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Claudeir Covo dedicated Brazilian ufologist dead of heart failure


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Claudeir Covo dedicated Brazilian ufologist dead of heart failure

Post by Admin on Sat May 05, 2012 12:17 pm

Neil Gould posted in Project MEXO - HK Group on Facebook
Neil Gould 10:41am May 5

Sad message just recd from Brazilian researcher AJ GEVAERD

I am very sorry to inform that one of the major Brazilian UFO researchers, an experienced investigator that uncovered many great cases, co-editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine and a good, good friend just died this morning at 4 am of cardiac arrest after a short period in a hospital in Sao Paulo, since yesterday.

Claudeir Covo, skilled engineer with three specializations, started in this field over four decades ago and was known to be one of the most serious and dedicated Brazilian ufologists. He took part in the investigations of some of our major cases, such as Varginha, and helped Ufology to achieve notoriety and credibility in Brazil.

Claudeir also was the head of the National Investigation Institute of Aerospatiale Phenomena (INFA), that he created over 20 years ago, and member of the Brazilian Committee of UFO Researchers (CBU), which launched the well succeeded campaign UFOs: Freedom of Informational Now, of which I was the coordinator, forcing the government to open over 5,000 pages of previously classified documents.

He was co-editor of the Brazilian UFO Magazine since its beginning, back in middle 80s, and helped the publication in many ways.

This is a very sad day.

Thanks for reading.

A. J. Ademar José Gevaerd Brazil

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