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"Missing Time"

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"Missing Time"

Post by RandomSample


Well I started a new topic for us here. I would really like to hear your story, if you still feel like talking about it.

"The very essence of the creative is its novelty, and hence we have no standard by which to judge it." Carl Rogers
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Post on Sat Feb 10, 2018 10:31 pm by RandomSample

Childhood Orbs

I thought I would share a few of my orb memories. These aren’t in chronological order. I believe it’s important to point out that I was very young when the most of these occurred, so naturally that shaped to a large degree just what I thought they were and to a large degree shaped my interaction with them. Who is to say how I would react to them today. I can only report how I perceived them then.
The first one that I can recall was the red one. I was young, first, second maybe third grade. I woke up one night with a feeling of dread, to see a red orb, stuck to the wall. I instantly didn’t like the thing. As a young child I believed it to radiate murderess hate and malice. It oozed down the wall, creeping closer to me like some sort of sider. I didn’t move or cry out because in my mind I was sure it would ponce on me.
Some time later, weeks months maybe. I started seeing a green orb. About the size of your thumb. It would fly about in my room and out across the hall into my sister’s room. I used to wonder, “Is she seeing this?” (I found out later she was.) One night I had all I could take, and I waited for it to fly close to my bed, down low near the floor. At the right moment I pounded out of bed, right on top of it. My nose almost touching it. And it just faded into the carpet!
My other memories seem to come from a younger age. I recall numerous globes, colored red, blue, green. Of those colors I am certain. They may have been others, gold, orange and yellow. I have seen them inside and out, in all kinds of weather. As I have said I saw them when I was a child, so I interpreted their actions/reactions as a child would. I remember them fondly and in a friendly way. To me, as a child, it seemed they would show up to cheer me up or tease me when ever I got to taking myself a little too seriously. I recall seeing them as small points of light, like fireflies, to the size of maybe a soft ball, or Christmas ornaments.
As I have said, I was a child, so that surely must have affected how I saw them, but I clearly remember seeing them at times just like the Disney “Tinker Bell” types. These were the ones who would tease me, pull my hair and so on. Now that I am older I am sure there are other ways to view them. But there is always going to be a part of me that thinks of them as some very good friends.

Post on Tue Feb 13, 2018 12:28 am by RandomSample

Becoming aes-dana

I decided to add a few quotes from _Becoming A Shining One_ by J Kay MacCormack. I am sure I got the link to this wonderful article here on OMF.

 “Before we begin, one thing you should keep in mind is that Truth is many-layered. It’s possible for the Fairies to be many truths, many things--perhaps they were a historical people; perhaps they were the hallucinatory spirit guides of a shamanic trance; perhaps they were the ghosts of dead ancestors or a pantheon of ancient pre-Celtic and Celtic gods; perhaps they were elementals or angels, spirits of the land or spirits of place; or maybe they were just stories conjured up by the human imagination. We can’t really know for sure. But because many truths can exist at the same time on different levels, all of these could be true!  “_Becoming A Shining One_ by J Kay MacCormack  
  My other memories seem to come from a younger age. I have seen them, inside and out, night and day, in all kinds of weather. I recall numerous globes, colored red, blue, green. Of those colors I am certain. They may have been others, gold, orange and yellow. I have seen them range in size from tiny specks, to golf ball size, Christmas ornament range and on one or maybe two occasions a green one transparent the size of a beach ball.

“  That’s not to say that there aren’t also “Little Folk” as the tales speak of--for example, Theosophy and other esoteric groups speak of elementals (who can be tricksy), devas and all manner of other beings who make up the literal substance of the world of form. So perhaps the Fairies are of different types--tall Wise Ones (the Seelie Fairies), their shadow counterpart (the Unseelie Fairies) and then the elementals. They would all be “devas” though--just as we are actually devic beings, again according to esoteric traditions--with our consciousness made up of the substance of the Solar devas or angels, and our bodies made up of the substance of the Lunar devas or angels.”  Ibid

  As I have said, I was a child, so that surely must have affected how I saw them, but I clearly remember seeing them at times just like the Disney “Tinker Bell” types.  To me, as a child, the Tinker Bell types would show up to cheer me up when I was sad, play when I was bored, or tease me whenever I got to taking myself a little too seriously. They would pull my hair, pinch me, tickle me and such.
“Also, as folk belief and practice attests, the Fair Folk were to be appeased with offerings and careful right conduct to avoid angering or insulting them--for example, not walking through their fields or too near their sidhe mounds, not boasting too much, not being too beautiful, and observing the old customs.” ibid

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Post on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:51 am by Smokehigh 56

@RANDOM.....like the notes u left ..when we were talking about a wrinkle in time. Awhile ago. U mite of seen it on other sites it is a movie. .I never talk about this movie beening a wrinkle in time ..i didn't discuss this matter with anyone at all until I came to this site an spoke with u an friends. ....it sure seems strange for me the feeling. Was my friend and me in a wrinkle?

Post on Tue Feb 20, 2018 9:57 am by Smokehigh 56

Random. ..Q. Web site. .was on there getting a lot of information about the secret government trying to destroy POTUS ..can't get on there anymore. Seems like they hacked it shut it down. ..I'm guessing that to many TRUTH is coming to lite. ..

Post on Wed Feb 21, 2018 11:26 am by Guest

Sounds to me like abduction by aliens, especially Braden's experience, with screen memories of a motorbike.

Also, I wonder if the explanation for the bizarre linguistics of most people has something to do with EM, the global grid, and other such things this thread has evoked. I don't think 'whole language' can be blamed entirely for the erratic and strange orthography, such as using the possessive for the plural, placing the parenthetic phrase after the comma or period, etc. And it wouldn't be to blame for the chaotic and erratic semantics, which includes anti-intellectual and anti-introvert slurs. And then there's the universal and bizarre idea in phonetics that there's no short a, short i, or short u in French, no short a or short i in Portuguese, that the English long o is a diphthong that doesn't even exist and isn't even pronounceable, and that the French e, represented by the ligated oe, is the neutral vowel, represented by an inverted e. Maybe psychotronics is a big factor. In any case, it's all very puzzling and is as bizarre and unexplained as solid ghosts and time slips.

Post on Fri Mar 16, 2018 4:28 pm by Smokehigh 56

Times slide mybe ahead. Why . Well been watching boob tube. An seeing programs on an seeing the outcome ahead of the finsh of scenes. ..people sitting next to me looking like I'm a freak. ..it seems like I have seen these before in a dream. Another time slip. Don't know. ...it it surely making me think about time slip/wrinkle. .missing time.

Post on Fri Mar 23, 2018 9:14 pm by Guest

Ther's nothing wrong with TV in itself. It's a magical and powerful device for information and entertainment. It's some of the content that's the problem, which is the fault of society, not TV, which is a convenient scapegoat and whipping boy. Before there were few channels and many good shows, now there are many channels and few good shows.

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