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Getting too Close


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Getting too Close

Post by Earthling on Thu Jul 06, 2017 11:12 am

Ok folks. I have never suffered from a mental disease. I am a scientist by nature and education. I never believed in any of this stuff until I started to investigate the UFO phenomenon about 6 months ago. I have done tons of research and have personally spoken with top ufologists during this time. Interviewed pilots, retired Navy personnel, even had Stanton Friedman speak and answer questions at my local MUFON chapter in Houston, which I have been asked to take over, last April. I even passed the MUFON Investigator test with a 88 on the first try. A 4 hour long test that is extremely hard and requires many long classes, and a 400 page(?) study guide. I'm not bragging (maybe a little). What I mean is that I have done my homework. I am heavily involved and have put together a lot of connections, and threw out a lot of crap too. I am not a fan or a believer of paranormal or interested, not until now. I an not religious, didnt believe in God, most of my life, until just recently. This is due to the overwhelming evidence I have come across in these past 6 months. When Dan and I started talking on the phone I asked him many questions, we exchanged some views on philosophy, his mainly, and got caught up on the whole Ron, Aliyah, and Kashmir story of the portal. At first I was skeptical but the more I followed the more I began to believe what Dan was telling me Ron had told him. I'm even totally familiar with the Paul Bennewitz case involving Doty, another member of the alleged Aviary. I'm still pretty certain Ron and family is telling the truth. It is highly unlikely they are delusional and who would manipulate their daughter if they didn't fully believe it?

Now, how do I incorporate portals into my findings? First, if portals are real and there are personal portals then why not use the meditation that I have grown extremely good at (OBE's/Lucid dreaming, remote viewing, etc) to open a portal all to myself, with of course the help of someone on the other side. I took precaution not to allow bad entities to access my mind. I did my best. It may have not been good enough. I suggest anyone doing this get a spiritual guide to help them achieve this. Do not try this alone. Well, I did.

So I was able to open a personal portal sometime over the past few weeks. I am sure of this. There is a long story about that I can tell later if anyone wants to know. Not sure the exact time as I spent many nights in deep meditation and over the past few weeks I have had anomaly after anomaly. The most recent one was last night. There is a story as to why I threw my blanket in the video (I'll explain later) to get the motion sensor on the camera to go off.

The camera, called a Gaurdzilla, is made for checking on pets while away from the house. It is constantly recording and when it detects movement it rewinds about 10 seconds and records the event.

It should have recorded a consecutive 30 seconds but instead it went back two hours for the first 10 seconds of the video and then a time anomaly occurs. I also recall during that time, a two hour time loss. One minute it was 12:25 then its 2:25. I recall very little if anything during that time. Only about a minute of memory before I threw my blanket.

Pay close attention to the area under the table. It appears the white cat(?) sort of materializes and jumps and then enters into a portal. I say this because he never lands and there is a small bright spot where he seemingly disappears. The portal (a type of white haze) stays there for a few seconds blocking the light reflecting off of the upper part of the chair leg where the cat disappears. Then it goes away and you can see the chair leg again. That is what convinces me. The fog at this location combined with everything else anomalous.  Let me make this clear, I do not know if this is just a cat and a bad recording, or if it is something more! I am just pointing out something strange. Possibilities? .00001%? Ok a possibility.

I have many recordings of the cat under the table and it is very different looking as he is much more visible, brighter white, obviously apparent, and clearly visible, and the motion is normal, and the tail is much longer than this thing. This motion looks almost unnatural in real time, a bit slow possibly, and it even appears choppy as if in a few frames he is hanging in mid air.

Plus, the audio is not affected. And the same show is playing as was two hours earlier when checking a clip recorded at 12:24 right before the 12:25 section in the video. I dont recall listening to over 2 hours of it. Only about 20 minutes.

Take a look for your self. Below are the YouTube videos

If you look at the close up, slowed down section to the far left table leg you can see some other anomalies as well, like perhaps small people peeking out from behind chair legs, as if they were hiding. Of course this could be a digital illusion, but if you rewind it over and over while it is in play mode this really looks odd. Could just be my mind playing tricks with me. These experiences seem to invite in many things I could have never imagined before. So nothing would surprise me. But what is also apparent is the distortion of objects after the "cat" jumps.

Call me crazy but I have had a lot of strange things happen since this personal portal opened.

This is just the closest of what I could call evidence, besides the video taken the day before when I was lucid dreaming that 3 military type men were trying to lead me out of my dream and to another room to get me alone. When the man leading me intersected with 2 other men, he stopped in front of me. I tried to push the man away as he was blocking my path and he tensed up and resisted. Immediately my instincts told me to fight. I grabbed him and in the process proceeded to get punched in the eye. Then I slowly began to wake. The video slows what happened in "this dimension". I start to struggle and my laptop hits me in the eye. I throw it across the room (in my dream I am pushing the guy off of me, not the computer). Shortly afterwards some orbs(which I fully believed would of had to have been dust before this event) get caught on camera. One making a 90 degree turn. Then they just stop. I have tried to recreate throwing things (including a blanket as in the first video) and not once have I been able to reproduce these orbs. My guess is that there were many orbs in the room but the camera only picked up the ones close to the lens.

Keep in mind that I have had several other events that have happened over the past couple of weeks, but are a little less observable. Unless you count the sudden case of Morgellons I caught last week. But that is a different story with some interesting scientists that I have been speaking with. I believe this could also be linked to the portal I opened. Just so happened to get them after talking with this person on the other side of the world, and examining his research.

And then there is this possibility. I am a nut job.

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Re: Getting too Close

Post by painterdoug on Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:21 pm

hey earthling / read and reviewed . will agree very odd. not sure about the camera pickup and illusion due to distance and low light under the table.
will study it all some more
thank you for your post
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Re: Getting too Close

Post by dan on Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:29 pm


Thank you for sharing your experiences. Fortunately there is a great deal of ambiguity in the actual phenomena. The layer of ambiguity is a dark glass against the direct light of the sun, which would blind us. Some have been doing this for lifetimes, and have built up an immunity.

A correct metaphysics can only provide a modicum of relief against the glare.

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Re: Getting too Close

Post by Earthling on Thu Jul 06, 2017 2:11 pm

Things like this are always on the edge of, well that's just this, and that's just that. But in combination of what I have seen with my own eyes, I KNOW things are going on. Things that I could not explain. Here is a video which I am not claiming to be real but is similar to what i saw with my own eyes. Pay close attention at time 2:25 and towards the end it seems to just vanish and pop up in different places. Reminds me of particles disappearing and reappearing somewhere else instantly but on the level of matter. Definitely mute the lady. Unless you can stand it. What she is doing does give credence to what I theorize.

Basically, she has opened a portal, much like all Morgellons sufferers (they do this by obsessing on them and believing in them as real), to allow the other dimensional beings to come (or leave things) into this one. The question here is are they sentient? Quorum sensing? And who made them? And for what reason? I have some theories, as do other scientists, one of whom I know personally, who have spent years investigating these little buggers.

Morgellons is real and how they got here is unknown, but some peoples bodies reject them, thus creating the disease. What does that mean for those whose bodies do not reject them? Or is it truly a Lyme-type disease? That's not for me to answer.

But this is not my main point. The bigger picture is all about the portals.

Just something to think about.

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Re: Getting too Close

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