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The narrative war is in full swing. When there's a 100 different competing narratives, how is it possible to discern a disclosure?

Is it akin to which truth is Truth?

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Rendlesham Forest incident

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Rendlesham Forest incident Empty Rendlesham Forest incident

Post by Sign on Wed May 09, 2018 7:50 am

Hi all

I believe someone posted an article about this subject a few days ago. Never got a chance to read or answer it.

Was at a UFO conf.. a week or so ago.

couple of points where made.

1. There is a UK video or TV article on Rendlesham sometime later this year or early next.
2. The 0101010 message may be a lie and made up.
3. There was more Personal witnessed the incident than the two airman and base commander
4. The US military has video and photos shots of the craft,

Wait for the video


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