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Pinker Has Fallen on His Head



Pinker Has Fallen on His Head

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 22, 2018 7:21 am

Psycholinguist Steven Pinker, the King of Overwriting (he needs to be assigned an editor to make his books a manageable length), at least rejected the perverse fantasy that says there's no human nature or that it isn't important, a delusion popular on the left and among 'scientists', who are mostly left-wing, but recently has written 2 books (The Better Angels of Our Nature, 2011, and Enlightenment Now, 2018) which promote the perverse fantasy that things are improving, using cherry-picking, detached facts, and partial truths, making obviously false claims.

When we closely examine his bizarre claims we see they are just as nonsensical as they appear to be. He says there is less violence, greater happiness, and enlightenment, but in reality there is more violent crime (there has been a 2.5-fold increase in the US rate since 1960; the rape rate in the US has increased from 27.7 in 2010 to 29.6 in 2016, and was only about 9 in the early '60s, an approximate 3-fold increase; the number of school shootings have increased by 8.5 times since the '50s and '60s in the US alone; and globally there has been a 20-fold increase in the number of mass murders committed by groups, a 1000-fold increase in the number of fatalities, and a 200-fold increase in the number of wounded), more wars (the number has increased by 75% since the '50s), higher suicide rates (a 60% increase globally, and in the United States has risen to the highest levels in 30 years), more mental illness (the life-time incidence of mental illness has risen to 50%), greater income disparity (since 1980 the gap between rich and poor has increased in almost every region of the world over the last 4 decades, and in OECD countries the income gap is at its highest level in 3 decades), a faltering economy (a recession since 2008; a low US GDP growth rate, at 4.4%; the US national debt has steadily grown to a whopping 21 trl. $ in March, 2018, the highest in history and the highest in the world; and income inequality in the US has been increasing in the last 2 decades), more pollution (air pollution has grown 8% globally), a greater number of natural disasters and a greater number of people affected by them and greater costs from them, more drug abuse or a zero decline in it, and a decline in democracy (while there has been an increase in the number of democracies, especially since the '80s, the Economic Intelligence Unit says that since 2006 there has been a decline in political rights and civil liberties in 71 countries and gains in only 35, and only 19 are full democracies, mostly the same ones as before).

And there is the dominance of the extreme left with its cultural communism (which is antiliberal, ultraconservative, and ultraorthodox and the refusal of reality, with its gratuitous and nonsensical doublespeak and its denialism [of human nature, race, gender, the paranormal, and conspiracies]), the excesses of feminism, ever-increasing radicalization, desensitization and increased apathy, rampant anti-intellectualism, the tyranny of official science and its close-minded irrationality and widespread incompetence, mass surveillance, opposition to self-defense and security, the excesses of the judicial system (release of dangerous offenders, discretionary powers in sentencing, abolition of capital punishment even for heinous murder, abolition of fathers' rights), the reign of the gross and graphic in the media, environmentalist extremism, nutrition neurosis and its food phobias, misuse of language, the suppression of cures and treatments (like the Rife Machine), and suppression of advanced technology (anti-gravity, free energy, and cold fusion).

The only positives are in stats for the homicide rate; infant and child mortality; physical health; literacy; war death rates; natural disaster fatalities and death rate; cigarette use, under-age drinking, and driving under the influence in the US; the inflation, unemployment, poverty rates in the US; and certain gains made in women's and civil rights; and certain technological improvements.

So the negatives outnumber the positives 26 to 17.

Pinker is also is a defender of the rich elite, which is why his book from 2011 is Bill Gates' favourite, the same Bill Gates who, like Ted Turner and many other plutocrats, advocates 95% population reduction. Pinker also defends 'humanism', which is basically another word for unreasoned skepticism and irrationalism.


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