0700
From:   Gary Marbut
To:     Gary Marbut

Dear MSSA Friends,

You may have heard Internet or other chatter urging armed rallies at
state capitols for and before the inauguration.

There are some who claim that such proposals are provocateur efforts to
create false flag incidents to demonize gun owners.  I can't say for
sure, but that's possible.

What I do know for sure is that any such demonstrations are not
encouraged or supported by the Montana Shooting Sports Association, the
National Rifle Association, Gun Owners of America, the National Shooting
Sports Foundation, or the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and
Bear Arms.  None of the major gun rights groups are advocating such

I also know that things in Montana are going our way politically.  My
well-developed political instinct is that now is not a good time, to aid
our political progress, for any "in your face" type of direct action in
Helena.  Such action would most likely offend political friends who are
currently very much with us.  Said differently, it is my judgment that a
confrontational armed rally at the Montana capitol would most likely be
counterproductive to the political gains we expect to make this
legislative session.

So, if you've heard about and may be wondering about any proposed armed
rallies at state capitols, I can't say what the benefit or effect might
be in other states.  But, in Montana, where I know the political turf, I
believe such a demonstration would not be a good idea.  Plus, the
possibility exists that this idea is being circulated by anti-gunners
trying to bait us to sticking a leg into a bear trap.

Best wishes,

Gary Marbut, President
Montana Shooting Sports Association
Author, /Gun Laws of Montana/


Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter, Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots
By Alicia Powe
Published January 14, 2021 at 2:36pm

Share[url= ON VIDEO%3A Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter%2C Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During Riots]Tweet[/url][url= ON VIDEO%3A Antifa Protester John Sullivan Brags About Posing As Trump Supporter%2C Breaking Window At US Capitol Building During]Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Parler-icon Share[/url][email=?subject=CAUGHT%20ON%20VIDEO%3A%20Antifa%20Protester%20John%20Sullivan%20Brags%20About%20Posing%20As%20Trump%20Supporter%2C%20Breaking%20Window%20At%20US%20Capitol%20Building%20During%20Riots&]Email[/email]

Footage obtained by the Gateway Pundit from militant Black Lives Matter and Antifa activist John Sullivan’s discord shows the so-called “civil rights activist” reveling inside the U.S. Capitol on Jan.6 as he damaged federal property.
Sullivan has maintained in multiple interviews that he regularly attends protests only to record what’s going on, but did not actively partake in the insurgence in Washington.
“It’s just recording, solely, and not being active in it,” he told Fox News last week.


On Thu, Jan 14, 2021 at 2:02 PM Naconah wrote:
Now it all begins to make sense...please forward widely. Some of the story we know, but there were so many gaps, gaps that didn't make sense...

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECUTED Seal Team 6, Audio Proof

BREAKING: Whistleblower Drops HARD Evidence, Biden, Obama, Hillary EXECU...

Video taken from The Next News Network. - Anna Khait joins Gary Franchi to breakdown her bombshell tweet that is...

Quintus Dias


Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 UGz6McO

Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys - Page 31 Screenshot_20210114-173904

Post Thu Jan 14, 2021 9:17 pm by Cyrellys


Post Fri Jan 15, 2021 11:33 am by Cyrellys

For those who mistakenly think Cyrellys is all about war.  An Ollamh spends over 26 years of schooling traditionally for the time necessary for a holistic approach to life.  Over that period a student entertains many teachers.  We are subsequently under geis to teach what we have learned.  An understanding of the many avenues and perspectives life offers is required attainment in that course of learning. 

Whilst we have boundaries in life set by self and geis making us not only academics, educators, and analytics which preempt our preferences, those preemptions should in no way be construed as a failure to understand our choices.  This is why Ollamh are also taught the arts of war and defense which also mandate us to speak Truth to Power in equal measure. 

In Truth, Liberty, and Human Potential #NaturesCrowd Salutes thee.  We be of ONE blood thou and I.  Cyrellys Geibhendach.


Two Vortexes

The Mental Militia functions on the premise that, on some if not all levels of psychic existence, there exist two thought systems.

Each of the two thought systems emanates from its respective vortex. We may think of the two vortexes as “Love” and “Fear”. Thus we speak of “Love’s Thought System” and “Fear’s Thought System”.

What we are suggesting is that every thought is identifiable as being a loving thought or a fear-based thought. A loving thought would emanate from “Love’s Vortex” in the psyche; and a fear-based thought would emanate from “Fear’s Vortex” — the two vortexes being the twinned sources of all thought.

Setting the Stage for Love’s Thought System
(Liberty Leaders of Montana Historical Document Collection at TMM July -December 2015)
by Cyrellys Geibhendach, Banais Righi do Aes Dana Willamette in Montana 2015.

It was their custom [in ancient times] at the Feis of Tara to pass six days in feasting together before the sitting of the assembly: three days before Samhain and three days after it, making peace and entering into friendly alliances with each other.
— Geoffrey Keating, Forus Feasa ar Eirinn.

How much we have forgotten about all that we once applied to our daily lives. Societal success, interrelational being, constructive governance once depended upon a way of thinking about not only ourselves but our neighbors, kinsmen, and the greater society as a whole. Within our methodology of thought lies the ability to be conscious of the ordering of our affairs, as well as bringing our selves into alignment with the blessings, effort, and opportunities presented in life. From within may rise a motivation that holds a higher purpose than self-servancy. But where can we find this deep well within ourselves and what are its components?

We know from experience, making peace between ourselves and others requires two things: the ability to speak the truth lovingly, and the ability to forgive and let go of issues that have muddied the way between us. This is Love’s Thought System in action.

As unique human beings with an immortal soul, we each have the capacity for discrimination, imagination, and spiritual adventure. The wisdom we gain from this journey is heavily dependent upon the thought system we choose to invest in it along the way, wherein our souls can be purposefully engaged and focused…deepening our soul-capacity.

There is a theory called the biophilia hypothesis which suggests that there is an instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems. The term biophilia was first used by Erich Fromm to describe a psychological orientation of being attracted to all that is alive and vital. Edward O. Wilson described the term as “the connections that human beings subconsciously seek with the rest of life.” Aristotle coined the term philia, to mean friendship, evoking the idea of reciprocity and how friendships are beneficial to both parties and in more than just one way. All of this implies that humanity is hard-wired to a thought system that is both biological and spiritual in nature, and which can connect our “soul” to a divine reason which has entered the body and which is capable of knowing the eternally real and meaningful things of the universe.

The system of thinking we apply to life sets the pattern for all future life of men and circumstances. Spiritual wisdom evolves not in solitary mediation but when it is implemented in ordinary life. It is through this implementation that we are able to avoid the imbalances and delusions that may arise from a purely theoretical approach to life and spirituality. The discipline of applying such a relational system of thinking as Love’s Thought System allows synaptic leaps that land us in profound areas of realization and inter-relational being.

Love, itself, allows our own soul to have the space to speak to us. It allows us to cherish our dreams and recognize potential. It assists us with meditations that enhance our capacity for transmitting our values and participating in confluence of inspiration. It connects us in the most fundamental way with the universal space of the unseen world of universal consciousness, creativity, and sense of proportion.

In this time of conflict paradigm, it is highly apparent that so much of what we once applied to problems has fallen by the wayside. Too often now we resort to the knee-jerk response consisting of ‘you’re not like me,’ therefore we cannot work together or reconcile for the sake of the greater good. We have a deep and abiding need for results in our efforts to correct perceived wrongs but the tools we once possessed seem absent. In this a restoration of memory must be called…a cry out to the deepest human instinct for affinity to life. Then, in so calling, might rise the incubatory divine in each person, and those around he or she who answers that call shall respond:

“What is your name?”

Divine: “I am the poet of your future, Sovereignty [self-ownership]. I have come from your past to restore you to memory.”

Respondent: “Have you the power of prophecy called imbas forosnai?”

Divine: “I have indeed, for I am first and foremost, the Spirit of Love.

From that point forward Love’s Thought System shall be more than metaphor…


(First Published at TheMentalMilitia dot net 2015.  Republished by Author 01152021 at Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys at Open Minds Forum - Forumotion dot com)

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Post Fri Jan 15, 2021 1:11 pm by hobbit


That was simply wonderful to read, several times.

I have been asking people to stop buying the fear porn been blasted at them, instead to face every moment without fear.

The only thing to fear is fear.

What is detectable is a dual vortex field of consciousness all living entities exist within, when experiencing love that field expands in diameter to empower the potential.
When experiencing fear the field diameter shrinks, in great fear it shrinks within the vehicle to protect the heart.

With great respect to You,


Post Fri Jan 15, 2021 9:10 pm by Cyrellys

BINGO HOBBIT!  You GOT IT my friend! 

This was understood by some ancient cultures including the Old Irish.  It is preserved in the traditions and culture of the Aes Dana and much of American culture in its approach to truth and justice in support of liberty.  But a key component of understanding it as such was withheld due to a promise of anonymity which was a mistake.  The Mantle of Guardianship was passed to the colonials, but the promise handicapped American understanding of it and the root culture. 

Loves Thought System does not mean one is a peacenik.  It does not mean one does not have boundaries the preservation of which one is to fight for.  It does not mean wars and kinetic conflicts do not happen.  It's about a core choice of nature...that must be upheld and protected....and consequently nurtured in others, as well as respected and protected.  This core brings the pursuit of Excellence aka Liberty aka Sovereignty aka Property alive in an amazing way which in turn nurtures and infuses Human Potential with God's Grace.

Well done.  A+++

Post Fri Jan 15, 2021 10:27 pm by Cyrellys

Joseph P Farrell Interview

An unusual day today because we will be talking briefly about two stories; the first out of Israel, as geopolitical fallout from the selection of Biden continues, and the second from the USA, and a grieving wife:


Here ya go!  Have FUN!  Stay vague.  Pay it forward.


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Post Sat Jan 16, 2021 4:34 am by Cyrellys

Those responses you were looking for Dan and the review that goes with them.




4. Dan:


6. Dan:


8. Dan:


10. Dan:

PROOF Prevalent Universal Globalist Repetitive Provocation:
Foresapire wrote:(snip) Pushing out the bridge and timeline with bigger rockets (yawn), a trickle of disclosure, a reduction in population, and a "tuning" of consiosusness with social programming is a practical approach. The population will be reduced, we have AI to extend life and therefore the timescale can be pushed out and adjusted. Two sides of a coin - the other side argues that due to the environmental climate crisis, and other predictive related factors, this timeline must happen now or be dramatically accelerated.

RELEVANT INTERLUDE? Simulated Ontology amid neurosis and narcissism. Knowledge of the Map creates the simulated reality. The relationship between the field of the finite and the quality of the infinite to that which is "truly alive". Phenomena and FiOs. What makes the Universe Complete...
INTERLUDE: Identity and our Tangled Web of Theory and Implementation -

>>>identity and our tangled web of theory and implementation. Identity (CHOICE OF NATURE).


12: instruction to do: the Interlude in the 'simulation' example marked INTERLUDE in this post sequential order:

It's not about Trump. Reiteration: :How does one repair erring? Humble Practice without expectation of reward" (restraint of ego, neurosis, narcissism - an art form - art as a tool to transformation)..."the right action/behavior for the right and just reasons sake alone. You all missed Trump doing just that. The OTHERS did not." Target: Produce Choice of Nature - IDENTITY.

"you have departed from what I was taught to expect."

"The mapping of our spiritual progress..."

Presented with proof of paradigm..."Chee's dream eagle screamed in surprise."

Synchronicity, Synergy and unseen Partnerships..."Side by side they raced toward the earth, the ethereal eagle of the Jemez shaman and the broken starship."

When context in the landscape eludes. Loss of reason, despair of resolution in the presence of the unseen..." unfettered howl of elemental turmoil; a star-rending fury melded with a frustration no man could hope to understand."

Shockwaves in the fabric of all reality. They know not what they do. All life matters.

"Every man who walks the earth
casts a shadow on the world. [universe - a reverberating sound box in which EVERYTHING is heard]"

"How can we help our young
Who wait to cross the frontier
Between child and adulthood?"

"We've been waiting for you," the man said...


13. Dan:

Cy: Our Oaths upheld are evidence of choice of Identity.


"You may join in the discussion, if you so choose.

I am not looking back.

I am always headed forward....... toward the Truth."

Cy: I did and was joined in the discussion.

Dan: I did read all of your posts, but there was much unfamiliar jargon.

Cy: That was apparent. I am clarifying. This is a complex discussion. The imagery is necessary. Sequential context is necessary.

15. A.

"Cy is a person of interest. I have absolutely no doubt."

"foot 🦶 has a thing for Cy....... rather like I have a thing for Princess 👸. "

FROM DISCORD in Conversation:
Cyrellys (Mind Mix Radio USA)Yesterday at 7:41 PM
I recommended publicly last Saturday on my show for if Trump is serious about surviving this, the military must act and they need to dump the whole thing on the American Public without pulling the punch not even on the stuff they think the public can't handle. I said if they needed proof the public could handle this I asked my guys right then and there if I was a nut? They both said no. I said I seen the video of the 12yr old approx who'd been delivered over the border by his "parent" the parent murdered and then the boy gutted alive whilst lying attop the "parent" still squirming as the human trafficker stole the live organs from the child and slapping the kid for not holding still...his guts wide open. Yeah I watched that vid and my guys affirmed I did. I then told them to get the full disclosure done so if they're going to go head to head with the cretins everyone will remain on hold long enough to see them all do it. Them sorting the corruption vs us doing it. See I was banned from Twitter minutes after Trump because my wall was being read by him "Chieftain" and I was responding to post by those speakers sending out comms to the public as way of acknowledgement we were listening. Twit nuked me for it. [Twit neurosis. Shrug.]
[show referenced up above]
I am under Oath since 1996 Navy but I've never served. Not in an official capacity. I've been working the paradigm in the same capacity my grandmother the last Ollamh Mor do Aes Dana Willamette did for First Navy IC group instituted by Old George Washington in early America.
IF they do this, we might not have to go kinetic or if it is not enough on their part we in theory at least won't be alone
Cyrellys (Mind Mix Radio USA)Yesterday at 7:49 PM
Yes. In 2008 on a USAP I coined the term for that separation: The Rift. We are currently in the Reckoning....a blowback that happens in a bottleneck. We all together citizens and whitehats are making the collective choice to plow the road up the middle of the bottleneck which makes it possible to avoid a ELE global war.
No one left behind.
It will still be messy. Prior Proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Performance. That prior planning may still be needed and will make a difference. To be a People we must act as a People. We must join against the evil on common ground and make course correction happen
Cyrellys (Mind Mix Radio USA)Yesterday at 7:55 PM
I've taken alot of flak for telling them Mark K is right. When they said the People were "too toxic to deal with" I disagreed and told them no. When fail safe was instituted I said it was a mistake to dive for the bushes and hide...the time is now to stand in the wind. Return to the table and make this work. They did.

16. DAN:

"We think we’re living in a four dimensional world....... but it is more like an infinite dimensional world. Physicists call it Hilbert space, but never mind......."

17. Cy:


18. Dan:

Cy: The Cosmos is part of the very real simulation. A simulation with choices, authors, causes, consequences...that result in Identity and Transformation.

We be of ONE blood thou and I, means of God aka universal [causal] consciousness. We are of ONE family by identifying choice of nature. A parent can produce a child, but that doesn't make the child part of the same soul family. Actions made by choice speak louder than words.

Only opportunity is guaranteed. Each individual is born endowed with potential in the infancy form of rights. These rights are universal. Whether you uphold them, respect them, or abuse them is again choice which becomes proof of nature.

This is a core part of the ensouled experience -- choice of nature. The soul choices provide ongoing journey and transformation. In this sense life is evolutionary, but not for the physical body per se for that is only the container for the true body.

The amount of interconnection we all have in the journey and in life is only limited by readiness. Perception expands transforms when milestones are reached. The pursuit of All Being is the journey thru ongoing transformation of the soul. You don't go back to God, you are all already an integral part of He/She/IT. IT is pervasive in the fabric of our reality, but it RESPECTS free will. Thus choice is the key to transformative experience in the fabric. FORCE is not.

There is your Universal Paddle.

19. Dan:


Clearly you align yourself with the forces of light.

I wonder what assurances we have that good will triumph over evil?"

Cy: Assurances? There are none. Everyone is in this together. Having procrastinated for decades it now requires the many to choose and make the choice stick to the proverbial wall.

If mankind suicides you also destroy all those who came back to help. The so called advanced among mankind. Each individual is held responsible for their choice, not success or failure in the fight between good and evil...that's just the landscape where the decision is laid out. Winning matters yes in the sense of the proof required. All Life Matters. This is your tree and it has yet to attain the height of others in the universal forest...having taken longer than others the same age is not a true indicator of final achievement or failure.

To achieve, each needs to remember who they are and believe in their own endowed potential received from God/Source. Intent circumscribes the Universal Causality. It's like a core subroutine in a computer system which the system as a whole cannot live without...because function depends upon it.

DAN: Does God not know the outcome?

Cy: What God/Source knows is not our business right now. Concern for it is distraction. IT respects free will. Yet it partners with those youthful honest true's the hand up not the hand out. You refer to this partnership as blessings.

DAN: Does not this drama repeat itself on the myriad planets?

Cy: In a myriad of ways. Yes. Variety is infinite in the essential sense.

DAN: I’m not quite sure I see the point of multiplying the evil here, on an infinity of other worlds.

Is there not a point of diminishing returns, in terms of the lessons learned?

Cy: There is no limit on lessons to be learned. This is the pursuit of All Being. There are other beings out there who've made advances well beyond where we currently are and those who not yet reached what we've so far achieved. Some will never move beyond certain points.

DAN: And what about the worlds where evil triumphs?

Is that just the luck of the draw?

Cy: It was never about luck. Yes there are worlds where evil triumphs. Many components accumulated to result in that. It is a sad fact not all chicks survive to fly the nest.

DAN: And so you were parachuted in here, to save our sorry asses.

How many planets are serviced in this manner, we might wonder?

Cannot God put all her eggs in one basket 🧺, and then watch the basket carefully?

Cy: I am one of many. Aes Dana call it "TWICE BORN" although it is figurative not terms of many lives. There are established rules wrt young worlds and young races. In that sense the Star Trek theme is no incorrect. But we're an odd case because the prior MENTORS to many young races in the universe and beyond, are on the cusp of their next transformation and so eventual replacements were fostered. The very same ANCIENTs with that stake in our creation who were involved helping SOURCE with our creation and existential birth, perceived a problem. The cannot violate the rules with a direct intervention. But those who originated here can return for another lifetime outside their normal cycle. This is intervention. It does not excuse everyone from doing the work...this is not something the walk-ins were sent to do for us (we had to commit to this not pass GO, Pay$200 and skip your turns to begin again at that position. Whatever happens to the board; choice/outcome, we suffer the same as everyone else. That was the deal.

What can I tell you about the bottleneck?

a. YOU HAVE TO WANT TO LIVE. Some choices are made collectively.
b. Others in the universe their survival depends on you being there eventually. Remember what I said about worlds where evil triumphs? Living is a adventure filled with choices that build your identity. Worlds are lost or worlds are saved by those dangers dragon braved.
c. If you don't embrace your potential and the learning courses encountered...someone else will take your place. That someone will not be the same choice of nature. That which currently vies for that position/career/responsibility you are slated to inherit [Mentors] based on your imbued potential are MUCH closer to you than you realize. Abdication is not a good option unless you are as heartless as it.

Existence has many greater stories. If mankind suicides, you will miss out. There are types of termination which result in absolute destruction of ensouled beings. Some things cannot be undone once happened.

You are greater than you know. What were the champions like in their infancy? I don't know yet, why don't we ask them? [mankind in the mirror]

DAN: You, Cy, claim to be closer to God than the rest of us, poor sods, down here.

How many layers of evolution are between you, and the rest of us?

And how many layers between you and God?

Has God ever been down here to check up on us?

Cy: There is no "closer to God". There is only soul evolution. At one point in time, I was just a little further down the road. All those who returned were. They/We gave all that up to be here....for our origin family, that no ONE is left behind.

Of your second question, I cannot say. My memory is deliberately limited. We are not allowed to bring our knowing/advancement entirely with us.

There are no layers between ANYONE and God. IT/Source saturates everything. And remember Mind is but a fledgling participant in Universal Creative Consciousness aka God. And mind is not limited by time, space, or place. You just haven't gotten your full drivers license just yet...learners permit? Maybe. Let's see what you do with this much information. Keep the vehicle under the speedlimit...the Watchers are already exasperated with cleaning up you all's chronic train wrecks.

Has God ever been down here to check up on us? Are you serious? That's like asking if the soup visits the vegetables in the pot of vegetable soup. WTF?!!!

Rest assured you are children of God and a number of Others technically speaking of the team. You are not spawn...good grief.

And wrt God, you have never been alone. You're just terrible at listening. Practice makes perfect.

God doesn't plan Disclosure. That's a human job. You all need to quit going thru life not talking to each other. It's bizarre and creepy.

The Greater Community are puzzled and exasperated with humanity. Is there anyone in your sphere of interconnection you have not confused, exasperated or pissed off? Nice track record so far. Like I said you all need to quit going thru life not talking to each other. It's bizarre and creepy.

Especially in a nation/people who espouse TRUTH as one of its highest valued ideals. You all have problems because you make exceptions for profiteering with secrecy and circular logic by manufactured authoritarians. Duh.

DAN: Are you going to have to defeat the bad guys before we are allowed to see the Truth?

Cy: In a nutshell? YES. Because every time someone attempted to do your Disclosure, they ended with a bullet in the back of the head. And much worse. The corruption has festered so long, the Reckoning must now be dealt with either first or at the same time. Heaven help us if the Greater Community comes waltzing in here whilst the world is in this ugly knock-down-drag-out brawl.

Hopefully the non-humans who live here and the other ones who use this place as a transit, will be able to explain the ruckus and the mess if necessary whilst the business is being sorted.

Some in the Greater Community already believe humanity is too rabid for this world. Are you? Or will we fix this despotism so we all can get on to bigger and better things?

God DID NOT WITHHOLD THE TRUTH FROM YOU. THAT you all did to each other. Don't blame someone else for your own inequities. Or I will call you jackass and verbally berate you over the head with the term in old fashioned human style.

The BIBLE was not written by Jesus. It was written by those who received the recounting of the tale from students of his students. Keep that in mind. It's like genetics...after seven generations out, you don't exactly resemble the point of origin in question. Don't believe me? Do a seven generation test on verbal memorization accuracy for the volume of the Encyclopedia Britannica. You will be hard pressed to memorize it all the first time let alone assure the accuracy seven human generations later. I can say that because THAT is what the Ancient Irish did after the RETURN when they went agrarian. The current cultural edition even in the presence of high civilization is recounting venerated ancestors as gods, leprechauns, and freaking fairies. ALL of the technical knowledge is GONE. 2000 years after the lifetime of Jesus and you all should see yourselves. Religion was never his intent. Values, mores, human potential yes...not what has been done with those teachings. That's RIGHT OUCH!!!! [for those who don't get it, I just kicked 'christians' under the table in the shins, kinda like jesus who walked up to the money changers and started flipping over tables]

I'm not calling anyone bad. I'm not calling the Bible bad or worthless. I'm saying there's some problems both in content and historical application. Those problems should be sobering but not a nullification. What all I've said before touching on your Bible question, is more important so don't waste your time fixating on it. Some people still need the book to remain vertical or to digest valid necessary points. Respect them. It still generally works.

20. Dan:

"Salvation for us lies in the Truth, if we have the faith that the ultimate Truth is love.

Cy does speak of Truth, but is silent about how the Truth will be revealed. "

CY: Read up. Yes salvation lies in Truth, and one of the ultimate Truths is love; but TRUTH is Logos/Word/Divinity.

I said over the course of this whole posting: Disclosure is a Human task. This and these lives is and are a journey thru a landscape of choices which establish the proof of the chosen identity/nature as part of soul evolution and transformation. You can choose not to ever grow up by suiciding the human race...and then another will slide into your spot and wreak havoc that will have irreversible consequences for many you will never get to know because you didn't care about what God gave you...effectively throwing EVERYTHING back in His/Her/ITs face. That is an option. I don't recommend it.

You have to WANT to live. You're already in the bottleneck. Don't screw it up. Ye race of such storied legendary Potential who have a history of screwing up the MOVING PARTS OF ROCKS. [hint: rocks don't normally have moving parts so that's pretty damn messed up!]

Ok so enough of this. You want a truth? Those who know you in the universe so far, the majority of them think you're all fuk-ups in opposition to what God thinks. Keep pretending to be nonsensical violent idiots and prove them right when you nix yourselves. OR you could turn the light on upstairs, repair your roof, and clean up your own mess for once.

21. My final reply in this particular peculiar conversation - Two Vortexes and Setting the Stage For Loves Thought System:

There you are. Have fun.



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(NEW - MORE) CCTV cameras are being installed all over DC. (vid)

Twitter no longer allowing embeds?


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Et tu, Firefox? ar Bitchute? Bleh. Censoring a Trump vid...remember the bitchute vid in the previous post?

Can share Health Ranger but not POTUS? THAT's messed up.


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Replying to
[size=23]#bioweapon #NATO
3 vector flu concept
- release in population
- atmospheric aerosol
- vaccine
- gmo biting insects

Lethal in competed combo.

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