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Where did all the Open Minds Forum members go?

Fri Oct 19, 2012 3:29 pm by Admin

With Open Minds Forum restored now for almost half a year at it's new location with forumotion.com we can now turn to look at reaching out to OMF's original members who have not yet returned home. OMF's original membership was over 6,000 members strong, prior to the proboards suspension, according to the rolls of the time. We can probably safely assume that some of those accounts were unidentified socks. If we were to assume a reasonable guess of maybe as many as 30% possible sock accounts then that would leave potentially somewhere between 4800 to 4900 possible real members to locate. That is still a substantial number of people.

Who were all these people? Some were average individuals with common interests in ufology, exopolitics, globalism, corruption, earthchanges, science and technology, and a variety of other interests. Some just enjoyed being part of a vibrant and unusually interesting community. Others were representative of various insider groups participating in observation and outreach projects, while still others were bonafide intelligence community personnel. All with stake in the hunt for truth in one fashion or another. Some in support of truth, and communication. Others seeking real disclosure and forms of proof. And others highly skeptical of anything or limited subjects. The smallest division of membership being wholly anti-disclosure oriented.

So where did these members vanish to? They had many options. There are almost innumerable other forums out there on the topics of UFO's or Exopolitics, the Unexplained, and Conspiracy Theory. Did they disappear into the world-wide network of forum inhabitants? Did some go find new homes on chatrooms or individual blogs? Did they participate in ufo conventions or other public events and gatherings? How about those who represented groups in special access? Or IC and military observers? Those with academic affiliations? Where did they all go and what would be the best way to reach out and extend an invitation to return?

And what constitutes a situation deserving of their time and participation? Is the archive enough? How exactly do people within the paradigm most desire to define a community? Is it amenities, humanity or simply population size for exposure? Most of the special guests have been emailed and have expressed that population size for exposure is what most motivates them. But not all. Long-time member Dan Smith has other priorities and values motivating his participation. Should this open opportunities for unattached junior guests who have experience and dialog to contribute to the world? How best to make use of OMF's time, experience and resources?

Many skeptics would like to see the historical guardian of discourse opportunity to just up and disappear; go into permanent stasis. They think that not everyone has a right to speak about their experiences and if there is no proof involved then there can philosophically be no value to discourse. I personally would respectfully disagree with them. Discourse has always been the prelude to meaningful relationships and meaningful mutual relationships have always been the prelude to exchanges of proof. In a contentious social environment with regards to communication vs disclosure how do we best re-establish a haven for those preludes? Is it only the "if we build it they will come" answer? Well considering OMF has been largely fully functional over the last four or five months this line of reasoning is not necessarily true. So what would be the best way re-establish this? Your suggestions are sought. Please comment.

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The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz


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The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Admin on Mon Oct 30, 2017 3:12 pm

First topic message reminder :

(Thread Post Setup on Behalf of GarzParz, Enjoy!)

GARZPARZ: Morality is a just a shadow of right action. Right action isn’t the highest degree of morality any more than agapè is the highest degree of love. When you understand and are able to act from right action, morality is no longer necessary; it’s instantly obsolete and discarded.

This is at the heart of the Bhagavad Gita.

Arjuna, as a moral creature, throws down his weapon and refuses to launch a war.

As he, I threw my arms down and refused to fight.

Krishna converts him to a creature of right action by freeing him from delusion and Arjuna takes up his weapon and launches the war.

This is what I have realized also. I found a sword inside as well. I’m at war now, not within. I’m not always nice and peaceful. Of course it is a story always happening. Right action has nothing to do with right or wrong, good or evil, naughty or nice. It is without altruism or compassion. Morality is the set of rules and regulations that you use to navigate through life when you’re still trying to steer your ship rather than let it follow the flow.

Go with the flow always, you can’t fight it. I am overcome.

Happiness, Compassion are dream concepts for an ego trying to realize itself, but self can’t know no-self.

I would make a good assassin with this understanding, no thanks Wink

The owl of this world loves to live in the ruins of love.” - Polynation - Sufi I song

ADMIN NOTE: See more of Garzparz posts at Dan Smiths thread. Special Guest Forum.

"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 3:39 pm


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 6:53 pm


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

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Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:06 pm

Codename Beatrice

My birthplace is placelessness,
My sign is to have and give no sign.
You say you see my mouth, ears, eyes, nose;
they are not mine. I am the life of life.
I am that cat, this stone, no one.
I have thrown duality away like an old dishrag,
I see and know all times and worlds,
As one, one, always one.

— Rumi


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:10 pm

The Harmony of the Spheres

This journey then, is nothing more, yet nothing less than a period of acclimating to a new way of seeing, a time of transition and revelation as it gradually comes upon “that” which remains when there is no self.

This is not a journey for those who expect love and bliss, rather, it is for the hardy who have been tried by fire and have come to rest in a tough, immovable trust in “that” which lies beyond the known, beyond the self, beyond union and even beyond love and trust itself.

— Bernadette Roberts


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:21 pm

The Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Let us forget the lapse of time;
let us forget the conflict of opinions.
Let us make our appeal to the infinite,
and take up our positions there.

— Chuang Tzu
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Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by dan on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:25 pm

See, Eric, I keep trying to tell you....... you’re not as dumb as you look.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:34 pm

Beyond belief
Beyond the opposites
Beyond the siren song
Beyond fear of Truth
Beyond love even
I warm my self
By the Eternal Flame


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:41 pm

“It is an ecstatic state, characterized by the loss of boundaries between the subject and the objective world, with ensuing feelings of unity with other people, nature, the entire Universe, and God. In most instances this experience is contentless and is accompanied by visions of brilliant white or golden light, rainbow spectra or elaborate designs resembling peacock feathers. It can, however, be associated with archetypal figurative visions of deities or divine personages from various cultural frameworks. LSD subjects give various descriptions of this condition, based on their educational background and intellectual orientation. They speak about cosmic unity, unio mystica, mysterium tremendum, cosmic consciousness, union with God, Atman-Brahman union, Samadhi, satori, moksha, or the harmony of the spheres.”

- Dr. Stanislav Grof - Transpersonal Psychologist

These experiences can be had, but are penultimate for a Human Being and have little to do with awakening and realization.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 9:44 pm

What a strange place I’ve come to. The end of me as a driving force in my life, which was never true.

I seem to be deepening into this Awareness of being. I seem to be alienating most who were close. I enjoy pushing them over as I often was, but only a couple understand what’s happening.

My father has become as a child and myself a father to him. He literally says to me ‘I am only this body’. Ha. I truly can show this to no one. After how far he has come towards awakening, he was beaten by the 4th test, the body, perhaps he may yield yet. He cannot see past his body even as he sees the magick up close now.

I have some muse who flies around me inspiring and challenging me always. Never can I rest firm it seems long before she pushes me over somehow. I suppose that’s the point. Total Wu Wei, non-action, is the only way. The center moves me, but beyond my sight. A tug here, a push there, a kick and then another nudge. The wind begins to push the little boat where it wants to go. I settle more and more into this watching mode. It just seems to happen now and I am amused.

Some in life have had a hard time of it. I have always sought the edge when aware of the game. My life has been easy. I have had a brooding in me that never drove me to much before now.

Now, language is a play thing. Words and ideas always flow, now more I can sense the direction of the flow. The teachers have fled or cast me out. I like to discuss this life openly and bluntly. I can find really no one to share my awareness with so I sit in the back yard and talk to the flowers...

I see you...and am so happy you are here and I can be with you I say.
I count my breathe or stare off into the sky.
I let myself be present wherever I am.
That is all life needs to be.

I have looked around at the world and fallen in love with it, for indeed I feel its love for me, which is beyond my own understanding. It seems the appropriate response. I cannot name any god or personal force.

That really pisses people off. How dare I?! That’s cheating they say. Haha. I don’t care that they don’t believe they are the Master and their own teachers. Conditioned sheep.

Morons Wink

I have a very large imagination and I have used it to create a lattice which I set fire to and I danced around the flames as I burned...all at the same time. Then I ate the ashes. Now a teacher forms. A new appearance that will also pass away.

It all just flows and happens. I dared to give myself to it. To let it all go.

As if I or you have any choice.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 03, 2017 10:19 pm


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:45 pm

From one of my favs.

“The collection centers primarily around wei wu wei, the ancient Taoist notion that translates roughly to “doing not-doing”. By whatever name or not-name, this practice is the core teaching of every enlightenment tradition in the world. Enlightenment is a real thing, the realest thing, the pearl beyond all other pearls worth pursuing, and the emphasis on doing not-doing here stems from the universal understanding across the world’s spiritual cultures that attaining it is more often a matter of leaning back into it than of bearing down upon it.

Teachings Cannot Enlighten You

No teachings, no teacher, can do that. Only you can do it. Fully accepting the responsibility for one’s own realization is the only essential, unavoidable, irreplaceable step on the way to it. Everything else can be improvised. Every being who has ever attained the Self has trod a unique path on the way -- and each one walked the last steps on his or her own.”



Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 6:09 pm

Initiatic vs. Funeral Caves

New topic...the cave and the labyrinth. The ritual is the symbolism in action. Subterranean journies are almost always followed by a time in the air and sun in ancient initiatic tales of the journey to Truth.

What is beyond the grave, is of no concern to us on this side of it. In the depths of the cave along the initiatory path, both aspects of oneself can mingle and mix. Death to the profane world is a required pre-initiatory step. This occurred for myself with the move beyond the religion of my youth. This was followed by a decent into hell, figuratively and literally. All my foundations were destroyed. The cave gives access to something previously hidden. In this light, initiation triggers a second birth, instead of death, an analogue of psychic death does occur.

The place of this second birth is indeed the cave. The initiatic cave is illuminated from within. The symbolism of the cave, mountain and heart is closely linked across many traditions. The cave leads to a labyrinth, which filters out the indiscriminate and profane. Only those ‘qualified’ will make it out. Only on the path of initiation may it be traversed. This is also used to protect against other psychic enemies. The infernal and Supra-terrestrial access comes from the center of the labyrinth.

The cave actually may symbolize the world in total and from the center communication is expanded with Self through initiation.

Next, the heart and the cave.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 7:23 pm

The Cave and the Heart

The Heart is the symbol of your center in most spiritual paths. It is the nexus of the microcosm and macrocosm. It is natural as a result, as the cave is natural. The ‘cave of the heart’, the jivatma and the atma mix there, our wild and conditioned natures. The Sanskrit word guha for heart means to hide or cover, cave. Everything not seen is hidden in the cave. Your most inner hidden point where your Atma resides giving you access to Brahman.

Just abstractions for an experience, unio mystico. It is the temple with no doors. The ‘triangle of the heart’ is a downward pointing one. What is smallest in us, is in fact the greatest part. From the initium, the beginning, everything unfolds during development. The principle within is hidden here and all is built on that. Th human mortal aspect of ourselves is associated with Arjuna and our Paramatma Or immortal aspect is associated with Krishna in Hindu texts. Krishna and Arjuna,  Light and Dark; unmanifest and manifest occupying the same space in time.

This is the hidden meaning of the double spiral. These are the two birds residing in the same tree. Inseparably united, one cannot be without the other. From the Egyptian language we have Horus, which can translate to the Heart of the World.

The cave is the enclosed space within the mountain.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:28 pm

The World as Lie

The world as we know it is a lie within a lie.

The only possible end imaginable is therefore the end of the lie: dissolution of it’s counterfeits and reestablishment of order in a way we have no means to imagine in a positive way.

Hindu schema of cyclic Yugas or “Ages” of the world express the true quality of time, i.e. time as a being with innate telos. As we are living out the end of Kali Yuga or Dark age, it’s necessary end must be the shattering of darkness at the darkest hour;

a rooster’s croak in the night just before the dawn.

Taking all the contemporary madness in consideration we can at least affirm one sure thing about how it’s going to sound like:

Like a hell of a laugh

The Principle has not left the mountain, only moved from the summit, to a deep center within. Inaccessible to all but the most intrepid and courageous. The upward facing principle and the downward facing cave, lessor reflection.

A recent discovery at the Egyptian pyramids illustrates this concept of inner cave or sanctum hidden in the pyramid until now. We only see hints of the inner chamber, but no direct evidence.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Sat Nov 04, 2017 8:53 pm


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

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Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:38 pm

What incredible
Opposition to peace
It is an illusion
It feels so real
Good game


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:02 am

Truth ain’t Pretty

I have no Truth for you, nor does anyone else...Truth Wink

“The emperor has no clothes, and sooner or later everyone is going to see what’s staring them right in the face. When that happens, perhaps, there will be a major shift—a mass exodus away from the complexity and futility of all spiritual teachings. An exodus not outward toward Japan or India or Tibet, but inward, toward the self—toward self-reliance, toward self-determination, toward a common sense approach to figuring out just what the hell’s going on around here. A wiping of the slate. A fresh start. Sincere, intelligent people dispensing with the past and beginning anew. Beginning by asking themselves, “Okay, where are we? What do we know for sure? What do we know that’s true?”

Here’s a simple test. If it’s soothing or comforting, if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy; if it’s about getting into pleasant emotional or mental states; if it’s about peace, love, tranquility, silence or bliss; if it’s about a brighter future or a better tomorrow; if it makes you feel good about yourself or boosts your self-esteem, tells you you’re okay, tells you everything’s just fine the way it is; if it offers to improve, benefit or elevate you, or if it suggests that someone else is better or above you; if it’s about belief or faith or worship; if it raises or alters consciousness; if it combats stress or deepens relaxation, or if it’s therapeutic or healing, or if it promises happiness or relief from unhappiness, if it’s about any of these or similar things, then it’s not about waking up. Then it’s about living in the dreamstate, not smashing out of it.

On the other hand, if it feels like you’re being skinned alive, if it feels like a prolonged evisceration, if you feel your identity unraveling, if it twists you up physically and drains your health and derails your life, if you feel love dying inside you, if it seems like death would be better, then it’s probably the process of awakening. That, or a helluva case of gas.”

— by a non-teacher I know to be true


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 07, 2017 4:39 pm


In its essence, the Way
is without words. All this
talking and pointing
and carrying on, only
signposts. Gather too
many of them and they’ll
weigh you down.

Just be silent.

— Wei Wu Wei


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 07, 2017 10:52 pm

I still read books, I’m not sure why.

Continuing with Bernardo Kastrup...

More than Allegory - https://www.amazon.com/More-Than-Allegory-Religious-Belief/dp/1785352873/ref=nodl_

Brief Peeks Beyond - https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/1785350188/ref=pd_aw_fbt_14_img_2?ie=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CDAF2CFVXY763DVRABYV

I suspect Bernard is a fully realized Human Being. I’m looking forward to these. I like his writing a lot.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Tue Nov 07, 2017 11:10 pm

Stoic minute...

Your Will is Always Within Your Power

Nothing truly stops you. Nothing truly holds you back. For your own will is always within your control.

Sickness may challenge your body. But are you merely your body? Lameness may impede your legs. But you’re not merely your legs. Your will is bigger than your legs.

Your will need not be affected by an incident unless you let it. Remember this with everything that happens to you.

— From The Art of Living by Epictetus pg.16


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 08, 2017 4:31 am

...the fundamental nature of reality expresses itself not just through math, but also through our collective symbol and myth.

We are alive in a beautiful machine full of dreams.

Whatever being alive is.

The question is not how the Dream is made, but what is the dream trying to tell us. It’s not just a story, the dream can tell us of the dreamer.

What is the wisdom or gnosis of being?

Why do we fight over myth?

What does it matter?

This is the question, whatever this is, we were born to seek its meaning.

Perhaps Dan is right, we are the waking mind of God. The Christs sacrificed in space time.

We know what God doesn’t as part of its awakening.

Myth is not history, it’s symbolic. It’s not literal, it symbolically helps us remember who we are.


Why any of it?

For what it speaks can’t be communicated in language. It is beyond...before all this.

Realization of this is a grace, a gift, that happens in a quantum leap.

Shhhh or we may wake up God.

That sums it up nicely I think from More Than Allegory.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 08, 2017 5:33 am

“Religious myth can create the conditions for a direct experience of a transcendent reality. If and when the experience actually happens, the myth dissolves itself. But once the experience is over, the religious myth remains an important link – a reminder – between ordinary life and transcendence.”

This describes my own personal journey. From More Than Allegory summing up belief.


Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 08, 2017 7:23 pm

Stoic minute...

Epictetus brings us another gem of effectiveness.

“Everything Has Two Handles

Everything has two handles: one by which it may be carried, the other by which can’t.

If, for example, your brother or sister treat you poorly, don’t grasp the situation by the handle of hurt or injustice, or you won’t be able to bear it and you will become bitter. Do the opposite. Grasp the situation by the handle of the familial ties. In other words, focus on the fact that this is your brother or sister, that you were brought up together, and thus have an enduring unbreakable bond. Viewing the situation that way, you understand it correctly and preserve your equilibrium.”

— The Art of Living pg. 71

My sister and mother have caused me a lot of pain and I them and I let it embitter me towards them. Aren’t family feuds great?

They hurt me and I let them have it. It didn’t help anything. It only made it 10x worse.

I was like, how dare they reject my independence. What, I was expecting a bon voyage party out of the family religion?! Haha.

We are family at the end of the day in spite of our personal views on the Universe, I hope that Truth overrides the pain felt on both sides.

It is a process discovering the Truth in life and learning to keep your equilibrium.

I hated this the last 3 years no contact with my sister and mother over differing opinions on life and the past.

Well, we had a helluva rough time growing up and me leaving the religion that helped my mom and sister was very hard for them to accept, still have not, but they aren’t my problem and I’m not theirs.

They took it very personally and I did as well. We both said hurtful things.

Why this separation when I finally found some peace?

Well, it is obvious to me now, 4 years into it, why things happened.

I hope they will find the love for their son and brother.

They have all my love and support, what little it is.

I have no problems with them, but it hurts very much. I will lean on our family ties and not the pain. Pain so easily turns to bitterness.

It did for me. Well, I root it out now before the world and say I love my family very much and they could never do anything to change that. I will always be glad to be their son and brother.

The hard times make us better if we let them, if we choose the effective path through, not the most comfortable, the most effective.

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Re: The Black Hole Soul by GarzParz

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