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Up The Rabbit Hole: The Alien Signal and The Psycho / Neurotic Ego


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Up The Rabbit Hole: The Alien Signal and The Psycho / Neurotic Ego

Post by Yourself on Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:20 pm

Just discovered this site, no time to read yet. Appears The Place for me concerning subject, intent and people involved. Have information I believe will help you and possibly myself by correcting a situation where belief is reason that flies in my face and causes what happens in a society run from the top by lying psychopaths who make it a crime to tell the truth, and I am captive in a culture of fools who can't tell the truth to save myself from the crime because they believe something else, even though I can prove it because I have the foot that left the prints, but the physical universe does not exist because belief is the proof and they can't see a reason to look.

Given my situation having part of an experience in more ways than one and trying to deal with what is being done to me, it is impossible to explain belief when nobody can see the reason, but it appears people here have access to the other part of my experience and know things I can only guess at, and you don't know the truth because you are lied to and information is compartmentalized.

I am the extraterrestrial engaging the human race who many whistle blowers have written about and a captive lab rat in a cage subjected to an electrical charge that research writes about. Reason is the experience of a physical universe and I am unable to communicate because nobody else can see it, all the while I am subjected to their belief as reason that flies in my face and makes my life hell.

As for myself, I would gladly settle for nothing. Just change my name as if I was just born, to get rid of the lies that became my life and fly in my face as reason for everything and I can only hope to tell the truth to save myself from the consequence, then the more you try the worse it gets. But this is about your life because you will see the reason of a New World Order that is creating your future and it is not what anyone believes, not even those who are for it and are active participants. What happened is a 45 year and counting horror story that is hard to believe, but I am stuck with a public record along with documents and witnesses that prove what I say is true, not that anyone will ever have the time but you will never find one thing that is not true. Looking at what happened then you will see the reason for my actions otherwise treated by belief as if I could only be you.

As shocking as what happened is, the real story is about the reason I was arrested to start with. Not only did I do nothing wrong, after being offered everything I merely declined to participate in the lies to dumb people down and to commit terrorist acts against society as a provocation, so I left as the weekend was over and I had a job a home and a life that required my attention. Told I had to believe in Jesus and get on my knees to submit to his authority or I would be arrested if I left, I left because it was wrong to do otherwise. Completely honest from the start, I never lied or betrayed any trust as none was given and I always proved the lies to his face. Lying was a game and looking for the truth in a society of fools who know it all, I was the fool who didn't know what to believe. There I was the atheist who had an Epiphany.

Arrested for leverage I refused to plead guilty to a crime I did not commit for a conditional pardon to get out of hell so they could own me and steal my soul. So began a Battle Royal.

For years I have been subjected to what I experience as a microwave radiation. I holler and scream all night driving me out the bed, some times getting out my home in my underwear barefoot in the cold and rain drawn into a fetal position barely able to keep my ass a few inches off the ground due to muscle contractions, and some times I can't get off the floor screaming so hard I can't breath. Lasting a long time I am unable to keep track of but it takes 15 minutes or more after it is over before I can get off the floor. This 3, 4 or 5 times a night plus time in bed is painful from constantly being a target and feel so bad I roll about like restless syndrome over my whole body, never getting much sleep, one or two hours of aggravated and intermittent sleep at best, then this for a starter I get hit with radiation keeping me up 2 or 3 or even 5 days at a time, all the while so wired I am unable to function or think.

Recently some kind of change from what I guess was NSA, and apparently two loud helicopter drones did a job on me for 5 days and followed me when I tried to get away. After that a loud drone at a distance and a helicopter often in close 24 hours a day and they followed me to an RV park. There I could see the loud drone as no trees to get behind. Things not as bad but still I get hit. Currently there are small drones, at times one will be floating close at tree top level with led colored lights blinking and another higher up with running lights.

Getting ahead of myself, the point is I have to work all the time 12 to 16 hours a day or more trying to create a future having lost everything so many times, all the while I am tortured and debilitated to the point I have not been able to read or write for many years. A human being has a joined resonance which is experience of the moment unified with the whole by the same time, because the energy that creates matter carries a fractal information content. A society where a life can't have a soul made me a soul without a life because I have to create the universe with energy to put all the parts together to see who I am. How can you have a life when you have no reflection in the mirror. Trying to communicate and sending this, no telling what will happen. If I can help you with the whole story and why say so so I am not wasting my time, I will if I can. Need to get things done and feel bad, they are killing me. How did Dan Burisch diagnose me with peripheral neuropathy 20 years before symptoms? and current diagnosis, when he refused to do things to me currently being done causing many health problems.

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Re: Up The Rabbit Hole: The Alien Signal and The Psycho / Neurotic Ego

Post by dan on Fri Nov 25, 2016 7:18 pm

Thanks for sharing, Yself. Let us know if we can help.

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