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Telly Savalas and his Ghost Encounter

X. Troy Dinaire
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Telly Savalas and his Ghost Encounter

Post by X. Troy Dinaire on Fri Apr 06, 2018 11:31 am

There was this weekly, half-hour, TV interview show in the '60s, The Pierre Berton Show, on CTV, out of Toronto, hosted by, strangely enough ( Laughing ), Pierre Berton, and what he did was ask the guests about their views on the unexplained after the interview was over, and these portions weren't normally aired, but he did an episode, probably in '68, as I recall, where he talked about these portions, and one was with Telly Savalas, which he did show. Savalas said that he encountered something very strange one night, which gave him insomnia, but he didn't say what it was.

I always remembered that, and recntly I thought of seeing if I could find something on it on the Internet, and surely enough I did. The 2nd video has a postscript. The Extraordinary was an Australian show that ran from '93-'96 on the 7 Network. It's extraordinary, as these topics are, hence the appropriate name of the show and my user name.

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