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Two sightings. N seattle, and Ft. Louis.


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Two sightings. N seattle, and Ft. Louis.

Post by MeadowMoss on Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:08 pm

Hi folks.
I'm Meadow.
I've had two sightings which are unique from each other.
The first was about 7 years ago, on I5 southbound. In the Fort Louis area I saw a craft hovering just above the treetops to the west side of I5. It was late spring and near sunset time. The craft had no visible means of prapeltion, and it tipped it's wing down towards me as I passed under it.
The second is an experience I had on Friday July 15th, 2015. On my way home after work the sunset was covering the entire sky with fantastic beautiful colors.
I went to the top of my hill to check it out. As it began to get dark I started counting stars. When I got to 15 stars I stopped, because they were all coming out.
I thought "wouldn't it be cool to see a UFO". Not long after that a bright orange ball og light, about half the size of a street light, and about 20 times the size of a satalight, came from the north. I tried to video it. I lost it when it was over my head.
About ten minutes later it happened again. A bright orange ball from the north came, and had the same trigectory. I came from the north and headed south. Again I tried to video it, but lost it when it was overhead. About ten minutes later it happened again. I tried to video it, but this time I kept my eyes on it directly, and when it was overhead it suddenly shifted directions to the east. It moved east for a few seconds then slowly curved back into its trigectory south. I watched it fade off I to the south. That was it.
So, my take is that the one in the Ft. Louis area was a teresterial built craft, and the one/ones I saw in North seattle were extra-terestera.

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