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Who's Disclosure is Disclosure?

Sun Apr 14, 2019 2:16 am by Cyrellys

The narrative war is in full swing. When there's a 100 different competing narratives, how is it possible to discern a disclosure?

Is it akin to which truth is Truth?

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2


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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Cyrellys on Mon May 04, 2015 12:29 am

First topic message reminder :

dan wrote:Cy,

I'm not in favor of guns, but I understand that some folks need that extra sense of security.  

Yesterday we were at the national Cathedral doing the flower market for Kashmir-Rose.  Today we are headed to a WCUAVC flight day at a school down here.  

Was looking at the connection between India and Greece back in the day.  In fact there was a Greco-Indian empire, created by Alexander the Great.  The mutual influence


Well guns have their place, but that wasn't the point...the point was that Hillary equates gun possession with violent individuals or groups and I think I quite clearly illustrated the problem with that kind of thinking by saying I've never been responsible for hurting someone.

I'm not a violent person and my record attests to that. Hillary however is responsible for the deaths of two exemplary military members and one Ambassador, all by design. She also responsible for the arrests and loss of career of one General and one Admiral who attempted to send in a rescue party. They would have been successful in the rescue and then the creation of ISIS and the gun running that contributed to it would have been exposed. Nothing like wiping the proof of criminal wrong doing off the map to protect your own arse Hildebeast? Like any of us would forget and forgive her? Hillary apparently doesn't own guns and yet she's been responsible for the ending of at least three lives and two careers. She's five ahead of this gun owner. And that's just what we happen to know about. There's rumors her and her prior hubby were involved in the drug trade of Arkansas and S. America...then there's China and Walmart. I could go on but what's the point. Truth is too old fashioned and justice is also out-dated.

I'm a celt so truth and justice is not a cultural trait in the eyes of the modern umbrella society which refuses to acknowledge those traits as part of the nation's psyche, but rather as a personal neurosis that they'd probably insist a straightjacket and heavy medication be applied to if I were within reach in DC. Truth and justice equals neurosis? What kind of thinking is that?!! But that's the spew emerging from orgs like DHS since its inception. So when it comes to commentary, turn-about-is-fair-play. They and their flunkies make snide comments about us and we return the favor.

>>>on India and Greece...look at the Sanskrit language and old greek. Then compare it to Old Irish. Fascinating? Now look at some of the ideas each culture valued...same again. All three have same root system. Ah but why would anyone care about the legacy of the elder gods? 'er ET and the seeding of civilizations? Virmana are inconveniences...ah! and there once was one in the vicinity of Fermoy Eire of all places! That is if you can take the Christian overlay off the history.

>>> on the subject of the Glyphs:

432 Mystery

432 Mystery: the first lesson - the Abducted Preceptor


"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Rue she said Protection
Rooster's Crow Confusion
One thing else to end the deed --
A dog with no Illusion.

~ Walter Wangerin Jr., Book of the Dun Cow

Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:11 pm

Oh the Sufis are dripping with the simplicity of the jmans message. Rumi often mentions Jesus and says he came first and made the way. Rumi knew a lot of esoteric truth. These people would go into a cave for 7 years. We can't do that. Too distracted. The eastern othodox have kept some of the original traditions as well.

Llewyn says that since the 12th century the Sufi order has been in decline. But the have kept close to the source. Sufis are a vector for sure.

Like you Dan, I step up and out. It's my protocol. I will follow no man, but this great humble man has things to teach me. I introduced myself and said I don't know exactly why I am here today but I wanted to say hi, I'm Eric. I shook his hand. He laughed and said, ok, very well. 

Later people were offering dreams for interpretation. It was a room of old rich white people. Honestly, they were so boring and no one was being real. 

I offered a vision I had where I drowned and a blue stone drug me down. My brother had the same vision. So I said this in front of a few hundred people. He was taken aback and thoughtful. He said that's a clear case of entanglement. I knew that part. You and your brother are opposites but drawn to the same source. You blab, he is quiet. We need each other. Ok, right on. True. Then his wife offered an interpretation of the blue stone which had scribbling on it I could not understand. He said that was soul language. She said this was a stone of remembrance we are getting close to.

Ok, he was silent. I held the mic in my hand. He said nothing for 5 minutes and ended it there. I quickly left not wanting to talk to anyone, embarrassed. He said earlier, clearly individuation is just a step to dissolution. We are just a chrysalis, an echo of the one, but not real, though our eternal soul is. Yada yada. Guru speak. But he is real. He speaks of the real. He knows the real. He has touched the real and been touched by it, as we have. 

Hmm. Quite a day. A lot to process. I can learn what u need to quickly and move on or agonize over the crazy synchronicities. We are that one. No question. No doubts. It speaks to me bow and things become clear. 

This is some crazy ass shit. Maybe I will see him again, I hope so.

Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 26, 2016 12:08 pm

Reading some Ibn al-Arabi and things become clearer for me.

I love that I can see the in-breath and out-breath in your views Dan. You are not alone in the belief and work to bridge between the great ideas and religions. Its in the in-breath and the out-breath. We need to learn to breath again in connection and with awareness.

We are that, the divine being and life is its invitation and obvious answer to are we alone.


Never were, never will be!

Dan, apologies, wasn't available to chat. Doing some processing.

It is all about remembering and there is so much to remember and bring back into the world.

I'm a mystic and drawn to all this, possessed now, I have no choice or chance to avoid it now. I'm going to wade in the waters of the Sufis for awhile and learn their secrets. There is a reason I am finding they are known as The People of the Unveiling and Finding.

Abu Bakr - Original Caliph wrote:Incapacity to attain comprehension is itself comprehension.

Sufi saying wrote:None knows God but God.


It's not a little personal, its All personal. There is nothing to seek for anyone anywhere. Where is there? There is what? Where are we? There is only the Beloved, the Lover and the dance, right here. If I turn to the left or right, look up or down, I see it.

It wants me to reach so deep for it now. To see even the veils parting are part of it.

Do I want to be a Friend of God? Do I have a choice but stand right in front of it?

I have to remember. This is sooooo frustrating.

I only seek and am satisfied with the Real, the impossible quest, to seek life's great secret. Is this world ready for this awareness, hell, I'm not!!! What the hell chance do the rest of you have?! I think the straps from my straight jacket are showing.

I am circling the drain...


Oh, and to fully document everything. I just remembered while reading For Love of the Real, I had a crazy vision on the tea the other night. I saw an Egyptian like city with a volcano in the background with rolling black clouds and a statue of Anubis in the foreground. Incredibly vivid. It was if I was looking through a portal to some other world. It was pretty awful.

A Night of you know what that means Dan. Damn, I forgot to ask the Sufi mystic. But you are my other Sufi teacher, aren't you? Ibn was one of the greatest philosophers ever. I would think you have found much in Sufism.

I'm reading The Sufi Path of Knowledge now, highly recommend.


We are simply here to assist with the unfolding of the Real within and around us. That is all and that is enough.
T.S. Eliot wrote:Human kind cannot bear very much reality.

Dan, I believe this sums up your point nicely. We are not to treat the world as a dream, but as an expression the Real. Be in the world, but not of it, but we are of the world of shape and no time.

Buddhist Master Padmasambhava wrote:Though my View is as spacious as the sky, my actions and respect for cause and effect are as fine as grains of flour.


A few summary points:

1) It is not about me
2) I am enjoying the plane of the Self at the moment, where oneness is explored
3) There is a place beyond Self, the no self
4) I am here to serve and a human in love serving is the greatest manifestation of the One here that there can be

I have felt the nothingness, been touched by it, am watched by it, but I have not remembered it, the unmanifest realm. There are those who work in that realm who can guide the thought forms that manifest here. This is a multi-dimensional problem. We need help at every level. We have it. There are new pathways opening to bring the Source immediately and directly into the now of our consciousness. No 25 years of training to create a filter.

We are blazing on like fireflies. It is too much. It's coming in too powerfully. It can easily singe you.

This is what is happening. Accept it or not.


And just like that. I have an answer, Nisargadatta will teach me about nothingness. Thanks, this is kind of fun. It's a scary place to go. But I know for myself, it's necessary.

I think because the traditional channels have been so clogged, there is this jet fuel out there just beyond our senses we can use now to fuel our consciousness. This is important and waaaaaaayyy above my current pay grade. These are like fundamental forces of the Univetse and I need to learn to read the signs and use the new archetypes. Whatever the heck that means Wink Again, this is kinda fun.

I suppose now I have my answer why I am in a tea group with enlightened people at this time, in this place. It's needed. They are doing like deep soul surgery on me in those sessions.

There are those times in life, if you're lucky, you catch your breath and see a glimpse of something that melts all your doubts and then you's not bullshit...something is what?

There is always another step, another level. I guess this is what it is to be lost in the world of form, the Real is all around, but hidden. You must wrench yourself from the sensory world by overloading your network and disconnecting. You just have to shock your system. I don't see any other way to get so fast to where we need people to be.

Do I sound like a Halebop loon? A bunch of old peaceful rich white people ain't gonna cut it. Gurus are so full of shit.

Why is it I cause trouble everywhere I go? I get it, I have to be as crazy as John The Baptist or as close to the source as he was. Why can I find so few real genuine people? I feel like my backup got hosed and we are in an old WWII movie where we have a mission to blow up that bridge, but with toothpicks and bubblegum. It's kinda funny. I don't fit anywhere. I have to find all the other misfit toys. It's best to just shut up and serve. I'm learning.

Leonardo DaVinci wrote:I awoke only to find the rest of the world sleeping.

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Jun 27, 2016 4:41 am

Yes, we do have to free ourselves.  That is what Brexit is about.  That is what Trexit is about.   They sense it, but they don't know it.  

Our job is to know it.  

But Hillary has defied the odds, before.  She did so last June.  We have Hexit.  She has a Tiger by the tail.... Vexit.... Visitor exit.  And maybe Steve is supposed to help her with that.  

That will mean we have the READS show.... All we have to do is read the Tea leaves.  Ron will need to feed us a Tea Vector or two.  I think he already has.  

All we have to do is measure the clouds and ride the turtle with Jan Fabre..... one foot in Heaven, and the other on the Earth.  

And then check out A Vision for Christian-Muslim Cooperation
from Measure the Clouds Ministries.......

All we have to do is act natural.  We can give the Naturalists a run for their money, with our Naturism, if you catch the drift.  

With Brexit and Trexit leading the way, we might want to help Hillary catch the Tiger by the tail, then we can easily just slot into the slipstream behind her.  We'll then be in the groove.  Who knows what slingshot effect we might garner.  There might be some blue sky at the end of this tunnel.  

Then, with these ducks in a row, Barrak will be in position to preempt the September Surprise.  So, then, we'll have BOexit..... the POTUS will go out with a bang.  We've been saving this Surprise for a rainy day.... almost seventy years.  And I'd get to take my Princess into the WH, after all.  

Am I counting my Chickens?  You'd better believe it!  

8am EDT-----------

Then there's Jeremy England with his physics of life..... how carbon atoms can cooperate to pump sunshine.  Clever little beasties.  Does Jeremy have the Telos by the tail?  That's either an oxymoron or a pleonasm.  He can sense it.... we have to know it.  

How does the tail wag the dog....?  

It may be about the UESM, unreasonable effectiveness of statistical mechanics, or the UEMD, the unreasonable effectiveness of Maxwell's demon.  That would be one way to look at the chloroplasts.  Just add a little quantum juice, and, presto, you have virtual chlorophyll.  It's also called weak measurements.... that's how the demon works.  

IOW, the virtual chlorophyll would have been an essential part of the chreod of Sapience..... it's weak measurements all the way into Normativity.  Is that a bit of a stretch?  Nah!  That's just flexing the muscle between our ears.  


So, now, we have virtual chlorophyll pumping virtual sunshine.... how does that work?  Are we any closer to understanding the sunshine part of this equation?  

It must have something to do with Heliotropism.  The Sunflowers act as beacons in reverse.... get it, good, so now you can explain it to me.  

And don't forget that I'm Sunfish.  

Maybe that's it..... we are beacons in reverse w.r.t. the Monad.  That's called co-Creation.  

We are, in effect, channeling the Sun through the Sunflowers.  It's just UEoC, the unreasonable effectiveness of channeling.  That what makes the world go 'round, well, that and you know what.......

Yes, we have a little game of connect the dots.  When you get enough of the dots connected..... what do you call it?  It has a lot of names..... butterfly effect, threshold effect, hundredth monkey effect, chain reaction, signal over noise.... you name it.   Oh, yeah, critical mass.  

Aren't we all striving for that critical mass?  Doesn't everyone and their cousin wish to be the 101st monkey, or would we not even wish that upon a dog?  

Don't I look a lot like Ron's dog.... Manny.  Or am I the bbq-buddy?  I keep forgetting.  

Speaking of the Princess..... she'll be near the Footmann, today, teaching a drone class at God knows where.  I've been informed that her AR15 is not pink.  In fact, it might not even be an AR15.  I'm guessing that whatever it is, is well above my pay grade.  

And none of the Roberts are calling me.... not Robert Dignam... not Robert Shaheen.  They're having shouting matches over the Gordon script.  It might not even be ready by August 31st.  How then can we possibly preempt the September Surprise?  

Us, co-Godfathers, we'll just have to stick together.  


Sometimes the Gray Lady is not as stupid as she looks......

If Hillary wished to sinch up this election, all she'd have to do is choose Jeb as her running mate.  Would that just be tooooo boring?  Nah, not if she had Chicken Little behind the curtain.  I bet we could be the life of the party...... the READSG show.  

And, get this...... she could have Bernie be the Secretary of the Treasury. This could be fun.


Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:09 am

For me, I have shifted into another place. 

The silly mechanations of confused sleeping people are not my concern. We must though have compassion and be gentle with the slumbering.

I have to help who will listen. I will continue to share my thoughts here.

I have done most everything asked of me. 

There is a lot of work to do yet.

I'm not supposed to just sing songs and sit on my hands. 

I am going to explore the unmanifest.

Interestingly, not surprised, I wrote a poem yesterday about sun and flowers after spending some time in the garden. I couldn't stop think about the connection between the sun and its light. Interesting that all happened yesterday. Synchronicity there.

That's one of my red daisys. I couldn't stop looking at it and noticing it looked like a sun and I saw we were the flowers.

I think we are on the same page with regard to Sun and Flowers. It's important for some reason.

All the uncertainty in the world is good and necessary. 

"I will shake the world so that the created can no longer deny the creation."
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:28 am

You've shifted to another place.....?  

I wouldn't be quite so sure about that.  

We are still on the same page, and, especially in the end, there is only one page.  We are both monists, lest ye forget.  

To deny Creation is to deny ourSelves.  I don't think we want to do that.  

Maybe you're still catching up, Eric. I did have a head start. I'm still ahead of you, on the verbal game. You certainly realize that the verbal game is not the only game in town. But, with the internet, it has a certain advantage, you might admit.


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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 27, 2016 9:29 am

Things are clearer.

I mean in regards to my awareness of things. 

I'm here to serve and explore. 

Nothing has changed but my awareness.

Indeed there is only One.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Jun 27, 2016 1:38 pm

Extended convo with Eric......

More focused with Steve B......

He's looking to August 1 as a strategic date.  If Hillary is going to get any further out on the UFO issue, she should do it sooner than later, so it won't look like desperation.

Hillary probably has more than enough to force the issue back to the WH, so BHO would be the disclosure president.  All this could then transpire before the campaign heats up.  

Podesta has spent much time with the current President.  It could all be handled very smoothly.  

Transitioning is the name of the game.  Let the discontinuity be on the personal level, not the social.  


My goddaughter was enrolled in kindergarten, last week.  

There will be a two week trial run, for her to bailout.  

I'm wishing we could have a trial run, but that wouldn't be so exciting, would it?  

The Princess's drone classes will be in Ron's area all week. Yes, she does have the proper clearances. She is teaching them about drones and the transitioning associated with them.

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:56 am

It is not Hillary who would be calling the shots here, not according to Ron, anyway.  The President?  I doubt, after all these decades of covering, that any particular president would be in a position to take charge.  But who else?  I'd hate to think.  An insider?  It would have to be very much behind the scenes.  

And what to announce.....?  An alien body or the Eschaton?  Not much in between.  You can't very well call for an investigative committee, not at this late date.  Lacking a body, is the president to announce that the Earth is haunted?  What else is new, and why should this be coming up, now?  

One significant ball would end up in the Eschaton court, within days, if not hours.  Is that why we have chicken little?  Will the _real_ Chicken Little please stand up.....?  No response.

I was supposed to get the phone #s for Mike Dignam and Bob Shaheen.  They are both supposed to be working on the Gordon project.  I could mention the non-meeting with the Falcon.  What else?  Spread rumors about Disclosure?  

What else is new.....?

The Aviary, I'm told, is split over Doty vs Collins.  I didn't know that the Aviary was still functioning, even Falcon claimed ignorance.  Nor am informed as to nature of the disagreement.  It may have been about reliability of sources.  And about the Gordon project.  There was shouting, the other day.  


The Falcon was the principal source for the Aviary.  I'm not aware, however, that he would be playing any part in the project.   Gordon was not an avian.  I had supposed that his exploits were quite separate.  

Evidently, though, in his later incarnation, he was associated with other members of the Aviary, besides Ron.  Gordon was his own institution.  

The simple truth, Eric, is that Ron has provided me with a structure that would not otherwise have been available.... not in academia, not in holistic health, etc.  

Yes, some of the psychological sustenance has come from the shadows.  I've been very consistent with staying in the light.  In this Patonic cave we inhabit, most of what we see is shadows.  

The God of revelation is, necessarily, also the God of concealment.  I like to think that the adumbraration of the shadows can help to better define the light.  In this transition period we do need interlocutors.  I am attempting to provide some light in the cave.  That is where light is most needed.  

It may have been that there was a plan for disclosure, back in 1991, at the end of the Cold War.  If there had been, it was scuttled in the advent of the R&D show.  Were we as prepared then as we are now?  I know that I wasn't.  Maybe we are simply transitioning now to a more benign form of concealment.... another intermediate stage.  I'm guessing, however, that we are running out of shade.  We are running out of material resources.  How else can we mobilize our spiritual resources?  Plan B would be above my paygrade.  

Where are we going to hide.......?  

Hide from the truth?  We are bringing you the truth commission.  We hope that you will let us come in, out of the cold.  

We need a transition team.  We don't want the airplanes to fall out of the sky.  There is reason to be hopeful, in that regard.  These are precious extra minutes.  We must spend them wisely.  

It is possible, for instance, that JFK was assassinated as part of this coverup.  If that were the case, you would have six degrees of separation.  I don't think that you can get any further removed from the shadow than that.  Can you?  

We reach for the Monad, as plants reach for the Sun.  This is our launchpad.  All of humanity is the payload.  It is quite a feat of engineering.  The Katechon played an essential part of that final restraint, for the buildup of the necessary thrust.  We could not afford to go off half cocked.  Yes, the internet was an essential piece of our launchpad infrastructure.  Heck, even ISIS had its part to play.  

When you see that LIGO was as essential as ISIS, you are beginning to see the light.  You are beginning grok on the depth of our Creation.  

This Endgame has many moving parts.  It's like like the astronaut sitting atop a rocket of a million parts, each manufactured by the lowest bidder.  Us....?  Each part is manufactured by the highest bidder.  Enjoy the view.  Happy landings.  

Ours is the ultimate sausage factory.  I guess it's heavenly Hormel.  


Think how finely tuned Jeremy's carbon atoms need to be to resonate in the sunlight..... finding their individual niches in chlorophyll.  Launching themselves at the Sun.  Helios = Telos.  As our gas tank empties, can we begin to smell the fumes of the Monad?  

As we drive along on Empty, we wonder much forgiveness was designed into the meter.  Well, if we're looking for forgiveness in the meter, we might be looking in the wrong place.  

Eric..... Oh, dear, I guess I was bamboozled by Rick after all. What does that make this, then..... the third best possible world? Just my luck. I was hoping it would be the best one.


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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:24 am

The Earth is haunted.

Haha, that's pretty good.

Sigh, shouting? 

And you still insist on engaging with this kind of dysfunction and obfuscation? I don't get you Dan. I guess this is what is before you, but it all leaves a bad taste in my mouth. 

Where you gonna run?

Where are you All going to hide?


The Shadow is playing games with you I think.

Look at this rat hole.

To each his own.


As far as I can see, the Source is not hiding anything, it's right here as a matter fact pointing me this way and that way.

It's enjoying us reaching for it now I feel.

I don't feel in the dark, things only become brighter and clearer. I assume I am already dead. My life is not important, nor do I have any fear, but an overly painful death, oh well. I can have influence on things though here, so maybe there is some value sticking around a bit, especially through the rough parts. I have suffered with chronic pain my entire life, maybe a peaceful end Wink

And I do understand the significance of listening to the Universe.

Simply, the future belongs to us.

You want a piece, do the work.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:09 pm

I think we're understanding that everyone does the work, each in their own way.  Even Rick did the work, I'm sure.  

The carbon atoms in the chlorophyll.... is one of them slacking off?  Is one of them just not pulling its weight?  Are we less fine tuned than the carbon atom?  

Oh, yes, we have all that free will, which we squander every day.  

What is the point of free will?  Just so much extra baggage?  Just so that we can entertain God with our stupidity?  

Isn't free will the heart of our humanity?  It is where reason and emotion go to mix it up.  We get mixed up, in the bargain.  

The wheels of justice grind slowly, and they grind finely.  Every hair on our head is numbered.  Do you suppose that each of our choices is not numbered.... does not have its place in Creation?  Is this a no fault morality?  

Are there not flaws in the tapestry of Creation? Are weavers allowed to drink on the job? Why are we allowed to? Maybe we're not.

Are there not genetic flaws?


Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Tue Jun 28, 2016 3:32 pm

I don't think we have free will, but we do have choices we can make at important times. I can only judge by the deliberateness of the teaching I am receiving that our choices are very important. Our intent and action is how the quality of our will is determined. We have to make the choices.

And point of fact, atoms have been determined to be lopsided. What's perfect in this crazy dream?

- A wise fish proactively swims with the flow and makes great progress.
- A stupid fish actively swims against the flow and gets nowhere (just very tired).
- A sleeping fish passively goes with the flow, but learns nothing because he is asleep.

Action and awareness are needed to expand our consciousness beyond the Self.

The Self's chosen path through life is the optimum path for the development of our consciousness. It is fast and direct, taking us only to the places we need to go. And provided we learn from the experience, we don't need to go there again. It involves only the pain that is necessary for our growth (no more, no less).

The ego's path through life is slow, indirect and repetitive. It results in a lot of unnecessary suffering – suffering that we bring upon ourselves as a consequence of choosing the ego's path. Now there's a great definition of karma: the suffering that we bring upon ourselves as a consequence of choosing the ego's path.

I choose to be a Human Being. This is the work we have to do.


Disclosure?! The One has self-disclosed itself to us already. Imagination is needed. Imagination opens up the soul to possibilities and perceptions the rational mind can not access. This is why many of your friends are half blind. I have a huge advantage. I can step outside of myself. 

Once u lose touch with the Mundus Imaginalis you lose sight of a great amount of religious and mystic teachings we desperately need. We need to stop thinking unless needed. 

Come on Dan, the drama is a distraction.

You have disclosure in every second, in us! We are here.

I ran circles around a bunch of Iranian secular data scientists that work with me about Sufism. I tell it and Christianity are in unity in spirit. Islam sees the imagination and visions as the self-revelation of God. My tea experiences I feel are putting me and others closer to the source than any other people on the planet.

Just a gut hunch, but you might want to listen to my crazy rambling. I think I am hearing directly from the Source, whatever it is. My last session is sticking with me. It's related to the image of Anubis I saw and Volcanoe. Something bad coming maybe, Death. But it will not be the end maybe. I don't know I'm getting strong feelings and hunches.

I am drawing near to it and it gives me songs, poems and pretty pictures. Maybe that is how we communicate in the unmanifest realm.

Yes, this is good.

I want nothing more than for the veils to fall and all to see. I don't think u get past the veils until you choose.

Talk about being at the right place at the right time, it is a great blessing to see what I'm being shown. Imagination and art are sacred means of communication. Of course the source speaks in song. What a gift. I feel very humbled and hopeful. I have done all I can to be true to the love I feel wrapped with. 

I am filled with Love.


People respond to a good song, a poem and a pretty image. I see now that direct communication about the unimanfest is a dead end with people. They must experience and remember themselves. It is so mystical and beyond me. 

I like and have felt compelled from joy to post beautiful things to inspire people and give them hope all over the Internet. I challenge too, but never frighten. We must be gentle and patient and kind and loving with the sleeping. I just try to randomly reach out and encourage people. Where does that come from? That's from us, it's in us. I want them to see how beautiful life can be and how they can shine. I want them to fall in love with themselves and all of creation. Can't show them if you know not what you speak of.

It is possible.

They will know us by our Love. 

I think I read that somewhere. As a matter of fact, it's burned into my heart.

So, while some may train people in drone tactics, I will just keep writing my silly poems. We will see who has a bigger impact on the world.

Try to keep up and get with the program already. Gees.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Jun 29, 2016 6:09 am

Get with the program......?  Don't be a drama queen.....?

Are we quite sure that we know who's program and drama this is?  

In as much as this drama is personal, it is already owned by the j-man.  You know that, don't you, Eric?  

You, Sufis, are doing an end run around the bible/koran pounders.  You can even grok jesus.  Wonderful.  We all know, however, that the drama is not quite over.  There will be a final act.  

We both know that there will be a MoAPS associated with the final act.  Now, are you proposing that we can have a MoAPS without a MoAPS?  Are you proposing that the MoAPS will not be up close and personal?  

I don't think, Eric, that you have done your homework on the MoAPS.  I don't think that you've finished connecting the dots.  

What could the CIA have to do with the MoAPS?  Well, I think we'd all agree that they would be heavily vested in the Katechon.  Yes?  

Ok, so, then, you cannot put out disinformation, if you don't have the information.  Correct?  Well, it does seem that they do have CL.  CL = personal MoAPS?  That remains to be seen, doesn't it?  

Would I be following my protocol.... would I be doing due diligence, if I went out to California and joined a Sufi drug cult, tempting though it might be?  Puhleeeeese.....  Who's not with the program?  

Maybe we're about to find out.  You may be correct.... we're just going to muddle through this whole mess.  If that's the case, Eric, have I been an obstacle in your path?  Have I been your Katechon?  I'd be a strange looking Katechon, don't you think?  


I think we were talking about the flaws of Creation.......

Once again, we have a simple natural metaphor..... the oyster and the pearl.  An oyster is provoked into producing a pearl by introducing a natural irritant, a grain of sand.  The grain of sand is a flaw in the oyster's small world.... and you know the rest of the story.  

Each of us, as mortals, is liable to harboring various 'flaws'.  Some may be obvious.  Those are often 'easy' to work around.  Some are very subtle, and even hidden from ourselves.  These require utmost attention and diligence.  

We are the eternal, golden braid.  We are Indra's necklace.... pearls on the cycling trajectory of the Singular cosmic Soul (SCS).  Not all these 'flaws' are personal, however.  Some are built into Creation.  Strictly off the top, I would say that the j-man was the primary one of those built-in 'flaws'.  Was not Christ crucified the biggest stumbling block, the biggest 'flaw' in Creation?  Who amongst us supposes that, that flaw was not our, oh so personal, grain of sand.  Will we stake our lives on it?  On what else, pray tell?  

What else could be the meaning of Logos Spermatikos? I'll hum a few bars.... you get to sing the song. That's what Sophia did with me. I'm just trying to return the favor.


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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:21 am

Now we have some fire. I like it. Last night after I wrote all that, a thought flashed.

Dan is part of your personal Katechon. Sorry, dude, it's true, partly.

And yes, you would be a strange and perfect rational part of the Katechon.

Yes, yes, everyone always says we are druggies. Imagination is sacred and I found that again.

It is not like that and you know it. 

I'm connecting the dots. You're helping me. Your dots connect to some of mine.

You don't have to acknowledge it, but you and I met for a reason.

There was something for both here. I have a feeling what I am here to help you with.

And you're helping me connect dots I need to connect for some reason. Because it's all personal, there is no mission, but to let this unfold in each of us. Have I not been totally honest and exposed?

Have you? You say you have, but I rarely see how personal this is for you, while I only show you personally what's happening on my side.

You have your protocol and I have mine, but we are drinking the same water you and I. 

It's driven us both a little crazy. So yes, I may have more dots to connect, I'm open.

If nothing else, I have a gift I can never lose. I'll spend my life giving it away to as many people as I can.

I stand here honestly and open before you.

It begins and ends with Love.


And you have an open invitation to drink the tea with me. There are great medicinal properties. It heals many things. Come join my cult and drink our kool aid, it's not laced with cyanide. It's liquid wisdom and love distilled to fry your ego.

Don't disparage my sacred sacrament again please. We all have our little traditions, this is part of my personal contemplative practice. I am no druggie. I'm responsible and thoughtful about it. And there is no fun it. I suffer for the wisdom and visions gained. You have no respect for ethnogens apparently, but they are needed and have always been here helping us.

Part of the future is restoring the old ways and the sacred. We are here to help restore what has been lost, to rebalance the equation.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:47 am

Wonderful, Eric..... You drink the ethnogenic Tea, and I drink the CIA chai. We have reciprocity. Yes, don't I know that there is cyanide mixed with my kool aid? Do I look that stupid? It is strong stuff. If I weren't discerning, along the way, would I still be walking and talking? What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. I don't think I'm dead between the ears, not yet.

You drink the Tea, and I might get to eat cake with my goddaughter. Fair deal?


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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:54 am

Hey, I'm not pushing my psycho drink magickal tea. If u respect it, good, if you dont, well that's why you might want to try it. It's not for everyone, but it could be.

Drink some of this bitter brew, wretch your guys out and I'll show you what's broken in you. I'll guide you to the missing pieces of yourself.

I'll tell you the truth about yourself. I'll show you the past, present and future and then I'll mix them all up and then send you back out into the world walking in reverse.

It will wake most anyone up. 

That being said, you enjoy your bitter chai with the sleeping cabal.

Just being real. I've gotten a lot out of our talks and chats.

I'm your fool.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:47 am

Ok, between us, we are presenting the world with two options......

Your option A: drink the Tea

My option B: drink the.......

You better get your story straight, Eric......

One minute you say you're not pushing the Tea, and the next minute you're calling me blind for not drinking it.  

I'll make a deal..... if we get through this next election without any big surprises, i.e. we muddle through, I'll be glad to join you in a tea ceremony.  

Ok, now let me restate the options......

Your option A: everyone drinks the Tea, and we need no surprises.... no drama, no drama queen.  

My option B: we preempt the Surprise with the MoAPS.... then we can all drink the Tea, knowing what we're getting ourselves into.  

My option comes with a sell-by date.... Nov 9, 2016.  We then act in accordance with your option.  

In the meantime, you'll kindly refrain from pushing the Tea on me.  Fair deal?


Eric is suggesting that the Sufis have transcended the prophetic tradition. I don't think that, in this hour of global tribulation, it is quite the opportune time to abandon that ship.


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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:03 am

No no, I'm saying the work of the tea mirrors the personal work I think we all need to do, it's required tea or not. There is no option to buy. You recognize our oneness or not. I was responding to your tea comments.

I like to think you and I are talking about the same thing, the esoteric and exoteric aspects of the Real.

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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 10:05 am

The tea could be a part of things, as you describe, but I'm not pushing that. It's just a tool to help mine faster.


You have built quite a lot of expectation for this fall now. Let's see how it goes. I'm not disagreeing with you Dan.

I'm just pleading pleading with you, so close to the culmination, just keep your calm and don't let the drama distract you too much.

If something does happen, we know why and have some idea how the spiritual and physical aspects of this problem are related. 

If nothing happens, then you and I can take some personal time and maybe figure out what all this meant. Deal?

Deal. I'm not going to stop reminding you of the part I have been given. I am here listening to your part. Don't think I'm not serious or lazy. I am studying EVERY day and doing my inner thing. I focus on where I'm directed. Sometimes it syncs with you sometimes not.

Yes, this is all intimately personal for me and I am happy to share my perspective on it. I feel it standing right behind me, in front of me, beside me, in me.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:10 am

What we may be witnessing is not just the end of the Cold War, or the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: that is, the end point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government.

It is these sentiments that I and many others would hear you echoing.  

Fukuyama's 1992 prohecy turned out to be slightly premature.

There was another book, barely making a mark, that detailed another failed prophecy, if we are to believe any of Robert's sources.... Exempt from Disclosure (R Collins, 2005).

Fukuyama went on to tout Transhumanism. Collins is still awaiting Contact.

Yes, Eric, you fail to prophesy anything. Keeping your powder dry?


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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:20 am

The universalization of Western Democracy? You need no government when you have begun a conversation with yourself. We will be a race of the self governed. No man is worthy to lead anyway, we are in it together. Everyone a universe. 

Yes the Sufis and many others have gone beyond the prophetic tradition. You are dead wrong if you thing they haven't and there is no trying to convince you of what I know.

We are here waiting for you. 

Always here for you Dan. 

When no one else would talk to me in the dark, you did. I saw the signs and spoke my visions. No one listened...hardly. I'm doing my part.

It was pity or compassion.


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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:40 am

Acta non verba.

Words from above and inside.

"Yet if thou must err, being human, err by excess of courage rather than of Caution, for it is the Foundation of the Honour of Man that he dareth greatly."
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:51 am

I'm still waiting for the vision, Eric.  

You suppose that we're not ready for the truth, but, still, we are prepared for the withering away of state/capitalism.  

I don't think so, Eric.  We don't know who we are, from whence we came, or whither we go.  The blind leading the blind?  

90% of the global intellectual establishment is convinced that we are here by accident.  Nothing you have said, Eric, would lead anyone to suppose otherwise.  

Has the BPWH changed any minds, either?  

No, it has not.  

But, there is a difference between the BPWH and world according to Eric (WAE).  The BPWH has been verbalized, the WAE has not.

BFD, you might say.  


There will come a day when we no longer need words to communicate, but we're not there, yet.  

Us, New Agers, have a bit of 'splainin' to do first.  As of now, I'm on deck to do the 'splainin'.  Is that ok with you, Eric?  

The one eyed leading the blind?  

I don't doubt that you can see many things that I don't. At this point, you are my second eye, if you don't mind. You have many glimpses of the other world. What I bring to the table is a CohTT. I will need your help to piece it all together. Then we might have something. We'd need no POTUS. But we would need some teamwork. Neither of us is skilled, in that regard, especially not in relation to worldviews.


Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 3:00 pm

First off, calm down and back off Wink Don't be so rigid or stubborn. Be a little irrational. I have verbalized the BPW and translated the BPWH internally. My point is, after everyone does the internal work, that has been detailed greatly here, we need no government. If you can't hear a way forward in my words, then you're deaf.

We are learning, through awakening, how to self govern ourselves.

We are not disagreeing. 

The WAE is based on love, our oneness, but it is a process of learning to self govern and accept responsibility for yourself. And that world is based on the idea Me is We, get your acronyms right, MiW.

Do you think people need the BPWH only?! Um, no. That, like religion,  gets you over the hump maybe rationally. There are things creativity and imagination unlock on this path. So we all need to get on with the internal work I'm discussing. In the BPWH that happens over a 1000 years, correct? Maybe so, maybe not. 

We are talking about multiple phases on the road to awakening your consciousness.

Yeah, there is a mystical part 90% of scientists may discount today, doesn't mean it isn't there or true. We know, maybe not in fact, that they are suffering from an optical group delusion. 

My experience tells me we are onto it. Because it let us catch on, put the desire into us to start with probably. I have some faith this is all playing out as it should. It will happen orderly or a remnant will rise. I understand you want to avoid the remnant path. There are practicalities to be worked out if an Event will occur.


I'm talking about the awakening needed to get people on the path before, after or during. If all the books ever written or teachers could not create the new world in their lifetimes, I'm not so delusional to think we can, but we and others untied might. Funny, I wanted to say "united", but untied fits best.

I have been trying to show you what is happening out here and in us. You don't seem to grok it yet or you wouldn't speak like this. 

There are many many people close to your and my shared understanding that will never rely on rationality as a solution. Some will. But intuition or rational thought are taking us to the same place, I hope we at least agree on that. So it is clear you and I have different audiences. If we can't see eye to eye, then it will stay a muddled mess.

Maybe Lucifer or whatever that aspect of the One is, knows we need more work before whatever shift possible comes.

A lot of very very smart and able people have put their views into a system and promoted it through a book or Internet. I'm a little more shoot from the hip. I can only judge the awesomeness of my life the last 2 years to be this spirit moving in the world. It was also the most painful 2 years of my life, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is not easy to wake from the dream and maybe most don't. They just need to love. I believe that pain will be terrible if it happens to everyone at the same time. It hurts dissolving, but only to the degree you fight it.

You get sick.
Your body gets weak.
Then the Kundalini comes and forget it.
All bets are off and I hope your head doesn't explode.
It causes electrical chaos in your body and mind.
Yes, what I read about happened to me.
I accept it and have no more doubts or questions, big ones anyway.

Am I Bodhisattva, maybe something like that minus the magic words, as are you and many others. Would that be the 100,000 or 100,000,000 who will be ministers of the Light?

Don't call me lazy again. I read more and explore more than anyone I know until I met you. What are we disagreeing about? I have and will continue to caution you going too far with TPTB. They do not have all of mankind's wellness in the front of their minds I would guess, while I and I think you do.

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Post by Guest on Wed Jun 29, 2016 7:47 pm

This just showed up at the top of my youtube recommendations. I did search for Gordon a bit ago, so not too mysterious. Funny timing.


I was writing a poem tonight called "House Divided". It's a celebration of closing all doors to old things. And then I was researching and I came across Lincoln's "House Divided" speech. Have you been channeling Lincoln?

Some fine words. They inspire me. I think they apply well today.

Abraham Lincoln wrote:If we could first know where we are, and whither we are tending, we could then better judge what to do, and how to do it.


In my opinion, it will not cease, until a crisis shall have been reached, and passed.

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

I believe this government cannot endure, permanently half slave and half free.

I do not expect the Union to be dissolved -- I do not expect the house to fall -- but I do expect it will cease to be divided.

It will become all one thing or all the other.


We did this under the single impulse of resistance to a common danger, with every external circumstance against us.

Of strange, discordant, and even, hostile elements, we gathered from the four winds, and formed and fought the battle through, under the constant hot fire of a disciplined, proud, and pampered enemy.

Did we brave all then to falter now? -- now -- when that same enemy is wavering, dissevered and belligerent?

The result is not doubtful. We shall not fail -- if we stand firm, we shall not fail.

Wise councils may accelerate or mistakes delay it, but, sooner or later the victory is sure to come.

too long
the back door ajar
there was such a draft
escape always an option
no more hedging
all or nothing
i am whole
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 38 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Thu Jun 30, 2016 5:26 am

John S is planning a trip to a remote area of Nevada, where he will be joined by some other folks we know, and it should be a significant event.  This is as per Catfish.  

If you're thinking what I'm thinking, then, yes, it could be.  And, if this is so, then I'd say that the September Surprise is a slam dunk.  What would you say?  

I mean that it would be in the bag, if ijt isn't already, and, of course, it already is.  It was written in the stars.  Does this mean that poor little CL is going to be overshadowed?  I hope so.  I've already had my two cents worth, and then some.  Can I now ride off, into the sunset?  Just wondering.  

The real issue may be as to what my xtian brothers and sisters have to say about it, not to mention our Muslim relatives.  Will they take it the wrong way?  Certainly, at first.  Will someone be able to sweet talk them?  If I haven't been able to do that, maybe Eric can.  But I'm pretty sure that it will work out.  Aren't you?  

And what about my physics colleagues?  They've really been ahead of this game, all along.  And when they weren't ahead of it, they were breathing down the Creator's neck.  I was one of them, blithely so, until Sofia came knockin', and then Catfish.  Yes, I was a former drip, under a bit of pressure.  I wonder how many mistakes I made?  

But, you know me, I'm always just counting the chickens.  

Back to Abraham L......  I wouldn't be surprised.  He was a former log splitter, under some pressure.  You say what you gotta say.  That's all.  BFD?  Yes and no.  

Yes, ours has been a house divided.... families, tribes, etc.  Where would we humans have been without our families, for heaven's sake?  Then we were like children.  Now?  Not so much.  

And, other than that, Mary, how'd you enjoy the show?  

Sure, it does take a bit of perspective.  For some of us, it will take a whole lot of perspective.  


What now, brown cow?  

Now that it's over, except for [the] shouting.  Please, no more shooting.  Haven't we had enough, already?  

But don't we need to settle our scores?  Well, there is the Score Keeper in the Sky.  And lest ye forget, the scores have already been settled.  Or did you forget?  That, too, might be forgiven.  

Our scores....?  Don't we know that our scores belong to the Monad?  We belong to the Monad.  Aren't we also our own persons?  Yes, the Monad does also belong to us, personally.  You can take the Cowboy out of the country, but you can't take the country out of the Cowboy.  


Some old aviary types are planning a rendezvous out in the desert, at which there will be a significant event.  Pardon me, then, if I jump to conclusions, making an ass of myself, yet again.  

This scenario would provide an obvious work around to the WH conundrum, assuming it could be pulled off.  I have no clue as to how much planning might have gone into this.  This could be in alignment with the September surprise.  

If MJ12 had to do with visitations, this would be the most obvious way to outsource that function, without involving the government.  The US would have provided the most likely venue for this reenactment.  

This would be maintaining the protocol, as much as possible.  It is an established link that could be easily calibrated.  Yes?  

We could play this game for several months, even before the National Enquirer might get involved.  Once the process is underway, much of the time pressure would be alleviated.  It would just be acclimation, on steroids.  No big deal.  We would be home, free.  

And what about yours truly?  My participation could also be calibrated.... ETH v UTH, etc..... practically ad infinitum.  Hey, it sounds good to me.  Go for it.  

Several of the peripheral events/rumors, covered here, do fit into this scenario rather nicely, don't you think? This will be like rolling off a log. Pardon me, though, if, once more, I'm just all wet. You'd think, after all these years, I be a bit more bait shy. Some folks just don't learn.


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