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The Reality of The Phenomenon


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The Reality of The Phenomenon

Post by RyanM on Fri May 26, 2017 4:39 pm

I don't have any direct ties with the US government, but much of this info comes directly and indirectly from it in the form of intentional leaks and whistleblown information. Some of it comes from individuals with various intellectual talents. It seems some of you are already familiar with some of this info, and may find missing pieces of the puzzle that can help paint a more accurate and detailed picture of what's happened up until now, and what may happen in the future.

There is currently a large, but finite number of very similar physical planes in existence. The Earth has formed many times in these different planes, and they're materially accessible with the proper technology. Most of these Earths don't have any life, but a few of them do. The species that developed into the civilization that's currently overseeing the development of humanity evolved on one of these Earths. In contradiction to what most believe, this species didn't originate outside this planet.

Material travel to these different versions of Earth was one of the major achievements of this species. On a different version of Earth, they found a species that showed promising intelligence. Through genetic engineering and education, they managed to develop them to the point where they were almost equally as advanced. As some time goes on, the newer civilization becomes disenchanted by the fact that they were genetically engineered, and that they weren't allowed to develop on their own as a species.

At some point, this new civilization found our version of the planet, and began doing to humans exactly what the older civilization did to them. They also believed subjugation of humanity was a fair repayment for the sciences they taught us.

It wasn't long before the first civilization got here, and there was a major disagreement between them on how humans should be managed. That was when they had their first war. The original civilization won, and afterwards removed all of the knowledge and technology that was given to us. They decided to turn us into an experiment to see how a manipulated species with our level of intelligence would develop on its own. They implemented very strict and carefully controlled interference and non-interference policies for themselves.

To this day, there's still an ongoing war between these two organizations of beings, with the outcome deciding the future of humanity. Some of the effects of the high-energy weaponry that's being used can actually be heard and felt across different versions of Earth in the form of mysterious loud booms. This war is being fought between the underground of the Earth and the sky in an incredibly advanced and complex manner. It's something that will continue to go on as the newer civilization still has very different plans for humans, and does not want humanity to develop the way it's developing now.

In the late 1940's there was a crash of one of their craft in New Mexico. One of the beings that was inside the craft was still alive, and was taken to a secret base where it was kept and questioned. This marked the start of an odd and convoluted relationship between the US government and the beings that are currently overseeing our development.

Some facts:

- Both civilizations have a very strong interest in genetic engineering. They create individuals that are designed to excel at whatever it is they're tasked to do.

- The flight of their craft is controlled directly through consciousness. In other words, the craft are flown psychically, and their communication is almost entirely telepathic.

- Both civilizations are using psychic phenomenon to their benefit for their interests. Both sides are able to understand the future and based on that, form intentions that end up naturally changing the future.

- A portion of the civilization that's overseeing humanity wants to see humanity develop on its own. This along with their decision-making process, and scientific desires has been part of what's been keeping them from destroying human civilization. They believe we're currently too violent towards each other as a species and may not be ideal for existing as an advanced civilization on this planet.

- The US government's interest in disclosure is stronger than it's ever been in the past. Most of us may see an "official" disclosure within our lifetimes, if not soon.

- In the past, they've given various governments around the world more destructive weaponry as an experiment to see if we as a species would actually destroy ourselves. This along with some other events has led to a major distrust between the CIA and these beings.

- The man we call Jesus Christ was genetically engineered as part of an experiment to see how one individual's extreme compassion could affect others within humanity.

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