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Open Minds Forum Archive

Jake Reason

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Open Minds Forum Archive

Post by Jake Reason on Sun Jun 24, 2012 9:40 am

Another Archive of Open Minds Forum was downloaded from the the Original OMF in December 2011, shortly before the forum was shut down by Proboards.

This Archive is the work of "Fore", a valued member and long time Global Moderator of the Original Open Minds Forum. Yesterday, June 23rd, he made it publicly available for download.

It is a near complete working copy that can be surfed from your C:/ drive, without being on-line.

Fore's posting:

Here is a portable OMF database:


Hash Key: (vohinabedogu)
Compressed size: 203mb
Extracted size: 3.46GB
Volume type: Solid Archive

You'll need winrar in order to extract it. The default location is C: drive. The way to open the archive is to go to the extracted directory and click on index.html. From there you should be able to navigate through the copy from your own webbrowser.

Unfortunately CY's copies seem to be largely incomplete and seem to only have 5 pages of depth in threads while only having crawled the first page of threads with respect to each forum section.

This is not complete as Bren started moving threads around which confused the crawler so the crawling had to stop, otherwise there would be a full copy. It also "mysteriously" kept crashing everytime it reached thread 1953 (My encounters thread).


I forgot to add the link to WinRaR:


@ Calikid

Yeah, when compressing the archive I had to go and learn what the difference is between Solid Archives and Volume Archives. Apparently a solid archive is super efficient but requires that you extract the entire contents in order to pull out any single file. While Volumes Archives are less efficient but afford the easy access to any individual file without fully extracting the entire archive.

Unfortunately, if you want to see only one file, you'd have to wait until the whole archive is extracted directly unto your Hard Drive. It was a tradeoff for sheer download size. It is also better (IMO) to have a local copy burned to a DVD or accessed from a Hard Drive than to rely on free web hosting. This copy can still be hosted online but you would have to use the Teleport VLX software to port it automatically to some web hoster online, cd format, or some other type of access point.

I would have liked to thank Fore personally at his forum, but my membership request was declined. Perhaps someone could pass this on to him.

This archive works great! It seamlessly auto searches your C:/drive while you peruse the forum, accessing/displaying any boards and pages you desire to read.

Thank you Fore!

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