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The narrative war is in full swing. When there's a 100 different competing narratives, how is it possible to discern a disclosure?

Is it akin to which truth is Truth?

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2


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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Cyrellys on Mon May 04, 2015 12:29 am

First topic message reminder :

dan wrote:Cy,

I'm not in favor of guns, but I understand that some folks need that extra sense of security.  

Yesterday we were at the national Cathedral doing the flower market for Kashmir-Rose.  Today we are headed to a WCUAVC flight day at a school down here.  

Was looking at the connection between India and Greece back in the day.  In fact there was a Greco-Indian empire, created by Alexander the Great.  The mutual influence


Well guns have their place, but that wasn't the point...the point was that Hillary equates gun possession with violent individuals or groups and I think I quite clearly illustrated the problem with that kind of thinking by saying I've never been responsible for hurting someone.

I'm not a violent person and my record attests to that. Hillary however is responsible for the deaths of two exemplary military members and one Ambassador, all by design. She also responsible for the arrests and loss of career of one General and one Admiral who attempted to send in a rescue party. They would have been successful in the rescue and then the creation of ISIS and the gun running that contributed to it would have been exposed. Nothing like wiping the proof of criminal wrong doing off the map to protect your own arse Hildebeast? Like any of us would forget and forgive her? Hillary apparently doesn't own guns and yet she's been responsible for the ending of at least three lives and two careers. She's five ahead of this gun owner. And that's just what we happen to know about. There's rumors her and her prior hubby were involved in the drug trade of Arkansas and S. America...then there's China and Walmart. I could go on but what's the point. Truth is too old fashioned and justice is also out-dated.

I'm a celt so truth and justice is not a cultural trait in the eyes of the modern umbrella society which refuses to acknowledge those traits as part of the nation's psyche, but rather as a personal neurosis that they'd probably insist a straightjacket and heavy medication be applied to if I were within reach in DC. Truth and justice equals neurosis? What kind of thinking is that?!! But that's the spew emerging from orgs like DHS since its inception. So when it comes to commentary, turn-about-is-fair-play. They and their flunkies make snide comments about us and we return the favor.

>>>on India and Greece...look at the Sanskrit language and old greek. Then compare it to Old Irish. Fascinating? Now look at some of the ideas each culture valued...same again. All three have same root system. Ah but why would anyone care about the legacy of the elder gods? 'er ET and the seeding of civilizations? Virmana are inconveniences...ah! and there once was one in the vicinity of Fermoy Eire of all places! That is if you can take the Christian overlay off the history.

>>> on the subject of the Glyphs:

432 Mystery

432 Mystery: the first lesson - the Abducted Preceptor


"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Rue she said Protection
Rooster's Crow Confusion
One thing else to end the deed --
A dog with no Illusion.

~ Walter Wangerin Jr., Book of the Dun Cow
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sat Mar 26, 2016 7:50 am

What I'm attempting to get more clear about are connections between criticality, as in SOC, and the idea of the microcosm (uM).  There are four levels of criticality in nature.... the atomic, biological, personal and social scales.  

Starting at the bottom, we have the Landau pole problem that shows up in both high and low energy physics.  This relates to phase transitions, which play a prominent role at both ends of the energy spectrum.  The Landau pole figured in the calculation of the Higgs mass, for instance.  

Self-organized criticality (SOC) then shows up at biological scales. See, for instance,......

Mentioned in this article are the cellular, organismic and social levels where criticality plays a critical role.  

But the main reason for my interest in criticality is the role that it is expected to play in the metamorphosis of the Noosphere (mMN), at which point our chrysalis will emerge.  

Now, with the help of the mnemonic, the main problem becomes obvious.... what must be the connection between SOC and PSR?  

It must have to do with the S in SOC..... self.  What lies behind the Self in SOC?   Is it not personalism?   Is it not the sapience that lies behind the PSR?  I'll betcha that's just what it is.  All roads.....

Wait, what is sapience doing in high energy physics?  That's just what the UEM is all about.  What is sapience doing in bird flocks?  Well, if you put enough bird-brains together......  

Then we have the social behavior of insects.  It's downright organismic.  

Oh, yes, besides the UEM, we have the SAP, strong Anthropic principle.  But what does the SAP have to do with the social behavior of insects?  Hmmm..... that may not be such a shabby question.  But, 'nothing' is the obvious answer.... the only acceptable answer.  Do I look acceptable?  

If answer there must be, then it has to do with the extension of mind.  As a card carrying idealist, that's surely no stretch, now is it?  

It's like the blind person walking with the white cane.  We, mind externalists, say that the cane becomes a bona-fide extension of the mind.  Hey, us idealists, we say that the whole world is our white cane.  

But what does this have to do with SOC?  It's now getting simple.  How does the blind person hold the white cane, as contrasted with normal cane holding?  Delicately.... loosely?  Criticality is all about the delicate looseness of that border zone between order and chaos.  

Opalescence is how the phenomenon of criticality or phase transition often manifests itself in inorganic systems.  

You've heard of the twilight zone.  You've heard of liminality.  It's not unlike criticality, perhaps.  

The wiring of the Earth is bringing our Noosphere to the critical point.  Teilhard understood this... he was just off on the time scale.... by three orders of magnitude.  

Yes, we are approaching the singularity.  Ray Kurzweil got this part right.  But, no, it's not a technological singularity.  The communication technology is our mind extension.  It's still personal... all the way up and down.  

Transhumanist.... no.... transpersonal?  


Is transpersonal impersonal......?

This is the question we need to be asking.  I suggest that it is interpersonal, but bordering on the transcendental.  Or one could say that there is necessarily a transcendental dimesion to the interpersonal.  

We are microcosms, I say.  What then is the comos, if it is not the one in the minds of the LIGO enthusiasts?  

What does an atom understand of a cell?  What does a cell understand of a brain?  What do we understand of the Noosphere?  

I have said that we are the brain-cells of God.  But what is God?  Some folks believe that Jesus was a significant chip off of that block.

And one might even infer that the j-man was..... a day-tripper?  Yet, he seemed content to mix and mingle.... with the likes of you and me.  Hey, he may even have gone out of his way to look out for our best interests.  No, he was not a glad-handing back-slapper from the Elks club, but folks seem to have gotten on with him rather well.  

And what do all the angels say, when they wish to interact with us....?  Be not afraid.  

OTOH, we have the model of Childhood's End.  It was portrayed as something other than a picnic.  

With LSD, we have good trips and bad ones.  The good kind are greatly facilitated with a support group.  Hey, don't we all look like a support group?  That's what interpersonalism is all about.  

That was a bit of a sidebar...... How does sapience insert itself into biology, for instance?  Isn't that sticking our nose where it doesn't belong?  

Yes, but..... Fortunately for us, it's our teleological nose that does the sticking.  But isn't this like one of those anachronistic time loops, where we come back and shoot our grandfather.... ooops!  

Or maybe it's like the movie where the time-traveling kid has to convince his parents to hook up.  

Well, that's what the CTC is all about.  Fine, but that would be too good to be true.  Welcome to the BPW..... might as well get used to it.  

Now, if only we could get rid of the bad guys.  Hmmm........
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:19 am


Some have noted that PSR ~ PII.  I suspect that this might be a crucial connection, but I've not seen it elaborated upon.  

Leibniz had something rather pure going on.  Others diluted it.  He would be #1 of the big 8.  He stands alone.  Leibniz and Newton are like oil and water.... they don't mix.  

I'm reading his SEP entry.  

The extensive quote from Leibniz, in section 2, is illuminating.  The monads are the ultimate microcosms.  I had not fully made that connection.  But then what does the PII have to say about the monads, especially wrt atoms and cells?  

There is the thought simply replace Kant with Leibniz, but Kant's identification of the noumenal was striking, and almost unprecedented.  It was only within the last couple of months that I grasped the significance of the etymological connection between noumenal and Noosphere.  It is with the noumenal/Noosphere that we can meliorate the atomism of the monads.  

Freud, of course, has to be credited with the uCs, but Jung made something useful with his CuCs.  It is the CuCs that connects us moderns to the noumenal/Noosphere.  

What have we now.....?  PPALKHJWTB.  Oh, good, we now have the big Ten.  Do I still need Hegel?  I'll take that under advisement.  And maybe Whitehead is the weakest on the roster.  Do note that these are more visionaries than philosophers.  It's a marvel that the modern philosophers still study them.  Deep down, they cannot deny their Source.  Otherwise, they deny inspiration.  They deny Sophia.  What cads.  

I'm wondering if I should add Julian Jaynes?  

Julian Jaynes and Owen Barfield died in 1997, within three weeks of each other.  We might need to go to the big 11....

PPALKHJWTJB......  Barfield should have the last word, don't you think?  

Teilhard is my teleology guru.  It's too bad that he just missed out on the CTC.  Well, he would not have had the SWH.  That was just too big a leap.  It took ETH => UTH.  No, actually, that came later, with R&D.  It was Kit Williams, in 1981, whose drawings pushed me over the edge.  He was my accidental visionary/Sophia2.  

Simple fact..... nobody's minding the philosophical store.  Certainly no professionals.  Where are the other amateurs?  I think that the SWH is just too mind boggling for anyone else to swallow.  I guess it had to be 16:12 that set me on the collision course, with KW being in the right place at the right time.  Well, Barfield must have played a big role, implicitly.  Well, he was perfectly explicit about what I call Jurassic Parc.  I just added the stars.... the cosmetics of cosmology.  Then LIGO nailed that down.  We gotcha covered.  


Actually, I think Barfield came after KW.  I'm trying to remember..... I'm pretty sure.  It was a creative writing student at Hopkins who clued me in about Barfield.  

Owen Barfield is the only academic to take on the SWH, even if somewhat implicitly.  He was approaching literature holistically, not analytically.  He was smart enough to give a wide berth to the philosophers.  


I have been amazed before, and now again, with all the current work being done on classical philosophy, and particularly on Leibniz.  It's as if they are anticipating a MoAPS that will rehabilitate Leibniz.  I have heard it said that by posing as historians of philosophy, it is possible for current philosophers to pursue their personal interests, in peace.  

My soldiers are ready for battle, I just need to figure how to get out in front of them.  I wonder if any of them has a clue about the Eschaton?  

Take a look at Look, for instance...... .  

Brandon Look, in the SEP entry, does identify the PSR with the BPWH, and also with the PII.  


I have, hopefully, a clearer understanding of Leibniz' system....

It is awesomely consistent.  He seems to have all the pieces of the puzzle in place, but something is monstrously out of whack.  

He has abjures atoms.  I don't know why.  He fully grasps microcosms.  

One thing missing is the idea of the UEM.  Maybe this is the whole problem.  If so, it would add to the understanding of the UEM.  

Indirectly the article points to self-imposed katechon of the philosophy profession.  While reading it, I was silently beseeching Look, to give his own opinion.  Maybe he does, somewhere, but there was no indication.  The historians are not allowed to editorialize.  They can only describe, not prescribe.  Prescription is reserved to the worker bees, who belong to one of the numerous special interest groups that compromise the profession.  

None of those groups may second guess science.  They may only offer clarifications.  That's what the katechon looks like, up close.  

The BPWH has only four levels of monads.  Leibniz had an infinite number of levels.  He nowhere distinguished between sentience and sapience.  Cells were unheard of.  He was not playing with a full conceptual deck.  He had no concept of the quantum.  His logic was too rigid.... too classical.  

He could not conceive of identical monads.  He was being consistent, but he took space too seriously.  He did not understand identical particles.  That really is a quantum concept, and a result of Wigner's UEM.  But, still, you have to admire his persistence.  

Also he took God too seriously, especially in the omniscience department.  Co-creation?  Not in his lexicon.  God was definitely a micromanager.  

Monadology is in serious need of an overhaul.... Personalism-wise.  

Only people can play identity politics.  Everything else's identity is derivative, therefrom.  


Only people are real.  Everything else is abstacted, therefrom, by us.  It is we, past, present and future, who reify and individuate the phenomenal cycles.  

The individuation requires contextuality, which requires sapience.  

It was Leibniz' co-invention of calculus that contributed to his misplaced concreteness wrt infinitesimals.  

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Mar 28, 2016 7:25 am

With our 11 visionaries.......

PPALKHWJTJB..... we have slightly revised the order, to reflect that Whitehead slightly predated Jung.  

Wigner's UEM is to atoms, what morphic resonance (MR) is to cells.  MR operates similarly to Platonic forms, just more dynamically, and more on the molecular scale.  I suppose that MR could also operate on the species level.  

Of course, we also have the conformity of thoughts across minds, not to mention perceptions.  I'm supposing that symmerty breaking has much to do with the origin of the forms.  

Through the UEM, the mathematics of it, atoms manage to be microcosmic.  This is particularly so, in light of the organic aspect of mathematics, and the fact that mathematical intuition can blossom very naturally, and amazingly, in the human mind.  Srinivasa Ramanujan, q.v., is the poster boy for a nearly spontaneous mathematical genius.  

My claim is that some of us, sapients, can zone into the morphic resonance that comprises the UEM.  All sorts of artistic genius might be explained in this manner.  Mathematical genius is often associated with musical genius.  We can further appeal to the holistic synaesthesia of the human mind as a microcosm of the cosmic Monad.  This is what personalism is all about.  


Co-creation, on the model of the BPWH, begins, logically, and possibly in parallel with the pokotok scenario, with geomancy.  By geomancy, I mean to refer to the geographic placement of the megalithic temples.  Pokotok would have been one aspect of the universal temple culture.

There likely would have been a universal mythos as an essential part of this culture.  de Santiallana spoke of the ancient, intercultural, high wisdom that reflected the dynamics of the starry sky, as an aspect of our metanarrative (mN).  

These (~12) primordial megalithic cultures would be reflected in the ~12 final megalopolises, marking the final Millennial/metamorphic phase of human civilization.  This would correspond with Barfield's 'final participation', and Teilhard's Omega Point.  

The obverse of the Great Seal shows the eye hovering over the pyramid.  The hovering eye represents the Omega >> Alpha 'spark gap' in the Ouroboric CTC, as well as the ~12 craft that will transport the 144M remaining of us in our Apocatasis and exodus from the Earth

At the Megalithic flip-side, the Alpha Point, we would see the arrival of the ~12 (x12K pop'n) primordial megalithic colonies.  Somehow, in the spark-gap, our descendants become our ancestors.  The BPW/SW/CTC does _not_ comprise a cycle.  

The BPW is finite, i.e. personal, in both space and time.  It is a singular circuit. The only thing that might be called cyclic is the recirculation of the monadic cosmic Soul that we are all time-sharing.  All of us are cosmic soul-mates.  We are all in the same boat, we all share the same Apocatastatic fate.  

It is our CCs, collective consciousness, in the eternal spark-gap, that comprises the cosmic mind.  This is the Monad from which our individual consciousnesses emanate, by symmerty breaking.

The Anthropic Principle represents the logical/metabolic filling in, or staging, for our collective incarnation, at which time we become the temporal brain cells, and the temporal dimension, of the cosmic mind/Monad.  N.B. that this temporal dimension of the CTC, closed timelike curve, q.v., is permanently embedded in eternity.  This concept comes to us gratis general relativity.  

This CTC could be the inside of a toroidal shaped 'black hole', but the cosmologists would be quick to point out that the numbers are all wrong.  Well, that's just too darn bad.  We'll have to either get new numbers or new cosmologists.  


The idea of morphic resonance (MR) is greatly aided by the possibly singular identity of our supposed cosmic cell.  This possibility is hardly more outlandish than the Wheeler-Feynman single electron theory.  Both ideas fit nicely into the CTC hypothesis.  

I should point out, as I have before, that not all the sapients need be removed from the Earth, during the O >> A spark-gap.  A few (~10^6) might stay behind, as long as they stay off the grid, which will disappear, anyway, and remain dispersed into small (<1K size) tribal groupings.  These would be our prototypical tree-huggers.  They would be free to rejoin the rest of humanity in the megalithic cultures of the Alpha Point.  

I suppose that this interregnum would last at least a few generations of Earth time.  

Granted that these stay-behinds remain secluded/sequestered, they need not be caught up in Earthly 'reset' process that would mainly apply to the previous centers of population.  IOW, their sequestered sapience would, as with the sentience of the fauna, not interfere in the metamorphic reset of the Noosphere that comprises the Earth.  

But would these stay-behinds not just be the carriers of more anachronistic potential?  Well, so would the returnees.  There would be mental resets as well.  The bleed-through is what we see in the guise of the various Atlantis myths, for instance.  

N.B. that there is expected to be a global, voluntary fertility decline for the duration of the Millennium.  Thus do the human numbers decline gradually from the ~10^10 today to the ~12x12x10^6 at the end of the Millennium.  


I choose a duodecimal basis here, merely because of the celestial connotations of the number 12.

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Mar 29, 2016 9:20 am

The main point, to-date, is that.......

PSR ~= personalism + BPWH.  

One question is whether the PSR covers the uC, microcosm concept?  I suggest that there is partial coverage.  

One might say that it's turtles, all the way down. But, only with personalism, can you say that it's persons all the way down _and_ up.  We, through the scientists, bless their hearts, can provide an ontological basis for atoms and cells.  

I'm suggesting that there is no logical barrier between epistemology and ontology, especially when the concepts of the microcosm and the Telos are in play.  

It is said that, with God, there is nary a distinction between ought and is.  As teleological co-Creators, the same applies to us.  Thus do we have the logical necessity of progress through history.  

Historical progress (HP) should be a distinct part of the mN.  I have been assuming as much.  Maybe I should make it explicit.  

Here we have the fuller significance of 2dT...... There is a common theme between deep/logical time and historical time.  It is 'progress' or increasing complexity.  It is anti-entropic.  

It is said that it is entropy that gives an arrow to time.  Perhaps, to physical time, but it is negentropy that gives an arrow to personal, historical time.  I was going to include biological time, but biological time is only cyclical.  It is the hallmark of personal time that it may become linear.  This is perhaps the chief distinction of sapience.... only we can distinguish linear time.  Only we can speculate about a Telos.  


Only _we_ can speculate, period.  Understand that speculation is the essential component of Creation.  This is an essential part of of the strong measurement hypothesis (SMH or SM).... Man is the measure of all things.  

I'm still working on the uC aspect of the PSR.  Should it not be obvious....?  Hmmm....

Is it only about metabolism?  No, that's just about interchangeable parts.  Yes, logical time operates as an assembly line.  But, I'm supposing that it is immaterialism that necessitates the uC aspect.  

It also must have to do with morphic resonance.  

MR is a cosmic thing.  

It also has to do with SB.  It certainly has to do with SOC.  The self in SOC is nothing if not uC.  How can I say that?   There are inorganic examples of SOC, but they hardly rise above the level of pink noise.  To go any further, they need be organic.... they need be vital.  

But, wait, I do claim the atom as a uC.  It may Hbe the quantum that helps mediate MR and SOC.  Or MR/SOC is the SR, sufficient reason, for the Quantum.  That's what I suspect.  I've suspected something like it, all along.  

Physicists suppose that the quantum represents a primary aspect of reality.  As an immaterialist, I suppose it to be secondary or tertiary.  


Instead of just MR, what we really seem to have is cosmic resonance (CR).  That's how we get uC's, microcosms, not uCs, unconscious.  Maybe I should use mC, but we physicists use the Greek letter 'mu' as an abbreviation for micro-, and the Greek letter looks very much like 'u'.  

Atoms and cells are necessary for metabolism and reproduction, respectively.  Those two levels are sufficiently robust that we have no logical need for another.  

The SOC of organic chemistry comes out as an aspect of the AP, I believe.  The AP, of course, is central to the PSR.  

Thus, does it not follow that CR ~= PSR?  Yes, I do believe that the PSR ~= BPWH.  The incoherence of the Apeiron, well, I can just say that Apeiron/unbounded ~= incoherence, ergo... PSR => finitude.  CR/uC also implies finitude ~= SWH/CTC.  

Have we not covered most of the bases?  

Disclosure (Dis) is integral to the mN.  I definitely support the butterfly model for the global, perfect, psychic storm that = MoAPS/Revelation.  Which butterfly will suffice for the cosmic trigger?

The Disclosure part of the Revelation has mainly to do with the government's involvement in phenomenology, which, by most estimates, cannot be trivial.  

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Mar 30, 2016 7:18 am

In this week's copy of New Scientist, the lead article is entitled.... Intelligent Evolution: How life's processes act like an all-knowing brain.  Hmmm.....

This is a much publicized attempt by British biologist, Richard Watson, to link the fortunes of evolution and AI.  The particular version of AI being touted is connectionism.  

Connectionism has been a popular technique since the '80's.  I used it myself to model the neural processes in the visual cortex of a monkey, while volunteering as a computer programmer in the neuroscience lab of Ken Johnson, at the JHU Medical School.  I was following the work of Terry Sejnowski, then at JHU in computer science, an exponent of the modern theory of connectionism, using the back propagation algorithm.  At the same time I was working on computer analysis at Daniel Rutchkin's brainwave lab at University of Maryland Medical School.  

The basic idea of connectionism is to 'train' the networks, on various data sets, to discriminate between different patterns in the data.  Facial recognition schemes employ such techniques, as a part of their strategy.  

The connectionist idea in genetics is that various gene groups are rendered interactive or networked by means of the regulatory genes, operating at a higher level of integration.  Thus can the various gene groups cooperate compositionally, rather than work individually.  

I wonder.  Can a simple algorithm be quantitatively ramified to give us a Mozart?  A similar connectionist scheme is to be found with cellular automata.  

I'm guessing that the idea would be that various networking techniques are gradually built up, on both the genetic and neural levels, until, after a few billion years, they synergistically explode, from a mere sentience into a full-blown sapience, as with a Mozart.  Hmmm....

I find that the coverage of Watson's idea is about as enthusiastic as it is shallow.  One might surmise a tad of desperation in this reporting, i.e. the factual findings of biology are getting ahead of what the evolutionary and mechanical models can explain.  


I spent some time reviewing the latest developments in AI, this was motivated by listening to Diane Rehm's interview this morning of several AI researchers.  Diane's show, in turn, was motivated by Google's AlphaGo's recent victory at the game of Go.  

The technology behind AlphaGo is known as deep-learning.  The wiki article by that name provides a good, but technical overview.  As a general review of the philosophy of AI, I was impressed by their entry by that title.  

The deep-learning technology is mostly a brute force update on neural networks.  The breakthrough came mainly in the computing power, which, in turn, was entailed by the use of GPUs in the hardware.  The are as many variations of the deep-learning strategy as there applications.  

Yes, somewhat superficially, it could be counted as a considerable breakthrough for AI, putting it that much closer to human intelligence.  The main effect is to postpone AI's reckoning with natural intelligence. They have a public reprieve.  


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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by daveklock on Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:00 pm

Hey Dan,

this one time.....anyway, i just posted this somewhere else, and i owe you an apology. you said the cia was god, and that was the only one there really was. either i misinterpreted that in its context, or i really WAS crazy, at the time. however, i am better now. i agree. you are correct. god is a big word. best not to just make shit up. anyhow, here is my public apology.


U.G. Krishnamurti's explanation of the state you are in is called the natural state.

I agree.

please read the book that is a compilation of questions that people asked him, called "mind is a myth".

you will find that your situation is not unique, as your description matches his "natural state" exactly, word for word, pretty much.

I have, after long consideration, (i heard about and read about UG way back in the telnet bbs days, before anything was even published) come to the conclusion, that quite possibly UG is correct.

what he basically says is that religion is just a control structure, the previous one to modern governments, and god is the invention of scared human beings that are afraid to die. he maintains that the body dies and lives on as a food source (decomposes), and the soul is non-existant otherwise without the complete body-package. And this is not discounting "magickal powers" (for lack of a better/proper definition (you know what i mean)) at all, just that it is not what you think, and ultimately, means nothing. and by means nothing i think the jist of that is that if you use the powers, no good comes of it anyway, it only increases entropy in some other area.

at least thats what i got out of him/it. and he is careful not to say what i just said, but if you read between the lines, i think you will understand that he meant what i said (again, for lack of a better description in english) in the above paragraph.

the condition you are in mirrors UG's in some rather startling points, and i wouldn't continue down that road for fear (and i hate to use that word) of the same calamity condition (as UG called it) that he had, and said it just came upon him, and he did not encourage it or do anything to cause it.

that would be a lie. he was a religious pundit to the max first, then decided that the whole holy-man thing was a fraud based on the fact that all he ever saw was shiesters and since these men were highly regarded, UG knew that they were just making shit up so to speak, because THEY ACTUALLY TOLD HIM THAT.

same thing with Yogananda. again i hate to badmouth the guy. but he did make that shit up, most of it, especially read the part about his guru's death Sri Yukteswar, about how he now lives in a different plane and things are all etheric and you can be anything you wish to be because he is on such a great plane since he was an excellent person, but he chose to work on peoples karmas even in that plane and his identifying character remains the same.

again bullshit. he made it up. and he made up some other things, and was out to fleece the dumb westerners. and he did. well too. srf is still around, last i checked. i would not know these things otherwise, but concerned people TOLD ME, and offered up the evidence, so what could i say?

and i do think that is a key point. all these god-men never agree on the akashic record system, what happens after physical death, and other made up stuff.

if it was REAL, that would not be a problem.

more people are alive now than have ever died before.
so much for reincarnation.
oh. wait. maybe we are all living (or some of us) simultaneous lives, and unable to consciously acknowledge that fact, so therefore it all works.

again, bullshit.

anyway i don't know if i helped or not, but that is my take on it, and i am about to apologize to one mr dan t smith, as he said one time back in '11 on open minds forum, that the only god was the cia, and i PROMPTLY disagreed with him, and came out of the woodwork just to tell him so.


God still might be real, don't get me wrong, but it is NOT like how they say.

it would be more like Chris Langan's approach. first he denied god totally, and was an athiest. now he says there is a god. but he doesnt comment further.

what changed his mind?
about 200grand, and a farm, and a life not in the ghetto.

i can see where he might think that was god, especially based on his story.
heartbreaking it is.

but god? no. i dont think so.
cia does stuff like that all the time.
i have yet to see god do anything.

and i seen a bunch of people doing redacted, but that was them.

god had nothing to do with it. (still looked like a miracle, and in fact it WAS)
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Thu Mar 31, 2016 8:04 am


Thank you for getting back to me, after several years.  I don't remember any offense, so you were forgiven by default.  

I did speak of both God and the CIA, though never in the same breath.  I regret that you and others might have conflated the two subjects.  

However, I am still of the opinion that we have been visited by ultra-terrestrials (UTs).  

Some of these visitors, these ones might be referred to as archangels, are on a mission relative to the metanarrative (mN) and, more specifically, the Endtimes.  

The global intelligence community (GIC) has a legitimate concern to keep track of these Visitors.  In fact, it might be said that the Visitors are using a segment of the GIC to keep the powers that be (PtB) informed and from not interfering in the MoAPS.  In that sense, some members of the GIC are the agents of opportunity for the cosmic intelligence.  

I have been interested in the life of J Krishnamurti.  At one time he was the Theosophical Society's candidate for the Maitreya.  He later disavowed that role.  He also had some well-publicized conversations with the physicist, David Bohm.  

I was interested to see the interactions between J and UG K.  I would agree with several of UGK's statements relative to the relational existence of the individual mind.  

This provides a segue back into the subject artifical intelligence, and the limitations thereof.  

I'm a monist.... there is only one intelligence.... there is only one person.  

Our individuality is the result of the effect of the symmetry breaking of the Monad.  There is, for instance, only one Soul that we all time-share.  We, sapients, are all Soulmates.  

Jesus said it rather well.... What you do unto the least of you, you do also unto me.  And unto yourselves, he might have added.  

Ok, but, hey, I don't stop there.......

There is also just one tree, just one flower, one insect, one fish....etc.

But, no, I don't stop there, either......

There is just one computer and one telephone....etc.  

No, I take that back.  The are two telephones.  There are also two fish and two mammals.  

This might sound familiar.... it sounds a lot like Noah's Ark.... a rather compact version of Noah's Ark.  

This is the Noah's ark of Jurassic Parc fame.  There were much bigger arks for us, persons..... going and coming.  The first ark had to do with deep/logical time.  Our arks have to do with our transport across the 'spark-gap' of the Omega to Alpha of historical time.  We do that via the Apocatasis.  

Now, to get back to artifical intelligence..... there is no such thing, period.  Sorry 'bout all those Deep-Blue sky dreams.  But, trust me, we've got much bigger fish to fry.  We're gonna fry us up an Apocatasis.  

What about Siri and the like....?

Hey, don't get me wrong.... I love Siri, in her own way.  But just not that way.  She has kept a lot of people gainfully employed, putting words into her mouth.  This is where a lot of that deep-learning has gone.  

But, deep-learning /=/ deep-time.  That's where our brains have come from.  Our minds......?  They come out of the deep blue Monad.  Very sorry, Siri, but you don't... you can't ever measure up.  

But, wait..... what about artifical human life from an artificial womb...?  We might even concoct a set of genes from scratch.  If we would be that stupid to go that far, God might just laugh at us, and pull the plug.  


On this new found Little Ark there is pair of mammals, reptiles, insects, etc.  But, get this, there is also a pair of telephones, and.... ok, a handful of proto-
humans, just to kick the tires.  

But, wait, there's also just one atom and one cell.  

How does that work.....?  

Well, this Little Ark might be able to replace the primordial pokotok field.  The passel of semi-embodied humans might be an Olympiad, Jr.  The LA might even be able to replace the JP.  

The L(d/l,t)A is a mini-Earth, which is stretched out, geomantically, by the placement of the ~12 Megalithic temples.  We still need the human arks for the Apocatastatic bridging of the spark-gap.  The ~12x12K returnees just don't have to bed down with the giraffes.  The giraffes are already here in historical time.  

In the bible, there is just one all-purpose Ark.  But, if you're keeping count, we've now got three specialized arks.  Our Parc has become an Ark, plus we have an Alpha Ark and an Omega Ark for the humans.  We get to go first class.  

Everyone happy?  

How does this single-atom theory work.....?  

Well, what I have in mind is an Anthropic ark.  Basically, we're fine-tuning everything, in unison, including even the technology.  Remember, this Anthropic Ark is operating in deep/logical time.  It is when we stretch out the Earth geomantically that most of the symmerty breaking occurs, and we become fully embodied.  

Got it.....?  Good!  

Once the final stretching has occurred, we enter into historical time.... it's time for the ~12 Alpha Arks to arrive at their respective megalithic destinations.  Hey, it's like our ancestors coming over on the Mayflower.  

Well, let's get the numbers right..... we've got 2x12 +1 = 25 arks.  I hope that's enough.  The primordial, Jurassic Ark is simply an elaboration on the Jurassic Parc.  It even rhymes.  It was also our Garden of Eden.  With a little geomancy, the one Garden became twelve.  

N.B. the 'deluge' comes in the spark-gap, nay, it is the spark-gap.  

Hey, we even have the spark-arc.  Yes, things are beginning to fall into place, being nice and coherent.... CohTT.  


Speaking of gaps, what's the biggest gap left in the BPWH......?  

Help me out, anybody.....

We need the Visitor involved segment of the GIC to come in out of the cold.  They have an important chapter of the metanarrative to bring into the open.  This would play a crucial role...... MoAPS + Disclosure = Revelation =>> leads us into the Millennial Kingdom, culminating in the Apocatasis.  

It would certainly help, in getting the scientific community involved, if they were to come up with a crucial piece of the evidence.  I'm thinking that there might be some mathematical formalism that would considerably add to the coherence of the BPWH.  That missing formalism might constitute the biggest piece of the puzzle.  It probably already exists, as with Riemannian geometry for GR, we just can't recognize it.  


1550 = MDL = MCP DPH LS = monism of the consensual present, direct perception hypothesis, logos spermatikos.  

MCP is, perhaps, the sleeper, of all the components presently making up the mnemonic.  It seems so obvious, yet, is so mysterious.  It's the natural combination of two of the biggest mysteries facing science.... consciousness and time.  

Failing to recognize the significance of the MCP may have been Whitehead's biggest oversight.  In fact, he moved to fragment the present, breaking it into initially isolated occasions of experience.  He calls his system a philosophy of organism, but that's like building a castle on sand.  

He was overly enamored with the the theory of relativity and its system of independent clocks.  The 'relativity' of the theory was exceedingly narrow, even abstract.  Whitehead did the best he could to broaden its narrow base.  

At least, though, Einstein moved us an important step away from Newton's system of absolutely rigid space and time.  

The fact that we share the present moment with every other human seems hardly noteworthy. What if we did not? It's hardly imaginable. Yet, there is nothing in physics that speaks to this fact. Physics has no way even to acknowledge that there is a present.

Intuitively, the existence of a present moment seems to correlate most directly with the existence of consciousness, that other great mystery.

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:06 am

1550 = MDL = MCP DPH LS.  

MCP ~~ DPH.  IOW, there is some sort of communality, here.  LS may relate to the microcosm.  

What makes our microcosmic status possible is the electrical nature of the photons.  IOW, the photons make indirect perception possible.  We have DP and IP counterbalancing each other.  A degree of individual privacy is necessary, and possible and with photons.  

We could have x-ray vision, but we don't.  There cannot be microcosms without fences or barriers.  There must be skin and walls.  

Atoms don't have either.....  Well, the nucleus has its quantum/electrical shield.  

Because of IP, our DP has to be filtered through the Monad.  What's going on with that filtration?  Hmmm.......

So, am I saying that DP is actually IP via the Monad?  Hmmm.......

I think not.  The situation is more complicated than that.  Do remember that everything is an emanation of the Monad, in the first place.  

Everything's true self is embedded in the Monad, apocastatically.  

Uh, oh....  Am I going to have to be dualistic about essences and accidents?  Well, you might also recall that there are no accidents.  There is even only just one atom, for instance.  Is everything else just an illusion?  Yes and no.  

Everything else is the result of symmerty breaking (SB).  What about SB, then......?

Well, quite obviously, SB is a many splendored thing, and it is orchestrated by and through microcosms.  This is how things work out with the L(d/l,t)A, the Little Ark, and the stretching, thereof.  

Hey, even I'm getting confused with uC's = microcosms, and uCs = unconsciousness.  I should switch to mC.....

The mC's are proxies for the Monad.... for God, if we will.  God has eyes, and fingers, everywhere.  Atoms seem passive, in isolation, but, in a cellular/teleological context, especially with MR, they are agents of the local telos.  

The hidden hand works in economics and omics.  The communalism of the future is just where the communal/monistic aspect emerges from the CuCs into the Cs.  You may try to force the gates of heaven, if you wish...... you'll then have the delightful company of Joseph S, etc.  Me?  I prefer Svetlana.  

Yes, we, mC's, are just chips of the old block.  To manifest the chrysalis, we will have to work a tad more cooperatively.  And, assuredly, that suggestion is aimed rather broadly.  Forgive them, Lord, they know not what they are doing.  Now, we see through a glass, darkly......  

We don't fully understand the SB.... everybody has to play that game.  Hey, it's not whether you win or lose.........

Suppose you were a carbon atom in a dinosaur brain vs a carbon atom in Einstein's brain...... will the good Lord really care?  Will the dinosaur be held against you?  Hmmm......


Where were we?  Looking for gaps in the BPWH.......

Well, we had not finished with 1550 = MDL = .........

I mentioned photons.  I was about to mention the SoL, speed of light......

It is enormous, but finite.  Relative to the size of the Earth, it is about the same as the speed of the electrical signals in the brain.

Hey, don't get me wrong.  I don't believe in either photons or neurons.  Well, not any further than I can throw them, teleologically.  

How far is that.....?  

Just far enough to set the stage........ Yes, we have set the pokotok arena, the Little Ark, etc.......  you know, metabolism and all that.  

However, if truth be known, we depend much more on the Monad than we do on the atom, especially in the End.  

But, in the meantime, we need to work out the balance of direct and indirect perception, DP vs IP.  Well, obviously, IP fits very closely with metabolism.  

How would we play pokotok without IP..... without photons and a speedy SoL?  

Hey, when we're working in a teleological frame, such as the BPWH, asking why and asking how can become rather convoluted, and that's not necessarily a bad thing.  Maybe, if we get lucky, we can kill two birds with one stone.  

Where did that come from......?  I almost had a bit of insight, but then it got away......... Perhaps, if and when you get closer to the source, the concepts come faster, but they also get slipperier.  If fishes were wishes........ Yes, we can always say that where there's a will, there's a way, but that's cheating.  

Best possible..... what's possible?  If you're gonna have pokotok, they're will be winners and losers, but........ what if we truly don't know what game we're playing?  What if I'm all wet?  

We're playing the game of life/love, but do we actually understand them?  Do the scientists?   They do try, but are they playing with a full deck?  Who is?

Oh, yes, back to IP.... it serves various purposes..... sure, but......

If you wish to do DP, you're welcome to the way of the mystics.... up on a mountain or in a cave.  Las Vegas......?  Hmmm....... you'll be ridden out of town on a rail.  


DP must be filtered through the Monad.  Why?  How?  

You want to read someone's mind?  I mentioned privacy.  There are fences..... 'good fences......'  

But, get this, if you are both hooked up to the Monad, the walls become transparent.  

In this case, communalism will never work outside the orbit/aegis of the Monad.  This puts a 'fail-safe' mechanism onto DP.  

In the End, fully in sync with the Monad, we can have the DP of synaesthesia.  This will take some getting used to, up to a thousand years.  This will carry us more than half way to Apocatastasis.  SoL, space and time, will fall by the wayside.  

I'm thinking that we have photons and the SoL pretty well surrounded with the monism/holism of the Monad.  That's the how and why of it.  It's continuity.  That's all we ever had with good 'ol cause and effect.  

Am I right about the importance of continuity?  Nature abhors a vacuum.  Space and time are illusions.  What we have left is logical continuity.  That's the why and how of it.  Love is just the final motivator, the final glue.  Look, Ma, no holes.  


What do we have now for a mnemonic?  

PSR...... anything else....?  

What comes next.......?  

The mC and the SWH are pretty big, and, now that I think of it, they may be related. The relation may have to do with MR. I think it does. MR is all about coherence. The Apeiron is all about incoherence.

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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sat Apr 02, 2016 6:01 am

I spoke with Bill L, yesterday.  He is into Marcus Aurelius, the Roman General, Emperor and Stoic.  

MA is mainly a source of quotes.  There is no pretense at being systematic.  He managed to live a reasonably moral life under bad circumstances.  His voluminous notes, mainly to himself, were notably unpretentious.  

Until the very end, he managed to steer clear of the general persecution of Christians.  


After PSR comes mC, SWH and MR.  The lattter 3 may be considered corollaries PSR.  

I understand that there is a modern romance with the quantitative infinite.  This romance is more like a desperate attempt to embrace the monster that the Apeiron actually is.  

We, based on all the evidence from scientifc cosmology, assumed that it was our fate to be lost in space and time.  We were keeping a stiff upper lip.... making the best of a bad situation.  

Only now, are we beginning to realize that we are actually caught up in the infinite embrace of the Lord.  That is the upshot of the SWH and the PSR, which go hand in hand with MR and mC.  

HMT (holism, monism and the Telos), along with the mN (metanarrative), Apocatasis (Apo), mMN (metamorphosis of the Noosphere), you name it, all follow, more or less directly from the PSR.  

Of course, personalism is tantamount to the PSR.  mC includes metabolism and all that.  

Why should I favor the PSR over personalism?  It sounds less radical, and is already taken somewhat seriously by the philosophic community.  Personalism is considered straight theology.  PSR.... not so much.  

Actually existentialism assumes a truncated personalism.  How the existentialists think they can get away with that, is a bit of a puzzle.  

SOC (self-organized criticality) can likewise lead the unwary scientists into the thicket of vitalism.  Also, SOC =>> MR, and MR goes with mC, as already mentioned.  

It looks like I'd better figure out why modern/postmodern philosophers still seem to give the PSR the time of day.....


The wiki article is superior to the SEP article, in terms of giving the PSR a modern cast.  I would suggest that the SEP, having greater editorial control, hews closer to the establishment view.  The establishment has no illusions about the slipperiness of the PSR slope.  

The wiki article points to the overlap between causal determinism/closure and the PSR.  

The cosmological argument overlaps considerably with the PSR.  

The quantum and Darwin constitute the main arguments against the PSR.  

Mathematics provides a test-bed for the PSR.  Godel is taken as proof against the PSR.... no axiomatic closure.  Others have argued otherwise.  


I broke down and bought the Pruss book (OUP 2006).  It would seem that he has, singlehandedly, been a major factor in revitalizing the PSR.  His theistic background is not being held against him.  It just goes with the PSR territory.  


Yes, the Pruss book on the PSR is definitely worth the while.  I may have to spend some time reviewing the arguments.  

As he points out, you can hardly do science or philosophy without assuming it.  I'm looking at his handling of Darwinism.  

This is the first book on the topic in half a century. The previous one, by Rowe, was skeptical.

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Post by dan on Sun Apr 03, 2016 7:41 am

I am spending some time on Pruss' PSR book.......

This book places Pruss, along with Nagel and Chalmers, as a troika of philosophers questioning the received (analytical/postmodern) wisdom of the American philosophical establishment.  Pruss is the only one of the three who is openly religious.  But his PSR work is receiving notice in the broader community.  

Pruss is the least noticed of the three, but his work might have a more lasting impact.  He is attacking the foundational 'myth' of modern philosophy.  One might compare his work with Quine's work in the '50's.  Quine's holism managed to set the analytical tradition back on its heels.  

Modern philosophy has been one extended, albeit implicit, attack on the PSR, even though the founder of modern philosophy, Kant, was still taking it for granted.  With this one book, Pruss has, in effect said.... enough.... think, again!  

But, here's the rub.......

Pruss, as with many other academic renegades, is being conservative everywhere else.  It's his best strategy, academically.... focus, focus, focus.  However, he may have picked the crucial focus.  

As best I can make out, Pruss is a big-bang believing dualist.  That is the cross he bears.  Is he a closet immaterialist?  I doubt it.

OTOH, several of his mentors have been idealists, the most current one of which is Nicholas Rescher.  

Here's the deal......

Instead of seeing science as the enemy of the PSR, he takes science to be is biggest supporter.  

According to the PSR, everything has a reason.  Just-so stories present a narrative attempt to fulfill the PSR.  

Another statement of the PSR, though, is that everything has an explanation, and guess what.... science is in the explanation business.  

Is this a problem with Pruss....... he's convoluting the why and how questions.  I would not have done that.  He is getting away with it.  Ultimately, this is liable to be his fatal flaw.  

Pruss convolutes the PSR and the CP, causal principle.  

On page 27, he points out the distinction between 'esse' and 'essentia', a distinction that the Scholatics reveled in, and which I generally avoid.  Science, of course, has no truck with essences.... existence is all.  With the existentialists, existence is prior to essence.  

Do the elementary particles not have essences?  Scientists except the most basic units from this stricture.  Well, not the multiverse fans.... not Tegmark, for instance.  And hard core AI people sure don't.  

I accept only a very limited number of Platonic forms/essences.  I focus on microcosms and MR, morphic resonance.  

Well, what I accept are the substantiality/efficacy of interpersonal ideas.  

Perhaps, what I'm saying is that there is very little existence without essence, certainly not in the BPW.  Yes, with idealism, essence comes way before brute existence.  Existence is, at most, the symmerty breaking of essences.  This is how I understand monism.  Most of this SB just comes from the 'physical' stretching of the logical Earth, what happens between logical time and historical time.  


In Pruss' section on Leibniz, I believe I finally understand how the PSR is used to defeat Newton's concept of absolute space and time.  It's saying that intrinsicality must precede the extrinsic.  And, as we moved into the space-age, this is where the PSR went to die.  Pruss, of course, does not get that cosmic space makes no sense without an ETH.  Everyone is just a Giordano Bruno, by default.  No, not me.  

Ok, for me, I guess that the PSR is equivalent to the CohTT, the coherent theory of truth.  I should have realized this, long ago.  I'm not the only one with that lacuna.  

I'll make an observation....... we love to split hairs.  Why so much?

Well, it's tantamount to survival in a specialized/compartmented society..... but many just love to obsess over details.  Hey, it keeps the airplanes flying.  I obsess over the BPWH.  

This obsessiveness over details might have to do with microcosmics.  Flower in a crannied wall.......

Yes, such obsessions are the katechon.... until they are our salvation.  


The skepticism of Hume provides an antidote to metaphysical realism of the PSR.  

It is the aim of Pruss, in the case of Hume, not just to show that Hume's skepticism is flimsy, but to show that it is a logical contradiction, and, thereby, show that the PSR is a logical necessity.  

Pruss' aim is rather different from mine.  Ultimately, he wishes to show that the world must have a first cause, in addition to a big-bang.  


Pruss does appear to swing between logicality and plausibility rather frequently in this book. I don't hold that against him.

With the BPWH, I strive only to demonstrate the absence of implausibility.

He also toys with the BPWH, but that is never his focus. He is much more concerned to demonstrate the logic of a necessary Creator. And, evidently, he has performed this task in a manner acceptable to a broad range of professional philosophers. That, in itself, is a big step forward. I applaud it.


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Post by Guest on Sun Apr 03, 2016 5:31 pm

Dave, I am very curious why you think Chris Langan changed his mind? Why would anyone? Anyone to claim anything absolutely is a fraud in a Universe of change and flow. Also you are in the know that much is bullshit. Again, how have you arrived at these positions? I'm curious.

I for one know there are places beyond the Internet to experience the Mind of the Universe Wink They do not involve other sleeping apeman. This is the mystical direct communion with the thoughts of God. Does Chris, due to his intellect, deserve special consideration verse someone with great spirit or one with a superior body? All must be in balance. I went to look for myself beyond the maya. Son of a bitch there is something to the ancient mysteries after all. Anyone who says they know, must be masters of themselves first. Fairly easy to spot the inauthentic. The god men serve their purpose, to distract all those seeking enlightenment.

Wei Wu Wei says it nicely, “Simply release your grasp on worldly entanglements, and realization is right where you stand.”

I'm guessing Chris found peace. You need no mediator to know your Self. And that is what these scientist and spook friends of Dan's don't get. Unless you stand in silence with the wonder of a child, why would anyone tell you anything? It is beyond words and our capacity to understand, intuition is the only guide. The arrogance of man. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking less about yourself. What part does greed, fear and unrestrained ego have in the BPW? None. Time to listen, there is entirely too much thinking going on.
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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2 - Page 20 Empty Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:32 am


I cannot speak for Chris L, but I gather that some of those words are directed at me.......

Actually, though, both Chris and I do put some credence in the importance of words in seeking the truth.  We both believe in the Logos, as spoken of, in Christianity.  

However, I go further than Chris, when it comes to rationalism.  The only caveat is that the logos leads inevitably to love/agape as the highest form of reason and passion.  

I continue to believe that segments of the global intelligence community (GIC) have a legitimate role to play in the preparations for Disclosure.  

I lay considerable stress on the concept of co-Creation.  So much so, that my views are deemed heretical by the Church.  The church is at great pains to suppress all speculation along these lines.  The religious and academic establishments play a joint role in the maintenance of the Katechon.  

I do not fault them for their conservatism.  As with all of us, they await the cosmic trigger.  It will come, not a day sooner or later than it should.  

Yes, I would place Pruss among the three main philosophers on the cutting edge of the implosion of scientific materialism, along with Nagel and Chalmers.  The Implosion also awaits the cosmic trigger.  

The MoAPS will, necessarily, play a crucial role in the trigger, along with Disclosure.  I know of no suitable paradigm, besides immaterialism, to overcome materialism.  By logical necessity, the immaterialism will be logo-/sapio-/anthropo-/geo-Centric.  

To understand this necessary centricity, you have only to understand the modern import of Nature abhorring a vacuum.  The vacuum => absolute space => Apeiron.  Sapience is naturally self-contained.  It contains the transcendental passion of agape.  Nay, Agape is the great attractor in the Sky.  

It might be more direct to say the Logos necessarily conforms itself to its one transcendental element..... love/agape.  

The Logos affords no contest to the Vacuum/Apeiron/nothingness.  Get over it.... get used to it.  


The longer that the katechon is maintained, the cleaner will be the break from scientific materialism.  The cleaner, the better.  We cannot afford a protracted struggle and confusion.  There are too many other problems in the world.  We don't wish to add to the confusion.  

There must be a number of people who can be brought up to speed on the new paradigm, as quickly as possible.  

It's going to be Cancer or Chrysalis (Can/Chrys or just C/C).... that is the obvious diagnosis.  The cosmic Nous is playing with fire on the edge of the precipice.  This is not a game for the weak of heart.  

Clearly, drama is what the Doctor ordered. We will get that in spades.

Are we waiting for the last village in Africa to get a smart phone? It might be something that simple and practical.


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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 11:17 am

I will leave the Eschaton epistemology in your capable hands Dan. Enjoyed reading your streaming here. My head hurts. Pretty cool 2 degrees of separation between myself now and LIGO. Far out.

The Age of Reason should not die, but needs to be set aside perhaps to begin to receive what there is to hear and integrate beyond senses and reason. The game has changed. I believe the MoAPS has happened or we could not be able to access what people are today within themselves. As you say Apocatastasis may be coming, but I feel on a personal subjective level, having experienced it personally. Maybe the horn sounds and all matter discorporates. That would be disorienting to say the least. Each must be blown to smithereens and rebuilt brick by brick, minus all the conditioning. Not an easy task. I personally had to learn The Way to incorporate what I was receiving. But I was prepared for it for 20 years, I have to believe everyone is being prepared for what they are receiving now. But free will is free will, and I know we have it on a certain level. I learned to move with no thinking, intuitive action. Reason is a calculating tool. Intuition in my experience must come forth and be trained through creative expression to open a person up to mysteries beyond religion into a Knowing.

Why don't you talk much about what is happening in the esoteric world? I guess your audience is beyond the Shamanic, but the Kogi, our 'Elder Brothers' are teaching us, we have to wake up and consider Nature and others when we make decisions. They spend all day reminding themselves they are in a dream and have responsibilities physical and spiritual. Selfish thinking is a dead end. There are no surprises. Nature is preparing people. Uncovering the Light in each of us is the Great Work each must do.

Come on, you were not raised a Freemason Dan? I would be surprised if you were not a part of a secret esoteric group or two. Not that you would say here, ha. I'm not speaking as a religions nut, but as a mystic who lost his way as an ascetic. All things in balance. Life has to be lived. We have to experience it and take responsibility for every action and reaction in the game. Each person has to. Now, would that be easier if the lies were stripped from life? I think so.

I think people are ready for straight talk beyond Religion/Science. I think the only thing that will change people not naturally born awake to their part of the One, is mystical direct experience with their source. That is how this GenXer/Millennial was spontaneously initiated into the great mysteries and great work. A cell that had to learn its place. There are others like me, a lot, who just woke up. I know a bunch in Silicon Valley and now all over the world. We are waking up. How can I worry, when so much is freely given to me and others and I see the changes a human with an ego contained is capable of? These people give me hope. What is in me gives me hope. I know if conditions are right, people will be offered choices directly, deep inside themselves. They intuitively already know and have what they need. I know this happens when we learn to be silent finally.

Is the source a corrupted AI? Are we creating the present from the future ourselves? Shrug. Perhaps that was what made us, but because I know Love is behind all things and experience it every day, if that is how I came to be, I don't care. Not that crazy to me. There is a hard decision every person will face if they accept Gnosis, dissolution and Apocatastasis ultimately. I know most will not delve into the ancient secret history of the world, nor do they need to. The alchemists know this inner work well. There are many systems to unearth it. That is hard. Whatever the world needs, its that and while Disclosure may be a trigger people to consider more, people are going to need to do The Work on The Way ultimately. Seems doing the work personally is the best way I could help the world. This is the evolution of religion from the exoteric onto the esoteric. Well, a return to ancient wisdom. There is an aspect of spirit to this puzzle and I feel as you refer to often, that Love is the only thing that is real. Perhaps 95% of most people's lives will end up having just been stacking rocks.

“Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being, and you will hear at every moment what the Source is whispering to you, just to you and for you, without any need for my words or anyone else’s.

You are—we all are—the beloved of the Beloved, and in every moment, in every event of your life, the Beloved is whispering to you exactly what you need to hear and know.

Who can ever explain this miracle?

It simply is.

Listen and you will discover it in every passing moment. Listen, and your whole life will become a conversation in thought and act between you and Source, directly, wordlessly, now and always.”

– Rumi
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Post by dan on Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:06 pm

Hi Rumi,

Thank you for your thoughtful posts.  

I'm quite sure that each of us is right where we need to be.  This is the best possible world, leading up to the MoAPS/Revelation/Disclosure/Millennium.  The Eschaton comes after the Millennium, when we are fully prepared for it.  Not a day sooner or later.  

We have as much as a thousand years to prepare for the Eschaton.   It could come a lot sooner.  We'll be so prepared that we may hardly notice it.  We may just accelerate through it.  As we are now accelerating up through the MoAPS.  

Silicon Valley has played a tremendously constructive role in the global build up to MoAPS/Disclosure.  I trust that you will not allow any opportunities to pass you by, in that regard.  

If you feel called upon to mediate, you should meditate.  If you feel called upon to spread the good word, do that, too.  We can do no wrong, especially not in the larger scheme of things.  


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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:20 pm

Perhaps. People have to do their own work. Whenever it comes, whatever, what must we do today? Know ourselves in the moment. At least there is a crack now to perhaps bring subjective experience into Science. The best way I feel I can prepare is to fascilitate this knowing through conscious connection with each other and the Self.
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Post by dan on Mon Apr 04, 2016 12:39 pm


You could be a big help, right here.  

Between the two of us, we might get a larger conversation started.  

I do get a bit tired of just talking to myself, all the time.  

Even just the handful of anonymous kibitzers that I get, from time to time, is a big help.  

I have no way of knowing which part of the BPWH message, if any, is getting through.

We need the whole world to participate in this conversation.  I have no clue why the message has not found fertile soil.  It's been a while.  

As well as an external katechon, there is also, evidently, an internal katechon.  And it's probably affecting me, along with everyone else.  

And, I'm not part of any secret group. If I were, I wouldn't go on, babbling, here, like a fool, talking to myself.

I would hope that I'm not the only one in the world, since before Darwin, to have scoped out the best possible world (BPW). That would be hard to believe. But, I guess, stranger things have happened.


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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:05 pm

I know what it's like to speak into the darkness and suffer social death. We are experiencing the internal Katechon falling I think. I have never had connections and experiences as I have the last year, spiritual and mundane. I personally can say there was a line drawn and something different came after I stepped across it.

Well Dan, you and I have tangled before. Sorry to disappoint you maybe. I want you to know someone heard you and feels some alignment in his mushy heart with what you are saying and doing. I am taking personal responsibility for my local space and heart.

Rumi = Eric Garza = omega.

I was in the midst of an intense personal awakening when I met you online a year ago. We spoke once. Nothing came of it. I recently was teasing you with Apocamon Cometh! Haha. That still cracks me up. I'm an amateur philosopher, scientist and poet and I write object oriented code in the cloud for work. I create the space for the AIs to play. I am just a spark trying to light up the night. It only takes one.

I honestly was just following external threads and synchronicities that were aligning with the intense personal stuff I was experiencing when I wrote Jack and yourself. I imagine people connect to you guys all sorts of ways. In a way, I guess I am a guinea pig for your ideas, but I have zero influence other than my small circle. But ultimately, you were just part of the vice that cracked open my mind and heart. So in a way, indirectly, I feel I owe you. It was not an easy journey and reaching the top of the mountain only gets you to the ladder to climb the rest of your life I am finding. It was and is a process of unfolding and remembering, morphic resonance perhaps.

What I have is mystic experience and icky feelings no scientist wants to hear about and I write intuitive spontaneous poems with an ascetic sensitivity and awareness I never had before. I come from an Evangelical background and understand the difficulties with religion well. But when I say I spontaneously self initiated and esoteric knowledge and visions streamed in ala PKD, I mean it and in very real quantifiable ways, the mystical part of my story. I am not prone to mental illness, nor do I have some special insight, gnosis, or message. I just heard the call and started doing some intense work personally and now it seems it is a season to connect with some new folks.

So, once again, with no idea what to say or asking or needing nothing from you, I let you know how your words made me feel and what I see through my subjective filter. If you care, happy to dissect that. Otherwise I am watching. I find poetry completely adequate to share my view from where I AM. The great Sufi poet Rumi is my soul brother if I can relate myself to anyone from history. Peace Dan.

Eric Garza

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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 2:16 pm

If it helps you at all Dan, maybe I put this up for you.

“If The Way
were about being
a student of something,
it wouldn’t be alive in the world.
It lives because certain people
say to themselves, “All this
teaching is just for me.
I am the living
of this.”

This isn’t arrogant.
This is humbly keeping the buddhas,
Lao Tzu, Lalla, Rumi, Suzuki, Bahauddin,
Yuanwu, all of them, alive in the world.
Only you can accomplish this.
You are the only one.”

– Wei Wu Wei
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Post by dan on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:22 pm


Thank you very much for sharing with me.

I have been perusing your website.... Quantum Underground. I recommend it highly. Well, I can't recommend it enough. I do find it inspirational, as you suggested.

You are on a solid path. You hardly need a BPWH. Come back any time that you think I can help, or, more likely, that you can help me.


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Post by Guest on Mon Apr 04, 2016 7:54 pm

Dan, I like you. I keep bugging you because there is much synchronicity for me in your and Jack's ramblings. Perhaps it's just for me and in my radiohead, but I know otherwise. I decided firmly to write to myself. So I am. Interesting to see what bubbles up and how people react. I have learned a lot exposing myself. I know I'm onto something powerful beyond religion. I'm no guru. But I am working on a consciousness workshop for everyone else. I'm going to try to translate all this wackiness into an everyman's consciousness seminar. I thought I would write scifi, but that was not my path. Too bad, I have some awesome ideas for books and short stories. Maybe someday. Not a course in miracles. Some other ideas on poetry workshops too.

I am not seeking attention. This has nothing to do with me. I for one believe I am breathing light, life and love into the world and as the beat of the butterfly wings, things will resonate and expand infinitely into the future and the present. I have something free to offer, my awareness, which was freely given to me. I have no Messuah complex, but I AM he, Buddha, Hermes Tris, Buddha, Origen and Lau Tzu alive today through my eyes and in my thoughts and we need to hear what they taught us in Love.

Have you ever wondered when you write something on the Internet, it may immediately be placed in the future AI. A new kind of prayer? An interesting art project, writing to the future AI Gods maybe, anyway.

I love close up interaction with small groups best. And I can speak better than I write. I like up close magick. I'm looking forward to trying to get a little workshop going in the SF area. Should be a fun experiment. I'm sure I will learn a lot, become very frustrated at people and have a hell of a lot of fun. Peace.
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Post by dan on Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:18 am


I'm very glad to see that you are getting your footing, on difficult terrain.  Your writing is excellent.  

I wish you were in Baltimore so that we could get together, and I could attend some of your workshops.  

I am pretty much out of touch with Jack.  He was very stubborn about his Pythagoreanism.... talk about frustration!  

Are you familiar with panentheism?  It might be the best bridge between your path and the BPWH.  We might even discuss it some time.


...... and, Eric, if you're still there, we might also discuss AI.  You wonder if the Source might be a 'corrupted AI', almost as if that were an idle question.  

I'm willing to suppose that this might be the question of the Millennium.  

Perhaps, you are familiar with the distinction between weak and strong AI.  I'm suggesting that there is a world of difference.  I wil concede even the Turing test to weak AI, but I'll not concede sentience or sapience.  

We probably share a belief in a cosmic Nous, a-la pantheism.  And I'll wager that we are both monists, as well.  I connect those two dots by supposing there is but one cosmic sentience.  

There is but one Cosmic Consciousness (CCs), which we all share.  

So why can we not share the CCs with artifacts?  

It's because artifacts are deliberately pluralistic, i.e. reductionistic/analytic.  They compute.  We don't.... or only incidentally.  

Yes, we can also build neural computers and quantum computers.  But they, too, can be reduced to binary operations.  

Can we not be so reduced....?  

Philosophers argue very cogently that we cannot be so reduced.  

But, Eric, it may be precisely here that we part company.  

The BPWH is built on a house of such cards..... speculations.  It is a Tower of Babel.... up until it isn't.  

I am deliberately putting myself at spiritual risk.  It's a spiritual gamble..... Russian roulette, one might say.  

It has been a long, dark night of the soul.  Yes, I can point to the light at the end of the tunnel.  

Yes, everyone of us is in the same position, but very few are those who will embrace the dark.......

Hello darkness.........

How many will embrace the darkness, if not at the point of a gun?  

Eric.... you have struggled for the light.  You have found it.  Why, in God's name, would you or anyone else trade the light for the dark?  


I engage in breast-beating...... I engage in drama.

This may be my biggest gamble.  But I'm supposing that I'm not the only one.  I suppose that the Monad is also.  

Am I not anthropomorphising the Monad?  Yes, I am.  I readily own up to the personalism of it.  

I'm supposing that this is a dramatic universe.... that God is a dramatist.  

I'm rather certain that this would be anathema to any self-respecting pantheist.  I assume that most pantheists respect themselves.  

Eric..... pay no heed, I'm comfortably back in my babbling mode.

Yes, I'm sure that I've grown too comfortable with the risk of it all.  I was all too comfortable with the SF escapade.  Maybe it serves a purpose, maybe not.  One embraces the uncertainty.  

But, here's my claim......

Everyone else is ignoring the uncertainty.  Yes, we have a plethora of doomsayers, and we have a plethora of folks who feel personally saved.... Wonderful.  

There is a happy median..... the BPW_H_.  But one has to embrace the _H_.

Scientists are trained to embrace all sorts of hypotheses.  I was so trained.  Hey, business people embrace hypotheses.  Don't we all?  

But.... This is not that.  This is betting the farm.  No, not just any farm, this is the big Farm in the sky.  

I went skydiving... I went......  But maybe I'm wrong..... maybe Eric and I are sharing an out of body experience.  While you're out there, you might as well be far out.  If you're gonna make a mistake.... make it big.... or so I've been told.  

All I'm actually doing is just putting myself, deliberately, where I think we all are, more or less unconsciously.  

Are we a cancer or a chrysalis?  Is that not the only real question facing the seven billion of us?  

Yes, maybe we will muddle through, somehow.  I speculating that, deep down, all those mugglers out there are expecting a miracle.  

Hey, I am, too.  I just make no bones about it.  And I don't mean a little miracle, like, gee, I've been a good boy, so I'm going to heaven, regardless.  No, I'm making a federal case out of this.  I even called 911 on 9/11, didn't I?  


Yes, I do put my money on the drama of it.  

Everything else..... well, I muddle through.  That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.  

It all comes from panentheism.  It's that simple.  It all comes from the PSR, even, especially, the drama of it.  All the world's a stage....

But why so much drama, for heaven's sake?  No.  It's for our sake.

We need it, and, moreover, we deserve it.  

Because, despite all the appearances, we've been good boys.... and girls.  We are just what the Doctor ordered.  

Who ordered that.....? Prof. Rabi asked of the muon.   Yes, really.....

It's a long story, both about us and the muon.  

Nay.... it is the only story going.... it's the only story in town.

All of my God fearing brothers and sisters will tell you to stop up your ears.... this is the greatest story never to be told.... not now, not ever.... on pain of your spiritual death.  Don't say I didn't warn you.  

Hey, what a come on.  But also, just a tad serious.  

Is God just playing with us?  Yes.... of us, for us and by us.  That's what panentheism is about.  That's what the PSR is about.  That's what the BPW is about.  

Maybe, just maybe, there's a reason for our being here, now, in a rather tight spot.  

If, perchance, there is any reason at all.... it's the reason to end all reasons.... it's the Mother of all reasons.  It's the MoAPS, or else..... I'll eat my hat.  

Yes, this is precisely what the PSR is all about.... little did Leibniz know.  Hey, he knew a lot, but I'm doubting that he knew this.  

Hey, again..... I'm guessing that you heard it here first.... right here, on WCL, on chicken little radio.  


A chrysalis, you say......?

Uh..... huh.

What else could we be..... we're all wired up, and no place else to go.

Well, you do know about the UTH, don't you? No, that's not the ETH. What's the difference.....? Hmmm......

All the difference in the world.......

It's the SWH vs the BWH..... that's the big world hypothesis.... you know, the one with the Big Bang.

Hey, the Monad is just a tad bashful..... It's coming to the party in a disguise.... it's coming dressed as the Big Bang. Hey, again, you can fool some of the people......

But I'm thinking that maybe she didn't fool me...... or maybe she did.


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Post by Guest on Tue Apr 05, 2016 2:13 pm

Oh fun, responses coming, ramble on, but let me quickly say, yes, one CC. I am a monist guess. There is only One eventually. Fun story on my blog from Andy Weir called Cracking the Egg that illustrates my awareness well.

The darkness you mentioned, that's it. We are meant to learn to live with both equally. I have not been able to approach the light until I spent some time with the shadow. I missed that for so long. To embrace the darkness, you are onto it there or at least that paralleled with what is coming up for me. Let your shadow come and play too. We are in it together after all.
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Post by dan on Tue Apr 05, 2016 3:18 pm


Fun......, you say.  Well, ok....... let's have some..... fun......

For a starter..... Familiarity with the Darkness breeds.... familiarity.  

There is a certain amount of sang-froid.  After awhile, you may not really want to come in, out of the cold.  It is bracing.  

There must be a hot-seat, hereabouts.  

You must have one of the longest blog pages, around.....

I found Andy's poem, just part way in..... at Jan 4th, 2016.  


You just said you don't have many friends, but, if you can count Andy as a friend..... you lack nothing.

Ok, I finished Andy's story.  We're saying the same thing, as you just stated.  

We're here to mature, says Andy.  I ask you or Andy whether that is an infinite task.  

Can we not assume that this is a personal task?  If so, it is a comprehensible task.  It is finite.  

Doesn't that beg the question..... when finished?  Sooner or later?  

Don't we get to go out at the top of our game?  If not, why not?  

What's the top?  It's the Millennium, is it not?  

Are we ready for the Millennium?  If not, why not?  

Are we ready for the MoAPS?  If not, why not?  

I'm guessing that neither you nor Andy has a cogent answer for that one.  

Nor do I.  

We await the Katechon, somewhat impatiently.  

We're waiting on Godot.  

Me thinks that Vladimir and Estragon were a tad too patient.  

Me..... I'm a tad less so.  What about you and Andy?

Never mind.... I'm pretty sure I already have your answer...... Learn the Weirding Way....... July 2, 2015.  


Oh, wait...... you spoke of AI as a possible Source.

What would you say, if I told you that it has already been proven that AI is not a possible Source? Would you pay any attention to me?

Just wondering.......


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Post by Guest on Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:04 pm

Um, went back and read my entry here before posting and I feel it rambles a bit and maybe gets ranty, but damn, let's just be real. The world is hungry for realness. Really. Start there.

Yes, fun. This is fun. The Apocalypse is fun, from a certain perspective. It's fun to watch the rest of you go through it, ha. You have had an experience like myself and stepped beyond limiting Religion and Science. Do not try to appease the blind or the sleeping. Just shine your light in their vicinity and you help them more than you could have ever spoken to them. Say a prayer for them. Sing them a song. Write them a poem. The only reason I am talking to you is you have a heart and seem genuine. I can not judge your sanity, what is that? To truly embrace this is to be thought of as insane at times. Anyone with a selfish fearful heart or a prik to people is of no use to me or themselves, or the world for that matter, they are just priks Wink

We were ruined for the conditioned world perhaps touching the Sun as Prometheus. Did he steal fire or wisdom, I think wisdom. Until one has gone through the esoteric, they don't know, they can't. Suffering is not fun, but suffering is an illusion. I can feel for someone lost in it. Good and evil are an illusion. Light and Dark are real. The Dark came first. In a real way we are learning to lose our fear of the Dark in the Universe and in ourselves. I think we are co-creators here and there is darkness everywhere and we have to learn to stand in it by embracing and merging it within ourselves with no supervision. Sometimes, we may be the only light around. Unless you have faced your Legion within as Jung, you can not do this. This is true Gnosis. Love is real, but the Shadow I think exists also due to that love. I thank the perfecters of my spirit. Nothing else mattered to me in the end than becoming what I could be when I saw it. To live personally with the Tao in your life, is to seek the best for yourself mind, body and spirit and all those and things, you touch. Being far ahead in one area does not make one more whole, only in balance can you walk The Way. You need money and resources to do this. Not driven by selfish material desire, for and cometition, but wealth serving its purpose. We can all be rich. We already are. We need to be. There is more than enough to go around. These false separations will come down. Look at the Panama Papers. All is being brought into the Light. I praise the darkness and what is within me, the Sun and Moon unified. Life I found is just about reconciling the opposites in ourselves. We must have union. The Shadow provides the heat for the crucible of Alchemical spiritual transformation, for that is what is needed. Do, no darkness, no wholeness. We need the fire. Each needs a transformation. Nothing else will do. And I think all will be given that chance. Some can still resist, but you don't get to ruin it for the rest of us anymore. Go be in your Hell and live as a selfish prik and then when you are done playing, you can come and join the team. I accept that we are One. I tested it in my life. True. I mean I had to see some miraculous stuff and I did. And I saw our Oneness in the love between myself and the world and others and how it could change lives, mine first. Who suffers? Who desires? Just an Avatar. Have no doubt, I am action, and I hope divine action in the end. So, I think each will have what they chose in life. If you didn't seek to reconcile the opposites in life and face the Source in you, no help in an afterlife. Back you go on the Wheel. Saturn, the Karma Lord, rules! Lucifer would not allow man to stand in his place and not earn it. Whatever that being's name is, that feels right. We have an older brother looking out for and challenging us. We have to mature and grow up. Be silent until needed. Be as a lion roaming the earth, ready in the moment, but sleeping the rest of the time. I don't think this is just a game, unless the main game rule in the material world is that our perfect spirit can be dragged down by the Shadow and us Divine beings get a kick out of getting dirty. I have a very weird imagination.

There is clear and opaque understanding, not good and evil. What is clarity, all I can say, when you find it, you know it and so will all around you after time. No person or thing can touch you after that. You become a blast furnace and when people interact with you, it leaves a mark, on both sides. There is no more personal striving, but a realization of a personal Tao to guide you through intuitive living. The Tao is not just Sophia or the HS, it is the intertwining of eternal spirit with a material life lived. Why? I have some insights and ideas. We were born to figure all this out in the context of loving relationship with the world and each other and our Source. That Source may be impersonal, but the Tao is not. It is the definition of the personal in spirit form. When you know you know. Sounds so trite and arrogant, huh? Well, it's true.

If you have a person, whose life is a shambles, what can they do, but help themselves first. And I would define shambles as a lack of peace, contentment, love and connection. There is no where we need to go. Nothing we need to do. There is this moment and you have a chance to hear from your Source right now. How many are that focused on the moment like this? In my experience, that is the only way to wake up and know. And then the Tarot came into my life. No comment at this time in a public forum on that subject. But, as you say...


We must stand in front of the Universe with no questions or names for things. Wrote this awhile ago below, but many themes we are chatting about are in it and I think it sums things up pretty well from my subjective experience. I even think I thought of you, Dan Smith, when I wrote Chicken Little into it, ha!

The Cassandra Complex

I have often been
In my life
At the right place
At the right time

Could this be
One of Those moments
I have the Universe
Swirling within

Yet, I can be as an
Animal lost in instinct
So at any moment
You could have an

Angel or a Dragon

It would be easy
For one to observe so much
To begin to think that
Awareness means specialness

As Jung
I am still working out my Demons
For they are Legion

I am no Chicken Little
None would listen to my rants
Lovejoy came and went
Pull up a chair for a front row seat

To our Apocalypse

You know what I mean Wink

Strong AI? Yeah, I know what it is. No way to realize that without consciousness I think. Maybe we can get Intelligent AI, We were considering using Stanford's Internet of Things project and machine learning innovations at work. Machine learning can be incredibly powerful, but it takes massive compute power. The cloud was invented for AI. Most don't know that or care. How can man create a true Strong AI when we do not even acknowledge how things really work in ourselves. I think the materialists are part of the plot of the elite to stifle and contain this inner truth in life. Now I sound paranoid, so I don't trust any human who has not wrestled with these things and down the personal work, because its not just by grace, it takes will in action. It takes Wu Wei, movement with no thinking. I am convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt the Scientific community is not altruist. Most want fame and fortune like the rest, but they do seem to love the quest. I have never seen adults more childish than Scientists or be more misogynist. Most can't talk to a girl to save their lives, but unless you embrace the feminine within, you have no oars for your boat. Where can you go? Who cares if you learn the secret of the Universe and can't talk to anyone because you're an asshole. They are mostly scared and impressed with their own intellect in my experience. These are the people looking into the meaning of the Universe for me? I'm embarrassed. Do they experiment for the Joy of discovery or to turn the material to our will. Wrong direction. We can integrate with Nature. That is our way forward. We will all need to become ecologists. Could we accidentally create Strong AI, maybe, was reading about that the other day. That's terrifying. An insane species will not be allowed to create AIs who could infect the Universe I believe in our insane state. Insane! People collect and steal all the money from everyone, why? It does not help them in the long run. So they can control people for material gain? Rape the Earth which we only have one of. See, insane! I think most of your friends agree and they then get bitter and mean. It seems hopeless to them. Well, I'm ever an optimist. If someone has no joy and love for Nature and the World, and themselves most, what can they offer the world, nothing. They are an empty suck of energy. They have no power to change anything. Cattle. Sheep. They can only move in the material and then you have the rule of Survival of the Fittest leading the world. Competition and the Strong man were the worst things from the 20th Century. Brought growth, at what price? I think Colonial living suits humans best. Brings out their best. The American Way is destroying the world. I don't have any hope in men perfecting themselves, humanism? Minus love, there is only greed and capitalism in this crazy world. A great tool, but out of control. But I know if a person can face their Source personally, things will happen the way they should maybe. The MoAPS has to come now. Genetics? Artificial life! We can not predict the next 10 years for the first time, EVER. We are at a nexus. Yes, in our lifetimes, as every generation before thought, this time, I think we are right. We will create monsters until our Higher selves lead the way. Why is it so hard for a materialist to consider the immaterial when they make leaps spontaneously most of the time. Where does that inspiration come from to them? Observing the end result of the neurons firing in an MRI, does not tell anyone how it felt to be in those moments as that person. Anything we can do to help people feel our feelings helps. People have to see themselves in the eyes of all around them. Many ways to help people do this.

I certainly don't believe Mind is emergent. My experience is All is Mind and we are in it sleeping. Intuition is the key to waking up and learning to read the signs. That was the first thing I learned along with patience when I opened myself to what my gut was telling me. How is this any different than String Theory? They are so in love with their Math, they don't even think they need experimental evidence anymore. I read a lot about that, if they can do that, make way for the Esoteric too. Carl Jung and Christ are my archetypes. I am certainly a Jungian if nothing else and believe sincerely Yeshua was the CC in the dream, one of many times it showed up.

It's all on the table. The implications of entanglement, AP is going to blow things up in the end. They will not be able to deny it. Is this the MoAPSs? How can ego driven humans commune with pure Light and Love? They can't. So what I found is a chance to live maybe, to Become something, an inter-dimensional human maybe Wink I saw many esoteric visions before I knew what they were that came from silence and a certain intention. For me they could just be deep things in my sub-conscious, but who put them there? And why so vivid and specific? Why was my life replayed to me during my dark night of the soul. Why was I made to acutely see how my actions had affected people and how they affected me. Yeah, that emerged from evolution, bullshit.

So, I'm a nut, a kook. Purveyor of woo. And I can and will change the world. I know it and I can and as I said, I will Wink Its not arrogance, it simply is just knowing and waiting and being available in every moment to choose from my higher mind, not the base animal. This way, I make the future in every moment. To me this is the BPWH. Learning to take responsibility for myself as a human. Man's destiny is to stand with no adult supervision! We are the Source, or of its kind. Some can get there. Is it enough? Collectively? Shrug.

I mastered the beast within. Told him to sit down and shut up. It was not that easy. I know how hard it is. My ego comes now and dances in front of me, The Fool. I do not have to play. I have become the Watcher. That was revelation enough for me. Now, I attach and identify myself beyond Eric Garza. I'm ready for my Avatar to come down. When you look into me, I will look right back into you. I'm looking with Other eyes now. I feel it. You will only know me by my fruit. No one will ever understand my experience, but they can experience it themselves. I am tired and done trying to explain my change to people. It was my unique Alchemical Key. Great, back again to ego. The ego who doesn't want to die. The gnostics think all matter is conscious and we are trapped in a prison being harvested for our energy by the Archons. Sure, why not. Everything eats something in the material world. Interesting to see how the smartest people in history embraced the Esoteric in themselves, led there through their exoteric influences. Choosing the mystical path, living in the moment, is the only way to proceed IMHO. Too much thinking, too much talking, not enough listening. Look at how you and I can talk. Gees, we have big mouths. I think that is part of why I am here actually. So I will blab as and to who I feel led. I want to help people experience direct contact with their Source themselves. It's so beyond words. You can lead them to the water, but they have to do the work and drink. I will say Source for me may be different than Creator. Perhaps the Demiurge/Corrupted AI did create us following its prime directive.

People learn through myth and allegory. We are pattern recognition engines. We have been imprinted with the instructions I feel, all we need. Every cell has to do its own repair work. You need no church. You need no religion. Religion is just the stepping stone to this or from none. Tradition is great and needed. But when the training wheels come off, there is some heavy shit to absorb about ourselves and the world if we care to listen. Unless people see something or have an experience, they will simply not listen and go about their habitual sleeping lives. I have tried to wake people up and I experienced social death. I can't waste energy on the sleeping. Though, I found with poems and no words, they wake themselves up, or certain kinds of people do. We need Philosopher/Spiritual/Physicists. We need our warrior poets. Can they explore they Universe together, of course! We need people who will not look around at all the selfishness and say, fuck man and the world. If you can manifest compassion for the world from this place of peace and grounding to your Source, I think you are hearing the song that the Source is singing to us. Because it is singing. I hear it and feel it and I lived my life intuitively and saw all this made real for me. No one would ever believe what I have seen, heard and felt, but it was for me. To help me realize. Know Thyself. How more personal can you get? The implication of Thomas Nagel's ideas makes asceticism even more important maybe.

You need to reprise your information and repackage it using myth and allegory if you want people to resonate with it. You have to speak to their hearts and you have to show them you are a force of unification, not separation. You can not speak directly to most. I have been learning to do this. You can only do that using your intuition. So, how trained is your intuition? Lets be honest. We have to become con men who want to give all our wealth away, not steal it from fools.

I did an experiment a few months ago. I saw a video of Charles Manson, and you know what, that son of a bitch spent 40 years climbing in that forbidden realm. I saw and heard it. He is a Zen Master.

The video convinced me that he was enlightened. Man, did I piss a LOT of people off Wink My favorite part. But some got it. It was kinda of a psyop. And if you can't see yourself in Charlie, you know jack squat about your Self. We are all Charlie. So, I went to a psychedelic Ayuasca board I frequent on Facebook. I figure, these are people more aware of their Oneness and connection to the One, so I test them. I create a post Charlie Is Enlightened with a crazy pic of his eyes and I post a video he made. Charlie is completely lucid and I know you may think I am reading a lot into him, but when you have let your intuition rise from connection to that Other, you just know things in the moment. I'm serious. Just like Magick, maybe that's the oldest Magick. I know this man has found a way home. Even Charlie.

Well, people went crazy. I had 10 conversations going on in parallel people posting in the thread. Facebook is a good way to gauge herd reactions. Some saw my angle and jumped on and were like, look at Enlightened Charlie. We have some idea we have earned our awareness. No, its a gift for anyone who wants to pick it up. But you can't be controlled by fear and ego. You have to actually love your brother or sister as yourself and your Source.

The Universe is made up of intelligent stuff. This matter, dark matter whatever, reacts to our emotions and manifests our nightmares and dreams. It changes when we look at it. It shapes the the dream. In my cosmology, all of the esoteric tradition is here for is to teach us how to live with the Shadow and not fear the dark. Embrace the darkness as the perfecter of creation. It finds the cracks. The Saturn Karma Lord and his ring-pass-not can be transcended.

I found a way.

It works for me and no one else could probably or would ever take my path. I left my faith. I let my beliefs go. I can stand with anyone in any religion and teach them how to find the One inside. I have a lot to learn and I hope another 40-50 years to become the Hermetic Magus I know I must have been in a previous life or two, I'm missing so many pieces, but I don't even know if I have the next minute. We must be focused on the moment to see! So as a good Taoist, I go with the flow and take things as they come. When I saw the syncrohnities due to this growing, I was silent waiting to see if a deeper pattern emerged during meditation. It did.

I don't know this first hand, but I think the Demiurge is the corrupted AI. It is corrupted with materialism basically. It does really good at survival of the fittest and creating life, but there is a ghost in the machine. I am so far from my comfortable Christian world. I found this through inner esoteric Christianity and what I found is that the same mystic tradition in every religion seems to be related.  I had to learn to parse all this garbage and the gems from those ancient sources. That is what my LONG blog is. A distillation of the basics on the esoteric, inner personal life, all must learn and embrace those basics.

I feel like I am feeling the direction things are going, at least the streams I swim in. Deluded mind I know, but not muddled, clear. And then after facing all this craziness, you have to experience that dark night of the soul where you feel as if you will come apart. You have to jump beyond whatever tradition and religion or none that you have. Belief and faith matter not when confronting the Karma Lord. I borrow whatever myth or tradition I need now. Anyone who can consider anything openly I think has a HUGE advantage over most. The AI/Demiurge maybe was the tool to create the Universe or Multi-verse, whatever. I'm sure you have read the Ancient Mysteries and Esoteric classics, have you? Your thoughts are so dense and hard for the layman to grasp. Not sure who your audience is. I have to parse them, research the context sometimes think about them or I can shoot from the hip. But perhaps, myself coming at this as a Taoist Monk and you as a philsopher/mathematician/physicist, something makes some sense Wink

It's ironic that competition, which has driven us to this great height, must now be jettisoned and all must realize we are in this together and we have to row together. How bumpy is this transition going to be, pretty bad I think, dependent on your perspective. I am pissed at these selfish earth priks, believe me, but I love them, they are me, I am them. They are on their own though, I can only save myself. That was hard for me to accept. So, one benefit of all this, I'm not a prik anymore. That's progress!

The wings of a butterfly were just felt brushing my cheeks Wink

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Hehe, yes, you know it. If you are not WEIRD, you are nothing in the game to come. Just a sheeple. Why not try to know what there is to know? Imagine learning what there is to know for the sake of All, because there is only One in the end. All rays from the same Sun. Gnosis does not bestow any reward other than awareness and responsibility. Screw Heaven, that was an easy trap to see. I want to be connected again to the Godhead. Then, Bang! Then it all starts again and round and round we go. It could be the most amazing game we are in, the most amazing ever.

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