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The Global Borders Problem

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The Global Borders Problem Empty The Global Borders Problem

Post by spacemaverick

Border problems from illegal Migrants all over the world

We are not the only country whose borders are being compromised. European countries have been accepting migrants for quite some time. There are some countries who defied the European Union and said they would not accept refugees. Spain has migrants that have stormed their border just like we are going through right now. Those migrants are from Africa. Italy has the same problem as well as Greece. We have migrants coming from South America through Mexico.

Here are the links to various border crossings;

Africa to Spain

Europes most fortified border in Africa

The Muslims in Sweden

Storming Spains razor wire

This is a worldwide problem. We cannot help the other countries when our own people who are our citizens are in need and deserve the help from our own Government. We have our own issues with a broken immigration system.

Some questions we must ask ourselves; Do we leave our borders open for those seeking a better life? Should our government use our tax money to feed and clothe the migrants? We cannot help our own people such as our veterans have served and fought for our freedoms. We have people that are working and only have enough money to put food on the table. Why should we help the migrants when we can’t take care of our own people. We have a crumbling infrastructure, should we take that money we spend on migrants and put it into our infrastructure. The assistance they receive from our government even exceeds the benefits of our own citizens using our taxpayer dollars. Is this right?

This is a worldwide problem and each nation must deal with its individual borders. Our nation cannot afford to deal with the massive problem of illegal migrants coming into our borders. They cannot be effectively vetted. Some are criminals, some are jihad fighters, pedophiles, killers and etc.... This has become a national security problem and must be dealt with accordingly.

Next; Who is funding all these caravans and who is coordinating them?

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Post Thu Dec 06, 2018 2:40 pm by FatThorDude

We have no problems.

Wake up.

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Post Mon Dec 17, 2018 9:54 am by spacemaverick

Here we have an organization in France backing migrants without papers.

Sans--papiers 75 also a pro-migrant group in France

Here is the other pro-migrant group started in 1996.

I am seeing a worldwide movement by different groups here. It makes a person wonder if a higher level organization is handling all these different organizations. Maybe the United Nations?

Post Mon Dec 17, 2018 10:07 am by spacemaverick

CISPM : International Coalition of Undocumented Immigrants which handles a grouping of collectives of Without Papers and asylum seekers residing in several countries, ie in 2016, in Europe, Belgium, Germany, Spain, France , Italy, Austria, Poland, as well as in Africa, Morocco and Tunisia, but also in the USA in New Haven.

More about the collective at the above link. Once again it makes a person wonder who is behind all this.

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