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Headline Relay: Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica

Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:13 pm by Cyrellys

Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica  

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Modern Myths

Post by Guest on Tue Aug 02, 2016 1:11 pm

I can't find again the posting by Cyrellys so I'm doing a new posting here.

Regarding the delusions, which are also myths, listed at IWD, there are many other popular ones that should be added, 75 in all:  

science, as it is usually done, as rational, rationalist, objective, and logical,
the Big Bang (is disproven physically and metaphysically; see Grote Reber, Halton Arp, Hilton Radcliffe, Paul LaViolette, Tom Van Flandern, etc.),
Einsteinian relativity (the speed of light is not a constant and there is no space-time curvature for the simple reason space and time are not perceivable by the senses so they are mental constructs so they cannot have physical properties which Tesla recognized),
the planetismal hypothesis (planets actually split from the sun in pairs, see Thomas Van Flandern),
the failed planet hypothesis,
the Big Splat (the Moon instead fissioned from the Earth, see Thomas Van Flandern),
the giant planets as gaseous (they are actually liquid),
the Oort Cloud (see Thomas Van Flandern),  
black holes,
space tunnels,
dark matter,
extra dimensions,
quarks, neutrons, neutrinos, and mesons (these are purely hypothetical, have never been detected, and are unsubstantiated; neutrons are actually protons bound to electrons)
the idea there is no secret space program,
Yuri Gagarin as the 1st man in space (it was actually Vladimir Ilyushin)  
the no-race idea,
the idea there is no human nature,
the idea that we use only 10% of our brains
Hispanics as a race (world-wide they are 47% mestizo and 31% white, and in the US they are 26% mestizo and 66% white; they are a linguistic community; the myth comes from the US Census Bureau establishing a separate category for them because of the large influx of Spanish immigrants from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, etc.),
absolute skepticism,
philosophy and history as non-sciences,
the idea that there is no short a or short i in French and Portuguese (perhaps the most bizarre of delusions in orthodoxy),
red algae as related to green plants,
unikonts as basal eukaryotes
Rhizaria as monophyletic
molecular taxonomy as foolproof or superior,  
plate tectonics (all claims of PT are completely contradicted by the evidence; see David Pratt, Kirsten Storetvedt, the Meyerhoffs, Robin Wilson, etc.),
the flat earth,
man-made climatic change,
cold fusion as false,  
Shakespeare as the author of the works attributed to him (it was mostly DeVere),
everything as a conspiracy theory (the pyramids, Saturn's hexagon, time travel, etc.),
TV as intrinsically evil,
liberal left (most leftists are repressive, puritanical, close-minded, and prejudiced, as we see especially in political ''correctness'' and official science),
conservative right,
feminism as being opposed to sexism (it is itself sexist and both ways),
pacifism as being peaceful and anti-war,
the killing of  sociopaths as unjustified (an especially twisted extreme-left fantasy promoted in shows like Scorpion),  
sugar as causing diabetes,
fast foods, salt, processed meat, and added sugar as unhealthy (in moderate amounts these are not harmful; see Why Processed Meat is Bad for You-NutritionAuthority.Com; The Truth About Sugar.Com),
stress as causing ulcers and heart disease,  
the dieter's disease as anorexia (anorexia involves appetite loss which doesn't occur in the dieter's disease),
schizophrenia as split personality,
Obama as American-born, Christian, heterosexual, and moderate (he is Kenyan-born, Muslim, homosexual, and communist),
the '60s as '68-'75,
the Classic 6 in the NHL as the Original 6 (only 2 of them were original, the Montreal Canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs (originally called the Arenas)),
the CFL as inferior to the NFL,
the '90s fantasy that everyone had  a computer and was on the Internet when it was only a small minority,
the misuse of language as legitimate,
orthodoxy as always right,
psychic projection (the most bizarre and nonsensical explanation for UFOs),
the idea there is no coincidence,
homosexuality and perversions as normal,
human omnipotence,
tallness in women as attractive (tallness is a masculine trait, most women are short, most shapely women are short, and height and weight are independent variables),
the legal defintion of insanity applying to abnormal psychology and psychiatry,
''conventional'' as synonymous with ''rational'' or ''logical'' (''there must be a logical explanation'' meaning ''there must be  a conventional explanation,'' but, naturally, whatever the right explanation is it's going to be logical and rational, conventional or not),  
UFOs as having a conventional explanation,
ghosts as having a conventional explanation,  
psychic powers as nonexistent,
psychiatry as legitimate (it's mostly abusive and incompetent),
intelligence as being determined by hair colour,    
male stereotypes (which are promoted by sexist feminists),
guns as the cause of crime, as the most dangerous weapons, and as being used only by criminals,  
loners as anti-social (most anti-socials are (abnormal) extraverts), everything as racist,  
everything as homophobia,
everything as sexism,
everything as sexual harassment (also a mainstay of feminist extremism and pc),
warrantless surveillance as justified,
the excesses and abuses in the media as acceptable,
releasing dangerous offenders and light sentences for serious crimes as acceptable,
sexuality as intrinsically evil (a mainstay of feminist extremism and pc),
the idea there are no conspiracies and that everything is paranoia or hysteria,
the idea that anything outside of orthodoxy is crackpottery or something similar.

Most are part of the Cabal agenda and a result of mass mind control and social engineering, but most are not insane, but they are delusions none the less. An insane delusion, which is a psychosis, is a false belief that can't be shaken by reason and is harmful, which would include the last 14. Certainly the idea that guns are the problem and not criminals and that security and self-defense are not important is an insane delusion and is basically included in the article. Most of the high-profile theories in science are fantasies defended by mud-slinging, infantile derision, fraud, and repression by people who believe nothing is certain, which is itself a delusion (absolute skepticism). Most scientists are rigid, close-minded, obstinate, ultraconservative, subjective, and emotional, but they have hypocritically created a totally bogus, propaganda image of themselves (just as leftists have, and most are leftists), and which is a complete joke, of course.  

Regarding the article at IWD that says the younger generation is waking up, this is also a delusion. If anything, it seems to me and a lot of people at least, that they are more dumbed down and zombified than older people.

Another article said that all conspiracy theories are being proven true, but most are actually conspiracy facts already proven true, and even if a conspiracy fact is acknowledged by the mainstream, orthodox extremists (deranged skeptics) continue to believe there are no conspiracies. And orthodox extremists are the very epitome and embodiment of denial and projection, so they're like the guy who says to someone, '' You must be drunk 'cause I see 2 of you.''

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