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Headline Relay: Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica

Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:13 pm by Cyrellys

Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica  

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Scorpion Scam



Scorpion Scam

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 02, 2017 3:51 pm

Walter O'Brien is a complete fraud, sham, hoaxer, and fantasy peddlar, and has been exposed as such (Hackers vs Scorpion - FastCoCreate.Com; Another Story of a Fake Brilliant Inventor? (obscene language warning) - TechDirt.Com; The Mythical and Almost Certainly Made Up Legend of Walter O'Brien Continues to Grow - TechDirt.Com).

Something they don't  point out is that he says that he was divorced, but don't you have to be married first? Obviously, yes, which completely contradicts his claim of being socially disfunctional or awkward. And I think his claim that most geniuses are socially disfunctional, unmarried, and have no children might be made up, too. Though it's possible there may be some who are, social disfunction is a symptom of the autism spectrum, introverted personality disorders, Bleuler-type simple schizophrenia, and negative schizophrenia, and there is no correlation between these and intelligence nor between personality type and intelligence. And Michael Kearney  has a steady girlfriend (What Are Child Geniuses Like As Adults-ABCNews.Go.Com). Greg Smith, with an IQ of 200+ has lots of friends and likes sports and going out (Boy Genius Greg Smith-HuffingtonPost). Judit Polgar (IQ of 170) is married with 2 children. Terence Tao (211) is also married with 2 children. Kim Ung-Yong (210) has 2 children. Marilyn vos Savant (228) is married. And Einstein was married twice and had 3 children.

They don't point out either the claim that he saved the world on several occasions is utter nonsense, for even if he had stopped 4 terrorists and prevented 2 regional wars (none of which he did), none of this even comes close to ''saving the world'', and is a bombastic and wildly exaggerated claim at best. Also, he appears to be unaware that most of these atrocities are false flags or fake and that the wars are orchestrated and prolonged for profit by super-rich crime families.

And he says that he has no feelings, which means he is either dishonest, deluded, or sociopathic, and he implies most high-IQ people are the same, but, of course, they're not.

Also, the show is claimed to make intellect ''cool'', but it uses the same degrading terms for intellectuals that have become institutionalized in a desensitized, radicalized, unenlightened, extreme left-wing society like ours, an institutionalization which represents and demonstrates a deep-seated, practically universal, and systemic hatred and contempt for intelligence or intellect. Certainly, with most people being prejudiced, close-minded, and irrational, especially nowadays, many who are different are going to be mistreated to some degree, but using hate speech obviously isn't going to help. On  top of that, in at least 2 episodes, the show promotes the notoriously unfeeling, antisocial, ultraleftist view  that violent sociopaths shouldn't be killed (the protection of demons, in other words, and I think we know where that comes from; it's no coincidence that the network has a Satanic symbol as its logo), a view, of course, that is inextricably linked to indifference about innocent people being killed by parolees. And it explicitly defends sexist language (the use of ''guys'' instead of ''folks'', ''people'', ''girls,'' or ''ladies'', as the case may be, which is also egregious and gratuitous misuse of semantics) and uses a nonsensical excuse for it. And it promotes misogyny (in 1 episode, where O'Brien refuses to escort his date to her car).

Also, the man pony-tail is absolutely hideous and in the worst of taste, and is a sign of gender identity disorder, a neurotic reaction to the increasing power of women, the neurotic desire to be the opposite sex, or a promotion of androgyny, and mocks women.  Another notorious hermaphodite, Penn Gillette, was a guest on one of the episodes. He has a repulsive personality, is a scurrilous and abusive ultraorthodox, skeptical extremist, and is an especially extreme case of abnormal extraversion, yet is praised by 1 of the cast that I know of, Eddy Kaye Thomas. And androgyny is part of the Cabal agenda.

Even if based on real events, it is expected a TV series will make up stories from whole cloth, like The Untouchables ('59-'63) did, but Scorpion isn't even based on real events. In one of the articles referenced above, it says the show is mediocre, which is just as silly as O'Brien's claims. It is, in fact, an amazingly exciting show, and is not sensationalistic (sensationalism is a sign of poor quality) unlike most TV shows and movies nowadays.

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