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Redfern's Roswell Fantasy



Redfern's Roswell Fantasy

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 19, 2018 2:15 pm

Gildas Bourdais wrote a very important and skilled debunking of Redfern in his book, Roswell: enquêtes, secrèt, et désinformation (2004, JMG, Collection science-conscience, 480 p.), which he summarizes at 'Roswell, and the book of Nick Redfern: New explanation, or new disinformation?' Gildas Bourdais, October 2005, OVNI.Ch. It is much better than mine, which was a 2-page letter to SDI (Strange Days, Indeed), which was read on the air, and better than Stan Friedman's response (stantonfriedman.com). SDI was a great radio program out of Toronto on UFOs  hosted by Earl Bruce-Knapp, which went to podcast, so it fell off my radar, and then it apparently disappeared. Bourdais has written 8 books on flying saucers, 4 on Roswell alone, the other 3 being Sont-ils déjà ici? extraterrestes: l'affaire Roswell, '95, Presses du Châtelet, 225 p.; L'Ecrasement à Roswell: enquête inédite, 2007, Le temps présent, 390 p.; Roswell: la vérité, 2017, Presses du Châtelet, 272 p.  

The Redfern fantasy says that in May of 1947 an experimental aircraft that was born out of the aviation research of the Horten brothers in Germany was test-flown from White Sands, New Mexico, and was part of a larger project started in 1946, in view of designing and building a nuclear-powered aircraft. On board were people who had been found in the remnants of the Japanese military's Unit 731 labs used for bio-warfare experiments in Manchuria. The purpose of the experiment was to try to better understand the effects of nuclear-powered flight on an air crew. But it ended in disaster when the aircraft crash-landed at White Sands, killing some of the crew. Two months later, a second and similar craft was flown from White Sands, but it was affixed to a huge balloon array that was based on advanced Fugo designs developed in the closing stages of WW II by Japanese forces, and was piloted by a crew of Japanese personnel who had been specifically trained for the job, and crashed near the Foster ranch after being hit by lightning. The lifting-body-style aircraft, the balloon materials, and the cadavers were retrieved under cover of overwhelming secrecy and, deliberately or not, were hidden behind a smoke screen of crashed flying saucer stories. He weaves into the fantasy the fact that in 1946 the U.S. made a secret deal with the Japanese: germ warfare data based on human experimentation in exchange for immunity from war-crimes prosecution. At war's end in 1945 supposedly several of the survivors were found in the remains of Unit 731 facilities (and also German laboratories) by allied soldiers, who were subsequently transferred to the Los Alamos Labs, where the research continued.

There are many big holes in Redfern's story.

The claim that the American military brought prisoners from Manchuria to the US ''is radically contradicted by all historical studies and sources.''

The use of sick people is contradicted by the fact the Japanese experimenters at Unit 731 wanted subjects in good health.

The Advisory Committee on Human Radiation Experiments (ACHRE) starting in '94 uncovered a long history of secret radiation experiments conducted from 1944 to 1974.  The committee's records, which count the rather staggering number of some 3,000 tests of human radiation, don't mention at all the alleged radiation experiments at White Sands. ''Why hide these alleged White Sands radiation experiments at all cost, since the whole story of similar experiments has been made public?''

It is well known that no  nuclear-powered plane nor any "lifting bodies" existed at that time. (Lifting bodies such as the Northrop HL10 refers to new designs without wings, tested much more recently, from 1963 to 1975, in connection with the construction of re-entry vehicles like the space shuttle.)

The alleged experiment, involving the attachment of a small, fast plane to a huge balloon cluster  would have been clumsy and dangerous, from the mere aeronautical point of view.

Redfern came up suddenly with a new finding from his informers during the UFO Updates debate: aluminium foil had been used as a test to confuse radars, but there was no logical reason to hide the flight from radar, and there was every reason to track it; in the scenario of an accident in a big storm, the aluminium foil would have been scattered over a very wide area, not just  the Foster ranch; and it did not fit the descriptions of the witnesses.

Redfern throws in the infamous "alien autopsy footage" as visual proof of his bizarre and ridiculous story, which his insiders say was real, but it looks fake and is considered as such.

Military officers, and civilians for that matter, are able to tell the difference between balloons and aircraft or UFOs, and what they reported seeing has nothing to do with balloons.

As there is such fanatical and criminal secrecy and cover-up obscuring and obfiscating these events, some of the important details  are uncertain. For instance, there are some discrepancies in descriptions of the bodies and the craft.  In Randle and Schmitt an original sketch of the craft was presented which was done July 26, 1947 by an unnamed army officer stationed at Roswell, and it was triangular, much like a delta-wing. The archeological team saw a 'crashed airplane without wings.'  Another illustration shows a crashed, triangular (much like a delta-wing) craft, 'based on first-hand testimony of three eyewitnesses.' Yet another illustration shows a side view (with  a hole from the crash) that looks like  a disk, 'based on first-hand testimony'. In the text, Louis Rickert, a CIC agent, said it had  a curved front and a wide wing with a bat-like trailing edge (p. 10).

3 drawings of the bodies are also 'based on first-hand testimony'. They are very human (and Caucasian) except for the large (bald) head. In the text, Steve Mackenzie (radar operator at Roswell Air Field, no rank mentioned, unclear if military or civilian employee) says the head seemed too big for their bodies, and the eyes were only slightly larger than humans' and had pupils (p. 12). Sergeant Thomas Gonzales says the eyes and head were slightly larger than human (p. 13).

But most of the testimony does describe the classic Greys.

It is probable, in light of their very likely alliance with aliens, that the Germans, if indeed it was a German craft as Farrell contends, were using Greys, who are genetically-engineered cyborgs created  by the Mantoids or Reptilians as worker bees for the hybridization program, to pilot some of their clandestine craft based in secret locations in Argentina and Antarctica.

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