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Roswell Confirmation....maybe...


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Roswell Confirmation....maybe...

Post by Admin on Thu Jun 28, 2012 6:44 pm

Fw: Roswell confirmation...maybe...
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Robert Vanderclock Thu, Jun 28, 2012 at 6:05 PM
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Respected veteran Canadian UFO researcher Grant Cameron, whose specialty is "Presidential UFO Politics" is reporting today that "CIA Official" Chase Brandon, on Coast to Coast AM, has confirmed the extraterrestrial origin of the 1947 Roswell NM crash - with bodies - with an interesting, accompanying video of the "audio" on YouTube.

I'm concerned that this could be another government trial balloon...just like 1947...when the report of a downed "disc of presumed extraterrestrial origin having been captured by Roswell Army Airfield personnel" was gigantic news for all radio and newspapers West of the Mississippi, and soon all over the world (remember..very few TVs , and no FAX/ Internet then) for about 5 hours, and then the spin doctoring came out even "bigger time', such that the media east of the Mississippi hadn't even heard about it until the fix was already "in", and all who'd known - or seen - the truth were effectively shut down, or in case of the high level military originally involved in the announcement, quietly promoted later for their acquiescence in 'admitting a mistake" had taken place. Yes, the Senior Army officers of the world's only atomic Strike Force at the time had misidentified a common weather balloon, even if those things were launched twice daily from that very same Roswell Army Airfield.

The Truth aside, I'm wondering why 'now" for this current admission..and why a major public figure isn't the one to blow it all open. These are compelling questions and I'm holding off until I learn the answers. This is big , however, if it's a timed Acclimation step that won't be subsequently denied on an official level. After some 18 years of this, however, I just don't know a "Chase Brandon" or have ever heard of him..another aspect to research/investigate.

Refer to Facebook/Grant Cameron or YouTube, same name, for further information. I'll be following up on this of course..and "holding my breath" (tee hee) while I await this report on the major TV networks.

Bob Van

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