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Headline Relay: Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica

Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:13 pm by Cyrellys

Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica  

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Uncommon Thoughts on Common Things - Cyrellys

Post by Cyrellys


Do you Bit-Mine?

>>>>  Come Mine with Me at BitDigger!  <<<<<

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"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Rue she said Protection
Rooster's Crow Confusion
One thing else to end the deed --
A dog with no Illusion.

~ Walter Wangerin Jr., Book of the Dun Cow
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Post on Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:09 pm by Cyrellys

One of the things the NASA whistleblower mentioned about the expected cyclic cataclysm is the grid being overwhelmed and going down.

check this....

U.S. Electrical Grid Report Calls For More Spending; Cites Climate Change And Aging Infrastructure

NEW YORK — The cost of weather-related power outages is high and rising as storms grow more severe and the U.S. electric grid gets older, according to an Obama Administration report that calls for increased spending on the nation's electric power system.

More at: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/08/12/us-electrical-grid-white-house_n_3742671.html?ir=Green&utm_campaign=081213&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Alert-green&utm_content=Title

Post on Mon Aug 12, 2013 6:21 pm by Cyrellys

....with regards to the electrical grid article above, if those informed are under the impression that the timeframe is a 0 to 2000 year period manifest, then their biggest concern is the increasingly chaotic and destructive weather. If it is more immediate as the NASA whistleblower implied, then it is white money (slush funding essentially) to siphon off into black projects which will continue their preparation projects - projects which are not for the general public which all sources say they plan to leave hanging in the crisis.

But because there is no truthful openness other than out of the way under the table conversations which the Obama administration has been bent on shutting all versions down to the tune of extreme prejudice when they think it necessary, there can be no stopping it or rerouting it or molding it to some form that might have some small hope of benefiting everyone who contributes to it. All they have to do now with all the social engineering and meme's like "oh it's just a conspiracy theory!" is say exactly that, and everyone believes and goes back to sleep.


Post on Thu Aug 15, 2013 1:02 am by Cyrellys

She brings all the info together...best I've ever seen.

Post on Thu Aug 15, 2013 8:19 am by Cyrellys

Yes, I still remember the incident that justified my taking a  job  out of state when I could have chosen to stay in Oregon.  It was sitting in my lazy chair watching television and seeing some guy in full camo with goggles, radio headset and an assault rifle sneaking past my living room window.  And that before I could leap to attention a second fellow dressed all in black similarly equipped following the first, and me wondering who declared war as I eased up to the window to try and figure out just what was going on.  Come to find  out the good city of Portland was responding to a wife's phone call requesting they pick up her husband who accidentally put a hole in the kitchen ceiling cleaning his rifle while drunk (man was a spec ops military veteran drowning his memories and wouldn't abide his wife's sensibilities about gun cleaning, kitchens, and sobriety) and she was expecting them to come pick him up for an evening in the drunk tank to sober up.  Instead because of his military record, they show up with helicopters, SWAT team, and a tank of all things.  Talk about creating a flash back for a man already three-sheets-to-the-wind and suffering a little PTSD.  So he's typically incorrigible and won't come out of his house.  So the compound the problem and the colorful situation by shooting gas grenades and flash bang grenades into his house.  The man comes rolling out his front door like his training would teach and they shoot him dead on his porch.  He was unarmed.

Proof of two things.  If you have a simple problem don't call the cops.  And two if they have militarized gear, training, and mindsets available the one-time law enforcement personnel WILL USE it whenever they find opportunity and a fear factor convenient.

Not something I had any further intention of raising the kids around.  So I packed up, took the first promotion available and left.

Now the war zone culture is creeping in everywhere.  And there's no escaping it.  It's so bad now even the military guys are more than a little freaked over it.  But talk to the average ignorant mainstreamer about it and they'll challenge your awareness as 'extreme', conspiracy minded, and all your sources as circumspect.  

I think the Germans in the Weirmar Era Republic had that little problem and we know how that worked out for them.  Everyone recall Patton ordering the citizens of Berlin marched through the nearby prison camps? Why was it he did that? Oh! That's right! The people swore they didn't know about the atrocities he'd found there! And like any decent person he had a hard time envisioning how a group of people could be so dead ignorant on their feet.

Oh we're not that bad, yet, you declare in exasperation!  

Do you always wait until a problem is un-solvable, I ask in retort?  

Hindsight is always 20/20.


P.S.  I no longer have to be concerned about Montana being the first to experience martial law because it is liberty minded, honors the Constitution, and practices gun culture.  Nope.  Boston beat both us and Texas to it.

Yeah Boston is one of those liberal cities who abandoned the Constitution,  and gun culture which insulated us from tyranny for the last several hundred years.  I can't imagine seeing a clearer example of the differences between levels of civil competency than that.

Post on Thu Aug 15, 2013 11:07 am by Cyrellys

Source:  https://www.fnmoc.navy.mil/ncoda_web/dynamic/ncoda_1440x721_global_sst.gif

Post on Fri Aug 16, 2013 3:06 pm by Cyrellys

Constitutional attorney: 'This is not a voluntary program'


My goodness, they seem bound and determined to get someone killed. Obviously they don't care. I read down the comments and sure enough, no-one is going to stand to be invaded peaceably.

I think I'm looking at a classic case of the System biting off more than it can chew.

Post on Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:08 am by Cyrellys

Hildegard of Bingen (1098 - 1179) is on record writing a letter regarding corruption of her day.  It was to the Monks of Zwiefalten.

I'm going to take a small liberty with her posthumus blessing I would hope and adapt her excellent words to show their application to our modern corruption of the despondent public and its corrupt body politic.

Quote with adjustments in parenthesis:

"Listen, therefore, you who would break out (escape of the enslaved, entrapped, and the corrupted) in your evil deeds!  You were called 'Mountain of the Lord' because you should imitate the Son of God through your cloistered (read "narrowly defined") behavior.  

So why do you transgress the motherly inner realm of love and modesty (read "spirit" or "soul expression"), like those who on Horeb disciplined their bodies according to the Law (morals, universal virtues, and spiritual principles) but then went astray on another path?  

Or like sentinels at the gate, who call up the guard with loud voice and thereby insidiously clear a way into the city (using evil or worse evil to fight what you have been led to believe is evil).  

Your spirits are like storm-pregnant clouds -- first they give themselves over to slothful anger, but then they turn about and give themselves in high spirits to bestial filth (arrogant violation on one end of the pendulum and unquenchable despair at the other end of the pendulum).

And thus you neglect the sacrifice you are called to make and say:  'We don't have the will to oppose our own natures, for we cannot gird the loins of our bodies since we're born from Adam.'  

For even though your life in the cloister (read "community or respective public or private body of society) puts you in the palace of the Divine, you don't want to tame the fire in your loins.  (in your emptied, corrupted spirit.)  

You were rescued from the stall of the ass (read: rescued from tyranny - First American Revolution) and placed by the highest Lord in the exalted service of honor (a divine sanction)  in the festivals of the holy Church (among the great events and intentions of the Universal Source to see mankind surpass its difficulties and excel in all manners and matters).  

Why then are you not ashamed to (as you) run back again like dummies to the stall of the ass?  Alas, in this you are like Balaam who rabid with wounds and burning scars, took his repose in the land of the shadow of death.  (cf. Numbers 31:8 & 16;II Peter 2:16; Revelation 2:14)  

Don't, therefore, abandon the holy mountain in scandalous adultery (ally yourself with material and spiritual corruption in either passive or active form).  Woe to the disgrace of the prostitute who is cast forth abroad! (he/she who is cast forth or flees this nation, its censure, and its partnered divine/self-correction - by the People for the People)  For those who fail against the holy institution (school of the Soul) go to ruin.

So take hold of the discipline [of the Lord] (extant circumstances) so that you don't wander (farther) from the ways of justice, as though you had no law (operating principles) and as though the sun didn't shine over the blessed censer (admonition and correction), so that the Lord (Creative Source/Source of Universal Soul) isn't angered and that you don't go to ruin far from the right way.  

For ruin is what lies under your feet (it exists now around you) because of your transgressions.  O awesome offering deserving of every honor (recognition of the natural desire by some to change the course from ruin but in a manner that falls short of virtue), to which neither the unbelief of idols nor the burden of mortal wounds clings.

Alas, what pain over this misery!  For God will throw you down with all your grumbling just like the Ninevites, unless you hasten quickly to the olive tree of salvation in Christ (virtuous material and spiritual principles upon which our sanctioned project was originally founded).  

A sweet fragrance steams forth from this tree and it allows the blossoms of the just fulfillment of the law (purpose and imperative) to sprout (renew; once again gain sanction).  Why are you so twisted in your lies that you don't realize your blindness?  

For you are blind, because you have not kept earnestly in mind the guilt (causes) in which you were born through Adam's fall (your origins as a people - spiritual, national, recognized potential).  

But you have embraced that guilt with laughter and jokes (mockery and misrepresentation), as though it didn't exist for you.  Avoid this so that your salvation may quickly come.  Use your eyes (see your collective condition) and walk the paths of justice (physically act, don't languish motionless).

-- Wisdom is often universal.  The modern world is poorly read and even more poorly self-directed for their memories rarely include wisdom applicable to the human condition of our moment - instead my brethren moan and cry in despair, think this is the first time we've ever experienced such problems, and then proceed to re-invent the wheel in some manner which devoid of historical wisdom is usually a path toward a greater ruin far from the right way.  The stall of the ass is an acceptable comfort to ignorance - evoking a false security because of assurances you have not the filled-mind to know as twisted lies and a repose in the land of the shadow of death is an easy cop-out for the materially and spiritually lazy.  Corruption comes in all forms.


Post on Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:08 am by Cyrellys

I'll readily admit even I have moments of division when it comes to my ultimate sentiments over the corruption. They generally go like the following medieval lyric poetry, and generally resolve to the latter. Cy


O how Fortune,
apes the moon's inconstancy:
waxing, waning,
losing, gaining,
life treats us detestably:
first oppressing
then caressing
shifts us like pawns in her play:
mixes and melts them away!

Fate, as vicious
as capricious,
whirling your merry-go-round:
evil doings,
worthless wooings,
crumble away to the ground:
darkly stealing,
working against me you go:
for your measure
of foul pleasure
I bare my back to your blow!

Noble actions,
true transactions,
no longer fall to my lot:
powers to make me
then to break me
all play their part in your plot:
now seize your time --
wast no more time,
pluck these poor strings and let go:
since the strongest
fall the longest
let the world share in my woe!


Half a million pounds would never
pay for all we drink together:
for we drink beyond all measure,
purely for the sake of pleasure:
thus you see us, poor and shoddy,
criticized by everybody --
God grant that they be confounded
when at last the trump is sounded!

Post on Sat Aug 17, 2013 4:22 am by Cyrellys

I received the following email at 2:12AM roughly 2 hours ago - Cy
TITLE:  [Open Minds Forum] Apparently BBC Radio 4 news at 4am today...

from: Simon Burton 
reply-to: Reply to Comment -----------@groups.facebook.com>
to: Open Minds Forum <------@groups.facebook.com>
date: Sat, Aug 17, 2013 at 2:12 AM
subject: [Open Minds Forum] Apparently BBC Radio 4 news at 4am today...
mailing list: 168566963255649.groups.facebook.com 
mailed-by: facebookmail.com
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Simon Burton posted in Open Minds Forum

Simon Burton2:12am Aug 17

Apparently BBC Radio 4 news at 4am today (Saturday 17 August) broadcast an government admission that there had been a cover up involving Area 51. As often happens, the item was pulled from later news bulletins.

Post on Sat Aug 17, 2013 10:52 am by Cyrellys


Voyager I Has Left The Solar System

CONTRIBUTOR: Alton Parrish . Voyager 1 appears to have at long last left our solar system and entered interstellar space, says a University of Maryland-led team of researchers. Carrying Earthly greetings on a gold plated phonograph record and still-operational scientific instruments – including the Low Energy Charged Particle detector designed,...

We used to be enthusiastic explorers.  Who still is?  Raise your hands and howl, "I AM!"

Investment in the wonder of the Soul is a worthy expense.  Sadly most seem to have forgotten...food on the table and near impossible mortgage payments have taken over the psyche....and then SWAT teams have since invaded the human perception and humanity thus takes to hiding in their abode, hoping the knock on the door passes theirs at the expense of the neighbor.

Where now hides Jacques Cartier, Hernando de Soto, Francis Drake, and Samuel de Champlain?  Henry Hudson threw his hands in the air and reincarnated as a Fuzzy Sapien on the far side of the universe, just to be free of the morose self-respection.  And then Rene de La Salle is simply missing in all action...not seen nor heard of in centuries.
What a pathetic state of affairs.


* Edit to add:

Herein my meandering recollection muses that God, Fates, and Circumstance grants an old wooden barc (barque) for the intrepid thinker, with a sextant, a quartz compass, and Cassiopeia's Chair to sail her by...might I ramble along the edge of the Milky Way, her mizzen mast rigged appropriately with fore-and-aft and her bow soundly slicing along through the waves of galactic imagination...a windjammer of modest means and content....

She need not be a large ship, nor distinguished in ornamentation....she only needs an adventuresome soul and the challenge of storm and darkness.  May her bow carry but a lantern that casts golden rays deep into the night, illuminating its path and the name scrawled acrost her top rib above the draft, just visible at the edge of a cosmic foam, letters cast by Spencerian Script in ironic Saeson manner:  Mon-Dream.

Whereby we might once more bear our selves forth clearly set apart from the more mediocre grains of sand - polished and fine in our expression of competency...pursuing that excellence that has ever called to us, and bid us stand amid raging gales and before alien suns where the journey leads to an introspection found upon no other chart; in no other wake.

Sing now my fellow wordsmiths!  Restore us to memory.  Gaze once more on the stars.

Post on Sat Aug 17, 2013 3:59 pm by Cyrellys

Starships admitted at 8 second mark along side spaceships et al on USAF site

This commercial was scripted by the US Air Force and at about the 8 seconds mark, they admit they have “Starships.” To watch, click on this link:


Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 1:45 pm by Cyrellys

From my email:

Ed Komarek
7:55 AM (5 hours ago)

to me
Its the other way around for me I want people in and out of the shadow government to see what I am doing.  The shadow government is organized around secrecy and compartmentalization so the best way to have at them is to be completely transparent.   What my book does is break down the comparmentalzation so people get the big picture.  When insiders in the shadow government see who they are really working for they will start leaking more and more as with Snowden.  I hope we will get a break when somebody associated with MJ-12-NSA leaks millions of UFO contact documents to the public like Manning and Snowden.  We are primed for that now I think.  What Snowden did was open the door for major publicity for those who had already blown the whistle that is eroding the power of NSA survalence every day.  So if somebody were to leak UFO documents it would open a floodgate for all those whistleblowers already out in the public domain.  By the way I am about to make my book free on a website and as a PDF.  I am sure you will pick it up soon after I do, :-)  I want to reach tens of thousands of people and the only way with a self published book is to make it free.  I have already reached 6ooo people with sales and free kindle promotions but that's not enough.  I am hoping in the next several years to reach tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands.  Just have to see what I can do.  Ed

From: Cyrellys
To: Ed Komarek
Sent: Saturday, August 17, 2013 10:10 PM
Subject: Re: Starships admitted at 8 second mark along side spaceships et al on USAF site


Ed Komarek
10:56 AM (2 hours ago)

to me

Something for you to spread around. :-)  

UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder is now forever free and can be read on all reading devices. I hope you will help me make this important disclosure book available to all with a need to know any way you can. If trash UFO/ET stuff can get hundreds of thousands of hits, why can't we get credible material to that many people as well? I have spent most of my life getting to the bottom of this subject, now I expect to spend the last years of my live promoting this book so that others can build on what I have learned. I don't know what more I can do to get this book to as many readers as possible. There is a translation button and a hit counter on the home page. Special thanks to Manuel Lamiroy for setting up and running this website for me. http://authors.exopaedia.org/edkomarek/index.html


Will do, Ed!

@ Et al, Ed Komarek, in his book, UFOs Exopolitics and the New World Disorder, did an excellent job on this book which covers the salient points to the benefit of the readers.  This book makes an excellent introduction to Exopolitics for the layman and political professional who needs a clear look at the paradigm for practical decision making.  It also lays a ground work for sociological and anthropological students who expect that they would have an interest in extraterrestrial groups in the event of unambiguous contact.

Cyrellys Geibhendach
Compass Morainn: An Association of Exopolitical Mediators and Facilitators

Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 4:28 pm by Cyrellys


Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:22 pm by Cyrellys

American Conservative 2 Conservative has responded to the reports about the US Army buying Russian military ammunition.  
Why Is the US Army Buying 600,000 Soviet AK Mags & Over 2M Non Standard Rounds?
I posted the following comment on the article site....
Cyrellys wrote:

I wonder if it has anything to do with the Region III FEMA alert  or the report from a civilian reports that her nephew has been ordered to move to Washington ASAP because the army is being deployed to Washington for 3 years and those being sent have 90 days to relocate?  Orthe extent to which all this behavior has gone and continues to take, like this for example:  9/11 Pentagon Attack: Behind the Smoke Curtain  

A friend said the following in regards to all this and much more, (he's just as informed as I am as to all the above and other things like the intent to conduct unwelcome home inspects as part of Obamacare and so on) quote:  

hello cyrellys/  thanks for writing.  it amazes me how many of my friends and circle do not want to hear it and really dont care.  they are like smoked bees as the keeper takes the honey and pulls the queen out of the hive.  but they think they are smart and that im prone to silly theories  etc.  we have to prepare ourselves with info first, consensus on that info by spreading the word and then appropriate action at the voting booth and more.

It is his observation that the general public is like "smoked bees" that I think is most apropos.  The generation of WWII would have been all over the government and heads would have rolled long before now had they learned what we know about all this and things like these ammo purchases.

Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:29 pm by Cyrellys

p.s.  Be sure to check out the link in the last post on the FEMA Region III alert.

Post on Sun Aug 18, 2013 8:40 pm by Cyrellys


Ken Johnston

4:09 PM (4 hours ago)

to Gordon, Christen, Abdul, Alberto, Alma, Ann, Claude, Christopher, Chris, Cynthia, me, Cyrus, David, Denise, Dirk, Nick, Robin, Rudolf, Dwayne, Ellie, UK, Gavin, George, George, George


As you will see in the email below, I am up for the opportunity to go to MARS in about 7 years.  Public viewing of my application VIDEO will help my cause.

If you can help me get my email out to our friends on your email list I might just make it.

Tell me what you do and what you think, other than you might think I am crazy.  Fran doesn't think I am.





This is how to view ("RALPH") Ken Johnston's MARS-ONE Application and vote for ME to go to MARS!!

STEP 1: Go to the bottom of this email page and click on the link to

STEP 2: When the Mars One Home page is up, go to the bottom and click on "View Applications"

STEP 3: The title of this page says "These People Applied to go to Mars".  On the right hand side of this page you will see "Filter Applications".  DO THE FOLLOWING:

SEX Male
AGE 69 to 71
COUNTRY  United States
RATING Show All  

STEP 4:  Click on Apply Filters

STEP 5: Click on my picture and watch the one minute video and scroll down to look at my PERSONAL INTRODUCTION and INTERESTS.

You will notice that they use my given name of "RALPH" and until more people watch my video I will have a low RATING.

Now is your chance to get rid of me and send me to MARS!!

Just kidding, I hope.  Smile


----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Mars One
To: lmpilot2@yahoo.com 
Sent: Sunday, August 18, 2013 11:27 AM
Subject: Your Mars One application

Dear Ralph,

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that your application has been approved by a Mars One moderator. This email confirms that you now have applied for a position in Mars Ones astronaut selection program. 

Application status and selection process
Your application does not guarantee placement for the next round of the Mars One astronaut application process. The accepted applications will be assessed after the first of September 2013. If you have been selected to proceed to the following selection round, we will send you an email to notify you if you have been selected or not.

You should keep an eye on emails from Mars One on the status of your application in the month of September 2013, so that you do not miss the notification or reply too late. Your place will be cancelled if you do not accept by the due date (4 weeks after the notification is sent). If you do not receive the notification email, please check your spam folder.


Mars One


Post on Mon Aug 19, 2013 2:23 pm by Cyrellys

Interesting analysis of Comet Ison image...yes, I'd add this to your crowded viewing list because of the clear way he presents it.

It does look more like a ship than a comet.  But I'll readily admit I'm no photo analysis expert, nor even a layman novice.  It is interesting and considering the contact paradigm being one of several central planet Earth issues, I'm open minded enough to take the time to watch and ponder.


Post on Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:44 pm by Cyrellys

All sorts of suppositions could be drawn as potential consequences of this little Apple project:


cryptogon.com wrote:Covert police or government operations may require complete “blackout” conditions.
Related: Introducing iCensor: Apple Is Patenting Technology That Will Cripple Its Devices When They Are In the Proximity of ‘A Concert or a Classified Facility’
Via: United States Patent 8,254,902:

As wireless devices such as cellular telephones, pagers, personal media devices and smartphones become ubiquitous, more and more people are carrying these devices in various social and professional settings. The result is that these wireless devices can often annoy, frustrate, and even threaten people in sensitive venues.

it doesn't take an attorney to see this would be a whole ton of lawsuits looking for places to happen.  Inability to make 911 or emergency police calls.  Inability for babysitters to reach parents.  Employers unable to reach employees within the proximity.  Homeowners within the are beset with poor cell phone service due to constant interference or worse periods of zero phone service.  

What's up with Apple?  They trying to blacklist Concerts?  Of course black ops will love a toy like that, and as each instance piles up it won't take a rocket scientist to triangulate the usage to identify the offending facility, lol.  Talk about creating trouble.

But they go to college and get diplomas to come up with notions like this.

Popcorn, need more popcorn!  And note to self - don't purchase Apple products, for any reason, .They have decided to produce tools for corruption and societal control users.


Post on Mon Aug 19, 2013 8:02 pm by Cyrellys

You know some at the appropriate need-to-know level, are enabling this twisting of American living and governmental/corporatatic conduct for the purpose of preparing for unambiguous contact within a circumstance where the public has not been duly, clearly, and concisely informed - and they fear wholesale melt down when this little bucket of lava gets dropped in the general population's lap cold turkey.

They justify these sorts of decisions, innovations, and policies because to them the ends justifies the means.  But what they're forgetting is that is the sort of un-principled thinking that gave their ancestors the inclination to shoot at tyrants and create a whole new nation.  So now we have folks speaking up about this very thing, and the system's reaction is to ramp up their preparations - BUY MORE AMMO!  And next thing you know there's another governmental purchase order for a fresh batch.  Fighting fire with fire is one way of going about things but may not be the best choice when every organic particle in the vicinity is tinder dry...Crunch, Crunch, oops that was supposed to be just a back burn!  Oh well there goes another 110, 000 acres.  Wait a minute!  That was the house of the guy who signs my paycheck!

Mad men can't think.  Its an old maxim.  And mad men with the best of intentions, usually end up being the problem they hoped to prevent.  But in today's lunatic fringe in neat, pressed black or grey suits, it's wholly acceptable.  They were left to their own devices, you see.  And when the cat's away the mice do play.

Pray tell Apple, did this cute little toy originate in one of those technology transfer agreements or did you come up with this one, all of your own accord?

Btw, don't ever try your blackout at my house.  I'll hunt you down and whiz in your cornflakes.

Post on Tue Aug 20, 2013 4:39 am by pman35

@Cy The Ison cover up certainly looks real , watched the video and can tell the photos were what is reported , if u look at the object in question and turn it on its side what do you get. Now another theory that could also be regarded is the fact that Bp Earthwatch may have made those images prior to his video to make it look like there something there, Now the question is why and for what purpose.

The object in question could be from our own starfleet "solar warden" but again this might be wrong depending on its location in the video. (I've only watched part 1 so far)

Now onto the "Apple Tool" , The official response to this is that it will stop "Terroists" using remote controlled devices , also its so the police and anyone in authority can do what they like , for noone can prove anything without video or photographic evidence. Now this next part of my post is pure conjecture , Its also a blackout device for the entire globe or where they need to zone in on , does this mean ET gonna be calling soon , tptb need to contain the situation , and create their own version of events , there is only 1 time in the year where it could be used effectively and thats new years eve/day at midnight it will be made to look like an overload on the communications systems and hence under the cover of that covers can be created or attention took away, use 1 situation to create another.

By the way guys this is just me thinking out load , I'd be a good scifi novelist Smile

Post on Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:12 am by Bard

Cyrellys wrote:Pray tell Apple, did this cute little toy originate in one of those technology transfer agreements or did you come up with this one, all of your own accord?
This is closer,Cy.....


Of course I can't possibly know this. Theirs are much better....

Post on Tue Aug 20, 2013 5:47 am by pman35

update Hi Guys just been looking at the 2nd video of Ison and have images which I will talk about.

This First photo

Now as you can see from it there is a lot of irregular edges to the blue surrounding the image , now this effect can be done in photoshop/paintshop pro and I believe windows paint , what it basically does is allow the user to paint over something or to blur something out , its an over use, I personally would have used a clone method ( this allows u to clone the area around the object to make it seem more realistic , not the massive brush strokes of the pic above. Also the image above has a heat signature filter added thats why it is the color it is.

This Second pic

Now as you can see from this The photo has been lightened using a simple program.  In the next pic I will also try to  explain why it seems to be real

Now this third pic is

As you can see it shows the object that is meant to be a comet , this was after being darkened a few times , now is this a comet ? Ok this is why I think it seems to be a real photo when u look at the larger version of the photo look at the area around the "comet" you will notice it looks even and the glow even has a natural fade out , the stars in the area around it also have a certain brightness which is similar to the trail of "comet". Now if the object was fake there would be a similar pattern to the blue edges from the first photo ie badly cut and paste or brushed in , ( when u cut and paste something the surrounding areas will always be a different tone of colour and its sometimes easy to see when the join is same as a brush job there will always be those irregular edges, Now looking at this photo there is none of that and its just from the same lighting and the surrounding area I'm basing my thoughts on ( the color , distance and brightness all seem to be very similar ( it looks like it should be there)  

Larger version

Last but not least this photo shows the object in the "comet" after a lot of darkening down using something like photopshop    

I hope this has made the Ison comet now a bit more interesting Smile

Enjoy the post

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pman35 wrote:@Cy The Ison cover up certainly looks real , watched the video and can tell the photos were what is reported , if u look at the object in question and turn it on its side what do you get. Now another theory that could also be regarded is the fact that Bp Earthwatch may have made those images prior to his video to make it look like there something there, Now the question is why and for what purpose.

The object in question could be from our own starfleet "solar warden" but again this might be wrong depending on its location in the video.  (I've only watched part 1 so far)

Now onto the "Apple Tool" , The official response to this is that it will stop "Terroists" using remote controlled devices , also its so the police and anyone in authority can do what they like , for noone can prove anything without video or photographic evidence. Now this next part of my post is pure conjecture , Its also a blackout device for the entire globe or where they need to zone in on , does this mean ET gonna be calling soon , tptb need to contain the situation , and create their own version of events , there is only 1 time in the year where it could be used effectively and thats new years eve/day at midnight it will be made to look like an overload on the communications systems and hence under the cover of that covers can be created or attention took away, use 1 situation to create another.

By the way guys this is just me thinking out load , I'd be a good scifi novelist Smile

yep my thinking is along those lines.  I think that what it gets used for will be according to who is using it.  I think the Big ET event will be one party and one particular use.  Policy enforcers  will be another, and the hardcore globalists will use it along the lines of 9-11 type shenanigans because they can.  Once this toy is cut loose to use, use it they will.  

there is also the possibility that the waves of radiation that fry the electrical grid prior to a theoretical full or partial pole shift will be blamed on its use.  Buying just a bit more time for the "In the Know Crowd" to act and move as pre-planned, everyone else left quite literally in the dark.  

I think it's one of those Pandora's boxes where sky's the limit.  It's like arming all the criminals and then mandating a policy that the average person is not legally allowed to defend themselves, their home, nor their family.  It's the classical deal with the devil and we know how those usually turn out.


Post on Tue Aug 20, 2013 2:14 pm by pman35

They will try to black out the system , but with if ET actually turned that all of preventing any interference , they have the tech to do it i would presume , so as to make their arrival that bit more believable.

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From my offline notes 08-21-13


http://usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2013/08/20/20110054-spending-to-fight-raging-wildfires-tops-1-billion?lite Note to self: FWIW-COLD WAR DOCUMENTS INDICATE BEFORE INVASION OF US -MASSIVE FOREST FIRES WOULD BE SET IN WEST TO DESTROY AREAS TO HIDE AND RUN TO


Why the Globalists Selected Obama to be President :Cloward and Piven eventually achieved their goal of overwhelming the American economy through Obama’s presidency. http://thecommonsenseshow.com/2013/08/21/why-the-globalists-selected-obama-to-be-president/
Quote: these two former Columbia professors wrote about collapsing the economy and how they planned to do it in the article they co-authored in the 1960′s called, “Mobilizing the Poor: How it Could Be Done.” Six months after the initial publication, it was published in The Nation, under the title “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty.” - Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven


From: http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2013/08/20/atlantic-ocean-floor-oozing-massive-iron-cloud-plume/

I think the only ones surprised by this are the scientists, who have arrived late to the party. I’ve said repeatedly that ocean sea-floor spreading rates would, and are accelerating in concert with the fluid expansion of magma from gradient fluctuations in the planet’s outer core. This is the part of the geologic process that accentuates magnetic reversals. I’ve said many of these changes we’re seeing in the world are the result of geological changes happening to the planet- and what we surmise as climatic change is merely symptomatic consequences of the shift. It won’t be long before massive movements begin occurring with tectonic plates. See Aug 19, 2013 article below how one scientist is now blaming tectonic plate movements for a rise in ocean-levels.


And next topic is that employees at a restaurant have encountered those russian booksellers a number of time – updated observation on Quayles site in Alerts – they do exercises for 15 minutes out behind restaurant after 1.5 hour morning meeting there...sighted by employees taking out trash etc. On another account of a female of similar type doing the same there is in the account that she gives different stories to different people in the neighborhood as to her origin, was using plates on the car that when ran by an observers community LEO didn't match the description of the car.

From my offline notes 08-22-13


Today on the strange Russian in US reports topic:

8/22/13-Russian's would soon be taking over America, bursting into people's homes and killing them
Two days ago a neighbor girl came over to our home. We have known this girl
since she was an infant. She is currently about 19 years old or 20. She is
not a Christian, and has been living a partying/drugs/alcohol etc.
lifestyle. NEVER would have expected the info she shared. Here is what she
said, two days ago, and completely out of the normal conversation we have
ever had with her. She stated that she had been communicating with a
Russian soldier in Siberia through some type of social site. This Russian
soldier told her that the Russians would soon be taking over America,
bursting into people's homes and killing them. That any one making
statements against the government and/or Obama would be thrown in jail.
That our police were being militarized. And that very soon America's
government would begin to bomb its own citizens. He said if she wanted to
survive she should get out of the city and be above an elevation of 1500
feet. I asked her if he gave any type of a date or timeline. She said He
said by December 15th we would not recognize America.

This girl is not political, not educated, not involved in keeping up with
news/politics. This is the most unlikely person on the planet of the Earth
that I ever would have thought to hear this from. God used THE MOST
unlikely source to confirm to my family of all that we have been hearing
from you and others.

What is the being safer above 1500 feet about? and have you heard the date
of December 15th?

Thank You so much for all you do.

Aug 22, 2013



Vaccine Inventor & Genetic Engineer Jokes About Depopulation & Biological Warfare
Posted by Christina Sarich on August 22, 2013 at 7:14 am

Edible vaccine supporter and head of the Biodesign Institute for Infectious Diseases and Vaccinology, Dr. Charles Arntzen has recently responded to questions about the issue of overpopulation with the following sardonic remarks, “Has anybody seen Contagion? That’s the answer! Go out and use genetic engineering to create a better virus [to wipe out the population]“.

According to the Institute for which Dr. Arntzen works,

“Infectious disease causes 35 percent of deaths worldwide, and is the world’s biggest killer of children and young adults. Our researchers are focused on basic bacterial and viral infectious disease processes as well as the design and use of vaccines and protein therapeutics to combat infectious diseases. These include newly emerging pathogens and potential biological warfare agents.

We are devising new and effective ways of producing advanced vaccines and therapeutics, methods include the use of recombinant attenuated bacteria and viruses as well as genetically modified plants, and transferring this technology to the developing world to help fight diseases. Accomplishing our goals requires the creation and evaluation of novel bio-manufacturing systems for cost-effective production of vaccines and therapeutics and the development and implementation of new strategies for translation of this research into health benefits for the developing world.”

It seems the professor isn’t joking about using germ warfare to wipe out over 25% of the population, as he joked during an Arizona State University Biotech department discussion that took place this past February. This is similar to how some biotechs support GMOs role in causing infertility. In one email we received, a ‘biotech scientist’ known as ‘Ed’ explains how he thinks it’s ‘awesome’ that GMOs are contributing to infertility, as he believes the world is overpopulated.

When Arntzen was asked if he felt the world population of over 8 billion people deserved to be fed or if population reduction was a more intelligent pursuit, he laughed off the question with sarcastic remarks. Artzen, not surprisingly, was one of the first scientists to pursue an edible vaccine that would take the place of injections with funding from the Boyce Thompson Institute in 1996 under funding from the Rockefeller Foundation. He believed that “children of developing countries may not be the only beneficiaries of this technology.”

It seems the eugenics claims made by non-GMO activists are not an exaggeration. The scientists are being funded to come up with the technology to carry out a Malthusian prerogative.


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