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Headline Relay: Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica

Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:13 pm by Cyrellys

Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica  

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Episode 25 – Jean Esther and The Meta Sabians on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com

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Episode 25 – Jean Esther and The Meta Sabians on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com

Post by ufoteacher on Fri Sep 06, 2013 2:11 am

Episode 25 – Jean Esther and The Meta Sabians on The Richard Smith Show – radio.ufoteacher.com Spreaker: http://xrl.us/metasabian
Site: http://radio.ufoteacher.com
Events: http://ufoteacher.com/events

Labor Day Weekend Special – The Age Of The Meta Sabian Is Here!

Featuring special guests Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey

Some say that our lives are linked across time and space, connected by rippling echoes throughout the ages. It calls us toward our Destiny. Those whom are worthy enough to unlock the ancient knowledge will hold the secrets to the future fate of the universe.

There is a massive awakening happening in the world today. There are a select few who break the control of the mental prison system the people are living under. Those who have been awakened are now attempting to enlighten others to become part of a small but growing resistance within the population. Their destinies will draw them together in order to bring down a tyrannical system.

Everything is not as it seems. Secret societies are running the world from behind the scenes, involved in all levels of the United Regions government, the mainstream news media and even the entertainment industries that are used as a form of mass control over the way people think and view the world. Ancient orders of the past are working to enslave the populations of the world still to this day.

However, unlike the past where they acted in the open, today they remain hidden in the shadows and work behind the scenes pulling the strings of government, military, corporations and media with no clear leader at the helm guiding the course of actions taken.

It has been discovered by a small number of individuals that the members of these secret societies are worshipping beings from another dimension. These beings are said to be reptilian in appearance and believed to possess great power over key members of the secret organizations. Through this method of control they took over key positions of socitey and are guiding the world toward destruction and chaos.

Although they may hold a great deal of power at the moment, the tide is turning. For the people that are suffering due to these organizations have much greater numbers then the people responisble for sending the orders or those blindly carrying them out.

There is a resistance growing against the current system. A few out there had decided to do something to make a difference. As they continued to put out their messages opposing the current paradigm of reality, they began to notice it was starting to gain support and expand to all corners of the planet. Now there is a gathering taking place.

Meta Sabian is the collaborative creation of visionary artists Jean Esther, Bruce Jones & D.L. Nuskey. Working in unison under the business name Art Corner, their talents and skills represent the life blood of the Meta Sabian movement.

Google search: meta sabian
Google search: jean esther
Google search: bruce jones
Google search: d.l. nuskey

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