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Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2



Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Sat Jul 09, 2016 9:19 am

First topic message reminder :

Ok, I'm slowly backing away. You guys have fun. Until next time, don't let the aliens or black op fascists get you.


Simply, there is no seeker. 
There is nothing to attain. 
No such thing as enlightenment. 
Let's stop all this silliness.

We are lost in a hypnotic dream of separation. 

Searching for something only illustrates ignorance of reality.

Refining the mind seems like a good use of time. 

We are just dreamseekers following dreamteaching. 

There is no understanding oneness, there is just being in it.

This is all already known.

We just are remembering.

That includes all of your drama too Dan. 

We will have no impact unless love is involved. 

I know, I'm no help and a big distraction.

That is half right, we are all so very distracted.

Love is all that is moving.

As you were.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sun Apr 02, 2017 6:34 am

Thank you, Princess.  I'm looking forward to the cabin in the woods.  My comment on the first vid segment is that I can't field comments over there.  Here is where to address any matters of substance.  And, BTW, #8, on the puppy front, made it through, loud and clear.  Milan did not hold back.  

We've all heard about the routinization of charisma.  We've heard less about the politicization of the truth.  One is the opposite of the other, I'd like to think.  Especially if the truth is interpersonal, and what truth is not?  

There has been two thousand years of routinization, but some of that charism still shines through.  Even some truth.  The ultimate truth of personal truth is that it must have a quantitative limit.  Qualitative..... no.  

It's not quite true that we could not have borne the truth back then...... not the truth about the end, but the truth about the miles still to go.  Expectation is a form of charism.  It is very tough not to routinize it.  We almost did....... routinize it right out of existence.  Science is the great Routinizer, don't we know.  

Now the truth must be personalized, which, in practical terms, means politicized.  It was, at the seven spot, previously mentioned.  The back door was opened just that much...... better not blink.  Will any of it manifest at the CiW?  It will, only if it has to.  It shouldn't have to.... not yet.  We already know what we know.  Nothing else can or should be forced...... not to worry, as Sham says, and it bears repeating, every so often.  And you save the big guns 'til last.  

Speaking of guns, after donny, Kim Jong-un is the last holdout from the truth.  He's having too much fun with his toys.  Sorry, Kim..... all good fun must end.  Time to set those toys aside.  You do still have Gary a bit worried, though.  He does has some faith issues.  

Now what........?  It's just steady as she goes.  We do a phone-in from the cabin.  That should be fun.  Even I can relax, Sham.  Will wonders never cease?  

Yesterday, we had an afternoon out at the ballet.  Ron was a good sport, though he did sit next to the Princess, and she probably had to hold his at the scary parts.  It was the Little Mermaid by way of Hamburg.   I told the Princess that it was portalific.  It was, quite, but I guess you had to be there..... you know..... subjective.  Maybe they could have used those actuators.  Darn it, where were they?  Oh, that's right...... they're on loan.  It must be tinkle time for tiny tears.  

But there's nothing I like more than metaphysics...... back to the drawing board....... my sweet spot.....

At the ballet, I had an atomic breakthrough...... how to do atoms.....

It's easy, we just kick around some heads..... the way we used to do, in the good ol' days, on the pokotok field..... I'm guessing.....

That was the problem with the original football game..... no ball.  Someone came up with the great idea of using someone else's head.  I mean this was before we'd invented rocks, you know, kinda like Sam kicking the stone on the path to Berkeley.  In that instance, it would have been George's head....... thank you, George.  I mean, you gotta start somewhere.  

This is how we solve objectivity..... with George's head.  Easy, peasy. Well, we can't make an omelet without cracking a few heads.  Then, maybe we invented eggs.  They made things a bit less personal.  

Ok?  So now you understand personalism.   That's exactly how it works, all you metaphysicians out there.  

It is said that, when you go through the portal, you have to check your body at the green door.  Sorry, 'bout that, donny.  But, wait, I'm not sure that quite computes.  I mean, what about your eyeballs...... I mean, look, there does have to be a PoV, even on the other side.  Yes?  Speaking of Open Minds.......

So, sure, there's some sort of 'glorified' body, let's say..... kinda like peter pan's shadow...... it might have to be sewn on.  Yes, there must be a Cheshire Cat effect...... you can't have the head without the critter.  Hmmm...... have to think about that one.   And then there's the calico cat and the gingham dog effect.  

Does the Monad have a PoV?  Well, the Trinity does.....or do.   So the original Olympiad foot ball was Chronos' head or was it the first clock (face)..... you know, bouncing ball to keep time.  Objectivity..... we'd look funny without it.  

If you line up all the heads, mathematically, with the Logos, you get one atom.  And like Ronald said, if you've seen one atom, you've seen them all....... no, wait, that was Feynman talking about his one-electron theory.  Look it up.  

All I'm saying is that if you stretch intersubjectivity far enough, you'll have enough objectivity for gummint work.  Yes, sports fans?  I thought you'd see it my way.  Hey, there is a hi way, donny...... lest ye forgets.  


Sham alerted me again, today, to Redford's Discovery, just out on Netflix ...... April Fools, everyone.......


This is sort of like explaining the bird's and the bees........ how to explain atoms.......

In order to explain atoms, I'm thinking you'll need to explain Generalized Monstrous Moonshine, which relates discrete and non-discrete mathematics.  In order to do this, you'll need to relate the sporadic and exceptional groups.  Is that like lining up all the grains of sand on the sea-shore?  Nah, it's like lining up all the grains of sand on all the hypothetical sea-shores in the hypothetical universe, which, I'm just guessing, is about the number of atoms in Jupiter, if Jupiter actually had atoms, about which I'm ontologically skeptical.  All this is just to explain the role of E8xE8 in the Standard Model, mind you.  

When you finish this exercise, which is left to the smarty-pants  reader, you will see that it was just a warm-up exercise for explaining John Wheeler's Principle of Participation...... and then please give my best to John when you see him on the other side.  


And now check this out, sports fans, just to see if we're on the right track.........

There exists (E!) an elliptic curve for which there are a finite number of rational points on some finite segment...... or something to that effect. This is the connection between discrete and indiscrete mathematics...... I mean, you get the idea. No? This, in turn, says something about the mathematics of personalism, which is almost oxymoronic. Right, Jack? No, I think I should say that this might explain the intersubjectivity of mathematics. Yes?

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Apr 03, 2017 3:47 pm

The symmetry breaking of the Monad is necessarily discrete.  The atoms are just the logical residue of that discreteness.  This is their microcosmic aspect, reduced to its logical limit.  The UEM, unreasonable effectiveness of mathematics, is then a logical necessity.  Thus does the physics of the anthropic principle follow suit.  

We have anthropics and mathematics.  Scientists suppose that anthropics follows from the mathematics.  I suggest the contrary, that mathematics is a construct.  

Constructivism and intuitionism are philosophical expressions of the intersubjective origins of mathematics.  Do I thereby reject standard Platonic mathematics?  No.  I see this Platonism as its own aesthetic, in the sense that beauty bears its own subjective truth.  How else can mathematicians progress?  Anthropics is just the ultimate measure of truth.  This expresses Plato's ultimate embrace of the Good.  What could possibly be more intersubjective?  Plato was the original personalist. No? Mathematical physics (Pythagoreanism) just provides another handle on Panentheism, especially in as much as it became one with Neoplatonism.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Apr 04, 2017 7:24 am

Are there mathematical objects.......?  Is this a trivial question or not? A more general question raises the underlying issue...... are there abstract objects?  

Go to the SEP entry on abstract objects.  You will see that it is a convoluted question, having many aspects.  Among the questions raised is whether or not numbers are objects.  Nay, I'll make it simpler for you....... do numbers exist?  This is a decidedly non-trivial philosophical issue, having, yes, many aspects.  

Then consider physicalism/mathmaticism..... all reality can be reduced to number.  What then is the status of reality?  Is the Moon real?  Does the Moon exist as an object unto itself, or are all objects irreducibly relational?  

It gets complicated..... a veritable Gordian knot.  Let's try something slightly less convoluted...... the normativity of meaning, also in the SEP.......

Right off the bat, we get the chicken and egg problem..... which came first....... content or meaning?  Who knows?  

Hey, look ma, I'm a normativist........ intentional content is essentially normative.  Which to my chicken little mind is just to state the obvious..... intentional content is essentially intentional.  Is there any content that is otherwise?  

I think I've already got the hang of this....... how does the Moon's existence differ from that of a number?  That should be obvious, you say.  Well, if it's so darned obvious, then explain it.....

In the end, after much shouting, both the Moon and a number exist only as intentional objects.  IOW, they exist only relative to sapient subjects.  But, wait, you say, we can prove that tides existed before humans.  Wonderful, I say, but so what?  You are speaking of deep time, which abstraction exists only conceptually, relative to a culture of conceptualists.  

According to relationalism, there exists no objective differences.  All difference is a matter of degree, and, therefore, of abstraction.  There are no abstract objects, only intentional objects.  Intentionalism is a paper bag that you cannot punch your way out of.  Sorry.  

And, while we're on a problem solving spree, I believe that I've solved the Sham problem.  I finally have his number.  To be anti-Christian is to be an anti-communalist.  For there to be communities, there must be an interpersonal structure..... an infrastructure, if you will.  

Shamans/mystics are notoriously anarchistic, unless, possibly, they exist in an ashram.  Only then might they be cajoled into doing the dishes.  Otherwise, they end up on the street.   I believe in dishes, therefore I believe in Jesus.  In the end, it's that simple, Sham.  Talk your way out of that one.  

There are only two kinds of anti-Christians..... materialists and mystics.  Both are only solipsists of one sort or another.  Then there are Jews and Muslims.  Problem solved...... just ask any Jew whether they'd rather be living in a Christian society or a Muslim society.  Any more questions?   I don't think so.  That pretty much wraps it up.  Yes, sports fans?  

But, wait, Neil Armstrong stood on the Moon.  No one will ever be able to stand on the number two, no matter how many rockets we build.  Is that not an objective difference?  Hmmm........

Wait again....... I stand on two legs.  I cannot eat green, but I can eat green vegetables.  What's the difference?  This is another philosophical puzzle..... bundle theory, David Hume......
Bundle theory, originated by the 18th century Scottish philosopher David Hume, is the ontological theory about objecthood in which an object consists only of a collection (bundle) of properties, relations or tropes. ... In particular, there is no substance in which the properties are inherent.
IOW, your teeth are fine, but, unfortunately, the gums will have to be removed.  Yes, Virginia, there is a Moon, but, in the end, it's only a bundle of properties.  

How can someone stand on a bundle of properties?  I sure don't know, but we do it every day.  There just ain't no there, there.  That's all.  Or, more to the point, we can do it in our dreams.  

So, hmmm...... let's see.... therefore.... portals exist, and trump is an idiot, like a fox..... or something like that.  

Will Donald Trump come to the Cabin in the Woods?  Does it matter?  Not so much, I could argue.  


The Princess and I need an agenda for the CiW......  Well, the main event would be a live YouTube text-in show.  I said to the Princess that there will only be two things on people's minds...... the portal and the president.  The portal, as I understand it, is less objective than the president.  There is less there, there, as if that were possible.  

Is truth political?  Of course, it is/isn't.  I think we've mostly established that the truth is intersubjective, or quasi-political.  But, as with Sham, intersubjective means nothing without an infrastructure.  So..... pick one.  Virtually, by default, it's this one, and, for the last couple of years, donny has been touted, in this regard.  After the fact, it's all by default.  I've already said, he's de-facto in charge..... no question...... he doesn't even have to show up.  It goes without saying.  Yes?  



I mean, just based on the seven', you could write a letter to the pres..... it's eleven o'clock, do you know where your children are?  I mean, really.  Maybe footman is working at the dollar store.  I sure don't know otherwise.  

But does it make any difference?  If the monad wanted, there could be a portal at ground zero.  It even feels like there is one, already.   There is even a metaphysical hole in the SEP that's big enough to drive a truck through, as just demonstrated.  The only reason we don't see it is because we're collectively fearful of what's behind the green door.  Nah, more than that, we're afraid of what's between our neighbor's ears.  Who knows what demon might pop out his head, when he hears about the door.  


There could be a portal in the middle of your head.  In fact, we've proven that there is just based on intentionality.  Can computers simulate intentionality?  Of course, they can.  Can they emulate it?  That's the problem.  Strong AI people can't tell the difference between simulation and emulation.  What's worse is that they don't think there can be a difference.... nah, they say there _cannot_ be a difference.  I mean, puhleeese.  These materialists get away with murder.  The reason they do is because no one knows how to make a federal case out of it.  The philosophers will write papers about it until the cows come home.  Will anyone else pay attention?  Will donny pay attention?  

That's how the coverup has worked all these years..... attention has to start somewhere, and with a problem this big, it has to start at the top.  No problem.  If it can be arranged, it has been arranged, if anything can be arranged.  What could possibly be more critical?  But is it still too early, or is it too late?  Time has come.  That's all.  

The pres is in the loop.  How not?  It's impossible not to be.  It's been the starting assumption, from the start.  We take it from there.  It's like taking candy from a baby.  People object.  They complain. They'll just have to take their complaints to the White House.

Is this just a simulated portal?  Or is it emulated?  Is there a difference?  Ironically, there may not be a difference, especially in the case of portals.  It's all dreamland/dreamtime anyway.  Yes?  

Well, then, why don't we all have portals in our backyards?  Because we already have them between our ears.  They would be redundant.  

All we need now is the off ramp, right off of I95.  Would one of those actuators work?  The problem, as we've said, is more with city hall.  Once we get over this hump, once we get over the viral hump, we'll be good to go.  That's my estimation.  Well, maybe the hump is more personal.  That's why it's been so hard to pin down..... to objectify.  


Most of the potential audience for the YouTube show will want to hear about the president and/or the portal. The Princess has allowed me to believe that she knows more about both than she has told me. I am given the impression that the YouTube show is intended to have some novel content relative to both issues, over and above what has already been posted to YouTube. This is what I need to ascertain from the Princess.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Apr 05, 2017 6:16 am

This comment, by ET Disclosure, was posted to one of the twenty video segments under my name on the Princess' YouTube channel...... google Aliyah P[...] YouTube, and go to the playlists.....   Specifically..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLGo8xqUYKl_tFFVhmRT134ZecAuhOKIzI&v=YA8VYetrYjA or The Princess Interrogates Dan Smith, Part 4......
I am all for friending anyone else helping towards the goal of Disclosure, but I feel inclined to say that this guy is a religious lunatic with a messiah complex. Do you realize all religions cannot be true? All religions were created to manipulate the public so that they can be controlled. The same lineage of people responsible for spreading the most essential stories in religions are the ones who have stopped Disclosure from happening in the modern era.

You will likely be able to review the stories of Christianity during the times of Jesus in your lifetime, using technology that has access to the akashic record/past. You will see Jesus was only a victim, and that everyone who was fooled into believing the value of self sacrifice and the 'fear' of God, amongst other clear deceptions, were also fooled.

People need to set the truth as their ultimate goal, and not pander to any ideology. It is only reality itself that we are in and experiencing.

There are four clips with this title, appearing at the end.  The first of the four clips shows the Princess interrogating me on the God issue.  ETD objects, on several grounds.  If there is any truth to the BPWH, there will be many other such objections, rest assured.  

How to respond.........?  What is the truth......?

I readily acknowledge that I could be mistaken.  I don't think so, but I'd be certifiably insane not to acknowledge the possibility.  Most modern minded people, like you ETD, I'm supposing, have no such claim on sanity, since, apparently, it has never crossed your minds that you could have been deceived by scientific materialism.  How is it possible that 99% of us moderns could be insane?  Yes, there is safety in numbers..... to go with the herd, but, then, there are paradigm shifts.  You may never heard of paradigms, or, if you have, you suppose they were just for our uneducated ancestors.  Hmmm......  maybe you'll have to think again, ETD.  

If truth be told, we should wonder why there haven't already been more comments to this effect.  The reason could be that most folks come here with some previous caveats.  ETD, it seems, was not so equipped.  

The rest of us understand that there has been plenty of water under this bridge.  One might even surmise that there is a conspiracy afoot.  For better or worse, that is clearly the case.  One might wonder about the purpose of such a conspiracy, but no alternative comes to mind, besides the one stated.  

It is a rather long story...... where does one begin.....?   It is documented with thousands of pages, by me, on this forum and others.  The bottom line here is only what I'm told, or allowed to speculate..... namely that our current President was, more or less, 'selected' for the purposes of Disclosure.  What you see happening on this front may well just be a decoy operation...... or not.  I'm told, in fact, it was only on his approval that these videos were released, at all. Yes, presumably, he has viewed some part of them.  

Preposterous..... any sane person would believe.  But all modern, 'sane' people believe that we are here accident.  I don't believe that.  Does that make me crazy?  

My first masters degree in physics was from Princeton, in 1966.  Up to that point, I was under the impression that, if anyone, physicists would know what made the world tick.  It was a painful lesson to learn otherwise.  Certainly, they could not explain what made humans tick.  

At that point, I realized that the greatest threat to our survival was not the Bomb.  Rather it was our own fertility.  While working for HP, I volunteered for Planned Parenthood in San Jose.   It was only many years later that NSSM 200 was released, and the political/religious reasons for its scuttling were revealed.  If the world were to be saved from its biggest threat, overpopulation, someone would have to get a handle on religion.  

Most ufologists see no hope in our saving ourselves.  We keep our eyes on the skies.  Ours is a modern rendition of the cargo cult.  

It stands to reason that material/technological progress is the law of the universe, and, among those countless galaxies, there would be civilizations far in advance of ours.  But, ETD, if you study those 'reasons', they simply don't stand up..... to reason.  Nevertheless, if you wish to hold on to your scientific perspective, for the nonce, you may suppose that ours is a virtual reality, see e.g. the Boltzmann Brain hypothesis....  http://www.nytimes.com/2008/01/15/science/15brain.html .

As you see, ETD, it is a complicated story.  What we are running into here is the concept of teleology.  Many educated, modern minded folks have never been exposed to this concept, other than in biology, as a term of derision.  IOW, humans have no special place among the myriad random possibilities of Darwian evolution. We are but a flash in the cosmic pan, after all. Life is an absurdity in a meaningless universe.  In the end, ETD, science has no hope to offer to us.  Hope, if any there be, lies elsewhere, my friend.  

Where, ETD, does hope lie?  In my chicken little mind, it lies with the Princess.  I have no idea, how, in your internet sleuthing, you might have come across the Princess pages.  You may not have met the Princess.  You may not be familiar with her backstory.  Neither was I, until last November, even though I had been best man at her marriage to the Footmann.  And it was only six months before then that I was told that stargates might be something more than sci-fi contraptions.  

If you ask the Princess where she was born....... well, the papers say that I was born in Islamabad.... as she recently related to my friend, Sam.  I've been told, otherwise.  

Ok, she was adopted, first by the royal family of Kashmir.  It may actually have been her biological family, but, still, she was found in lake in the Ledoc mountains of Kashmir, maybe even in the bulrushes, but in a 'pod'.  And there were various assassinations.

Her second adoptive father, Mr Malik, brought her to the White House in 1983.  Ron happened to on assignment, there, as a CIA employee.  He also happened to be the keeper of the weird desk.  Along with the 5 year-old Princess, Mr Malik brought her pod.  Being of a cautious nature, he offered the pod to Ronald R, and the Princess to Ronald P, as her guardian.  Ron bided his time, and is now her husband.  Nothing happens in connection with the pod without her consent.  

So, ETD, the proverbial flying saucer actually did land in the White House, way back when.  If this story has any semblance to the truth, how has it been covered up for so long?  And why?  Well, we've had the two Ronald's, now comes the Donald.....



News flash........ while OTL, I became a grandfather.  My granddaughter's name is Olive.  She is adopted.  Her birth mother will have a month's grace period to change her mind.  It can be complicated, but we hope not.  

Anyway, where were we........?  

So, you see, ETD, that, in this operation, I'm just an afterthought.  Why would the Princess allow a crazy old man to get anywhere near to her 'wishing well', and even be Kashmir's godfather?  That's the only real question, here.  So, I would suggest that you bring your questions to her.  But maybe she didn't read the fine print.  When she discovers my insanity, she might decide to disown me.  I'd better be careful.  We wouldn't want this to get out, now, would we?  

Heck, I'm like the dog with the muddy paws, showing up at the cocktail party.  Everyone wonders..... whose dog is that?   Hey, I wonder that, myself.  Whose dog am I?  

I'm the only one at the party without a backstory.... an orphan. How can that be...... an orphan Sonfish?



Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:31 pm

The Copenhagen interpretation of QM is most inline with experimental results.

That have been shared openly anyway.

We collapse the wave.

Should philosophy lead science or science lead?

God to me as a super consciousness or not is irrelevant.

Here we are.

Our connection is implicit and a Shaman serves the community dodo.

You can't punch your way out of this bag.

But you can turn the bag inside out.

You don't know much Dan about what you really need to know.

Not all of us are as stubborn, some of us have listened and stood up.

Dan doesn't like what the birds tell him.

See, I never thought to argue.
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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Thu Apr 06, 2017 7:10 am

After another lengthy exchange with Sham on the demerits of Christianity......
Let's face it, Sham, you're just not cut out to be a Mouseketeer.  You're not the right stuff.  You're not a Gangster.  But you still feel guilty about your exceptionalism, and you take your guilt trip out on poor chicken little.  Go in peace, my friend, and feel guilt no more.  

A comment from 7Andrzej on The Princess Interrogates DS Part 4......
Hi, Dan,

That's quite a tall tale that you weave, full of pods, portals/stargates and wishing wells! Has any of this been independently verified? For that matter what exactly is a pod, portal, and wishing well? I take it that these are physical objects which begs the question who are the manufacturers? It is my understanding that the portal at present is located on St. Catherines Island, Georgia. Oddly neither David Thomas, George Armelagos, or John Woods have come across this portal as there is no mention of it in their respective books detailing the island and its history.

You seem to infer that people have been able to pass through this portal. This begs the question where exactly does this portal whisk one away to? In your OMF post you claim that the Donald was chosen for Disclosure! Who was he chosen by? Does he plan on carrying it out and by when?

Thank you for your comments.  A bit further south from SCI, we ran into rumors of the Fountain of Youth.  I'm rather eclectic about my portals, you might have gathered..... also about my verificationism.  I'm not your village verificationist.  I'm just along for the ride.  If I happen to hear something along the way, I embroider it to fit the BPWH.  If the BPWH is not your cup of tea, accept my sincerest apologies.  

Furthermore, if you don't love chinese water torture, you will hate the BPWH..... drip, drip, drip.....  We are anti-disclosurists.  We love acclimation.  Has donny been acclimatized?  I'm allowed to speculate about such things, without, necessarily, having my Mouseketears removed.  I'm just all ears.  And I wonder about Steve and Jared.  We have the Jerusalem-Rome axis in play, or did.  It threatens to unravel.  Yes, sports fans, get your piece of the Monad, while the supply lasts.  

Is the portal a physical object........?

Well, I'm neither a physicalist nor an objectivist, so I guess it's not difficult to say..... no, it's not. It's mostly about acclimation. Just ask Sham, and have some more tea at the mad hatter's tea party.

Me.....? I prefer wine.


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Thu Apr 06, 2017 10:10 am

My time here is done.

I don't think Dan learned much.


Good luck with whatever ur doing if you are in it for everyone as well as urself.

If you are trying to make things happen, fail.

I showed Dan what was happening and is happening right now.

It is safely far beyond words or any conscious agent's control.

Sham out.
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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Thu Apr 06, 2017 1:29 pm

Another exchange with Sham.......
And I finally found out how to connect to my mom. Great timing. Looks like pigs can fly Wink

Peace out fool
A fool for the Monad
I told her my religion was gratitude. I wrote her a letter thanking her and she melted. Go melt already in the monad. It's so easy to let go.
Not as stupid as you look....
This means something, last thing I'll share. This ended 2 years of silence.

My religion is gratitude.


I'm thankful for whatever spark you and Dad shared that sparked me.

I'm thankful how hard you worked for us.

I'm thankful for every experience than happened good and bad by our view. It was all fun in the end.

I'm thankful for my family and al lol the people who have touched me and I have touched.

I'm thankful for all the women I loved and who loved me.

I'm thankful for my confused ego and personality. It turned out OK in the end guys. We parted the field of battle friends.

I'm thankful I was able to see the ocean and feel and hear the waves crashing.

I'm thankful I could see and feel all of this under the moon, Sun and stars.

I'm thankful for life and being.

I'm thankful for Thunderstorms and rain.

I'm thankful for Marissa and my little family.

And I am thankful for all of you out there who are me.

I'm thankful for this Earth and beautiful place we live.

I'm thankful that everything is always changing, including us.

Much Love and thanks for being my Mom and Dad

She told me, that's all she ever wanted to hear from me. It cost me nothing. But I swear, until yesterday, I couldn't write this.

No one cares about our faith or religion. Love is all that can and does happen. This is Love. That the Universe would move itself to teach a Mother and Son how to live each other. Nothing moves the world but Love. BTW, my mom emailed me after I told you I was done. Not a minute later. U see how this works, last second, in the nick of time, everything falls together.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:30 pm

Is Stanford's SEP part of the Aquarium [sic] conspiracy......?  

The SEP is helping to obfuscate the fact that scientific materialism is dead in the water.  It manages the subterfuge with its two entries...... Naturalism and the Normativity of Meaning.  In the first instance, it points out that modern philosophers are card carrying naturalists, as opposed to supernaturalists, BFD.  

But, when you turn to the second article, NoM, a rather different picture is presented, albeit implicitly.......

This article does everything it can to find loopholes in the normativity of meaning, loopholes that provide a tenuous excuse for the dwindling number of (linguistic) naturalists to continue swimming against the tide of postmodernism.  Meager are the loopholes, but the SEP is throwing a lifeline, regardless.  It is just another aspect of the coverup that is providing the Aquarium with its setup.  

If the conspiracy of silence continues, the sound of a penny dropping into the wishing well is liable to reverberate.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sat Apr 08, 2017 6:23 am

Normativity of meaning (NoM).........

NoM should conjure up visions of SoK, the sociology of knowledge.  If you're old enough, you may recall the Sokal hoax, wherein an NYU physics professor submitted an article critiquing quantum gravity to an academic journal on postmodern cultural studies.  The resulting brouhaha became known as the 'science wars'...... a war between 'hard' science and 'soft' science.  

Needless to say, the hard scientists won the battle, but, if chicken little has anything to say about it, the sky is about to fall on their pretty little heads...... as we toss our lucky penny into the Princess' wishing well.  

Can we draw a line between epistemology and ontology......?  

I'm doubtful.  Is gravity all in our pretty little heads?  Yes, says I.  How so......?  

It all goes back to Pokatok, the ballgame of the ancients.  This is the game that brought us down from Mt Olympus, and out of the clouds.  We invented gravity for that specific purpose.  Later, as we attempted to quantize it, we began to suspect that gravity might just be in our heads.  You might consider the entropic theory of gravity, along the way.  


Heading back to Baltimore......

If gravity is an interpersonal construct, why do we not see more variations?  

Well, one response is that we do see variations, especially in conjunction with other anomalous phenomena.  

Gravity is habituated by us.  

However, gravity, like much of our background, comes from the deep dimension of time, which dimension is highly teleological, of course. If you wish to override gravity, it is best to have local cooperation from the other side, we might surmise.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Apr 11, 2017 7:31 am

The Princess posted an invitation to join a live YouTube broadcast, this Saturday, April 15, at 7pm Eastern.  The provision for joining is that there will be a chat room where you may post questions and comments.  Her YouTube channel may be googled...... Aliyah Pandolfi YouTube.  The BPWH videos are on a playlist.  The invitation video is https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLGo8xqUYKl_tFFVhmRT134ZecAuhOKIzI¶ms=OAFIAVgW&v=fhO_f7K_Fow&mode=NORMAL

Many people may be very disappointed with Disclosure, especially when they hear more about the other side..... about turning into animals.  I believe that you may even turn into an object, if you so choose.  

So far we have a frog, a beast, a cheetah and Tinkerbell.  The 'totems' need not be naturalistic.  They may be fantastical, like a Dr Seuss drawing, and you may shape-shift.  You may take on human form, but this form may be looked down upon.  

This is a rather small sample size...... it may be very biased.  Time is not normal on the other side.  There are other dimensions.  

Why all the secrecy?  Well, there is still the goodie bag.  Besides donny, Steve is also following that aspect of the phenomenon.  

Ron was invited to the WH by RR, when Ron was still a student.  They met at a party in California.  Sorry for the scant information.  Even the Princess claims to not know the backstory.  How frogs manipulate vectors, we have no idea.  Ron has provided more information to Kevin, but about what, I don't know.  

You can understand why donny might not want to be out in front, if this is what disclosure is going to look like.  Who would be willing to take the ridicule...... besides Chicken Little?  

And here we are talking about people with bird and fish names.  What about normal people, who go over the normal way?  Many of them are looking forward to mixing it up with Saints and angels, and with family and friends.  Is that not possible for the true believers?  I would be the last one to say never.  If you are dying to see little green men and flying saucers, heck, who's to put a stop to that?   Don't look at me.  

And whatever happened to the 'actuators', supposedly sent to New York?  Now we're told that there is also a magic ring that is needed to activate Gordon's RAM.  But the RAM has disappeared...... last in the possession of Paul Murad or John Brandenburg.  We have a well, a pod and a RAM, all of which come with actuators, of various sorts, and then, of course, there are spontaneous portal events.  And there is the island on the east coast which may also serve as a portal.  


Any time that d wants to take over is fine with me.  I'm doubtful that we can go far wrong with this.  The ridicule factor goes with April Fools/Halloween.  It can very easily be denied/disowned.  No problem.  If anything works out, no problem either.  We're all easy peasy.  

My biggest worry is the Christians.  Their initial reaction will be that it's all Satanic.  For all I know, it could be.  It could be a trap, if it's not a joke.  From my own experience, they don't fool easily.  Bottom line, I just can't get too worried..... sorry.  

The scientists....... that's another story......

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Apr 12, 2017 8:10 am

In the most recent video..... https://m.youtube.com/watch?list=PLGo8xqUYKl_tFFVhmRT134ZecAuhOKIzI&v=53Al2lH5GBI - (You cannot be a Godfather, unless you have your God!)  The Princess accuses me of dishonesty, and Kashmir threatens to disown me.  This is serious stuff......

What is going on......?   I think we might have a slight misunderstanding.  How does an 'upstanding' Christian, like me, end up in a den of pagans?  Hmmm.......

Well, I'd like to think that it was all according to plan, and that's what I do think.  If we're gonna do this thief-in-the-night (TiN) style, this would be the way to go.... perfect setup.  Now all I have to do is explain it to the Princess.  

Maybe she thought I was supposed to come back as a pagan, to save the pagans.  Why not?  I would love to be a pagan saver, among other things.  I should be saving the pagans from those nasty Christians, who liked nothing more than to turn them into crispy critters.  

I understand.  It can be mean streets out there.  

Historically, animism came before personalism.  Conservatives should all be animists.  Were we cheetahs dreaming that we were humans, or humans dreaming that we were cheetahs?  Back in the good old dream-time, reality was full of holes.  It was hard to tell which side was which.  Sentience ruled.  Then came the serpent with his sapience..... wise as serpents.  That's the basic problem..... you let a few wise guys into the hood, and pretty soon we take over.  My royal family...... a frog, a beast and a cheetah.... they have a few scores to settle.  I plead for tolerance..... love, even.  I love frogs..... the Princess and the frogmann.  

This is what I tell the Princess...... you're not gonna save the animals until you save the people..... fact of life..... the Omega goes back to the Alpha..... it's not the circle of life..... it is the singular cosmic circuit of the Spirit.  

This just in from DJW...... Steve B is about to get thrown under the political bus.  Jared may not realize that stevie is a street fighter, and that he's got a little froggy on his side of the street.  Hmmm.......  things might get interesting.  

A word to the wise, Jared..... stevie might be a lot more dangerous under the bus than he is on the bus.  Some one forgot to tell Jared the facts of life, and I don't mean just about the birds and bees.  It's about the frogs, Jared.  I don't think Jared is supposed to know about the Wishing Well, yet.  But I'm rather sure that Ben does.  I hope everybody's got their popcorn.  I mean, hey, I'm being entertained along with everyone else.  Naïveté has its benefits, after all, Kashmir.  

The Christians, though, take all of this very seriously.  After all, we only go around once.  Which is perfectly true, when you put us all together, which is just what the Christians don't want to do.  They are rather averse to connecting the dots, especially the ones in their own little black book.  There's only one way to connect those dots, sisters.  It's with Jesus.  You've got the living spirit and the dead letter...... your choice.  Not to fear..... it all comes out in the wash.  

And I think we might be coming up on the spin cycle.


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by presidentialufo on Wed Apr 12, 2017 3:00 pm


What is with all the separation talk which is a key to the materialistic random model? You speak of people vs animals and Christians vs pagans.

I hope in your Kashmir defense on Saturday that you use verbs instead of nouns, and speak of oneness (non-locality in the materialistic Sunday School story) vs separation. As the Footmann’s friend RR described to a school in Fallston High School in Maryland that we are all one.

“I couldn't help but -- one point in our discussions privately with General Secretary Gorbachev -- when you stop to think that we're all God's children, wherever we may live in the world, I couldn't help but say to him, just think how easy his task and mine might be in these meetings that we held if suddenly there was a threat to this world from some other species, from another planet, outside in the universe. We'd forget all the little local differences that we have between our countries, and we would find out once and for all that we really are all human beings here on this Earth together. Well, I don't suppose we can wait for some alien race to come down and threaten us, but I think that between us we can bring about that realization.”
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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Thu Apr 13, 2017 6:53 am


Separation talk........?

I am a monist..... there is but one Soul, and we are all soulmates, time sharing that one Soul, which we also share with God.  I see an organic unity, as with a biological body, not as some algal mass.  There is a tensegrity about Creator and Creation..... we are all co-Creators.  

In particular, there is the monism of the consensual present/Presence  (MCP).  Physicists have no clue about this cosmic Presence.  In fact, it is the ocean in which we all swim, together.  This Presence is the cosmic glue of the collective consciousness, which holds everything together.  No, we are not lost in the void of space and time.  That Presence is the personal God, who is always closer to us than the nose on our face.  

Normally, when we dream, we all dream separately.  In the vicinity of the Wishing Well, we dream together.  If the small world hypothesis is correct, our collective, waking consciousness is just a very big, shared dream.  Physics provides the rules of the road.  When we access a portal, those rules do not apply.  Basically, on the other side of the Green Door, there be eternity...... and 'monsters'.  Your return to the SWH is not guaranteed.  

Accessing a portal is like being abducted, except that we have more control over the process.  The access must be mutually agreed upon by both sides.  Some of the principals are 'bilateral', as far as I'm able to speculate.  The whole process is not nearly as cut and dried, as the nuts&bolts folks would prefer.  There are many shades and dimensions that come into play.  

If miracle there be, it is how tight is our ship down here.  It is not easy to walk through walls.  We're like on a (yellow?) submarine..... our small world, miraculously, is self-sealing.  But our cosmic shell, our cocoon is wearing thin.  Are we ready to test our wings?  We are on a cosmic timeline, make no mistake.  We may not have anymore built-in holds..... prepare to launch.  

What happened to our promised Millennium.... our God's kingdom on Earth?  It's still there..... but, post portal, things are a bit less cut and dried.  The Rapture starts here and now..... buckle your seatbelts.  Our Millennial Kingdom will be one big Omega.  Getting back to the Alpha.... that will be a bit of a trick.  Mind the Gap...... this is it.  

And what about our glorified bodies? We're still working on that one. When we speak of cheetahs, beasts and amphibians, we're referring to a rather small, and probably biased, data set. I wouldn't discard your human body, just yet. You never know when it might come in handy.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sat Apr 15, 2017 8:50 am

---------- Forwarded message ---------
From: Dan Smith
Date: Sat, Apr 15, 2017 at 10:44 AM
Subject: Tonight's Show Info ---- Down The Rabbit Hole With Chicken Little Aka Dan Smith
To: John L. Sillasen , Kevin Alber , Ronald Pandolfi , aliyah.pandolfi@gmail.com

Down The Rabbit Hole With Chicken Little Aka Dan Smith
Sat, Apr 15, 2017 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM EDT

Please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can also dial in using your phone.
United States: +1 (646) 749-3122

Access Code: 292-259-877

First GoToMeeting? Try a test session: http://help.citrix.com/getready

7pm edt---------

It looks like we're running a little late, and we are a little short on technical expertise.......

We are temporarily on hold, waiting for the assemblage of our broadcast team, at the cabin in the woods.......

While we're waiting, you may wish to peruse the Chronicles posted by the Footmann, just below.

I'm told that you'll only have to wait a few more minutes for this historic broadcast.


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Chronicles of the Little Princess -- December 2016 Edition

Post by Foot Mann on Sat Apr 15, 2017 4:37 pm


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Sun Apr 16, 2017 7:52 am

Well, we seem to have survived the first live broadcast of Uncovered Live.  The sister show, UFO Cover-Up?: Live (1988), was broadcast nearly 30 years ago.  One might well compare and contrast the two shows.  

And then we might wonder if there has been any progress, in the intervening three decades.  

In both broadcasts, there was a definite Aviary presence..... for better or worse?  

Only one official bird name was represented this time.... Pelican, and he never appeared on the live stream.  But one should not underestimate the importance of that continuity.  

The total audience for this rendition was no more a couple of dozen.  The original version had an audience of nearly 100 thousand, I'm guessing.  In this version there was audience participation, in the form typed in questions. I would have been rather concerned with a larger audience.  

There was virtually no pretense, this time..... no showmanship. Yes, we were rather humble, and we had much to be humble about.  But, still..... times change.....

The Princess has corrected me........ the audience numbered, probably, in the high teens, ten of whom said they wanted to see a bi-weekly follow up.  Fortunately or not, there was no (public) recording of this 'historic' gotomeeting session.  IOW, the audience size for the gotomeeting was just on the high side of the typical OMF audience. But still..... progress happens..... I'm willing to speculate.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Mon Apr 17, 2017 6:13 am

Is this the best possible disclosure......?  Well, I'll say one thing for it, it is personal.  

And then we have donny and steve, and, maybe, frank.  I'd guess that one has wittingly been through.  Donny and frank, maybe not.  

We only learned one thing on Saturday....... Kevin has been.... and he claims to have been withholding that information from Ron.  Is there any good reason why he would?  They suppose I am, too, thus the chatter about 'dishonesty'.  

I'd be willing to suppose the same, but suppose I come by my ignorance honestly?  What would be the point?  Many are the times that we plead ignorance.   We don't want to be either smarties or weirdos.  

But, now, Ron tells me that he and Kevin were conspiring to withhold that information from me and the 'public', but forgot to tell the Princess that it was not to be public.  

And now there's talk of a turtle trip to to Cuba for the Princess' 'birthday'.   Would I go?  No, Ron could have his people set it up, and then it would be my job to introduce the Princess to the indigenous turtle people in Cuba, once they could be located.  

Now things start getting complicated....... If there is a Cuban turtle conservation hegemony controlled from the US, what could be its purpose?  

Now, get this...... I have trouble making contacts for the Princess, because I have to pretend to be normal.  The latest, most egregious example was with David, back on the Island.   I was prodded to interact with him, so I assumed he was in with the Portal.  If so, he did a very good job of acting oblivious, and when I pressed a couple of buttons, he just scowled, and walked away.  

I'm told that turtles represent virgin, unknown territory.  With dolphin people, for instance, you can assume that they're crazy..... just as with ufologists.  Maybe it's a bit like the 'bird tribes'.  The Princess is sussing out the turtle tribe.  A virgin tribe in almost virgin territory..... before the 'mob' is fully established.  

This might give a clue as to what is actually going on.  I'm gathering that an ethnic label is mostly a functional label with regard to the functioning of the Katechon.  

We are all bird tribes of one sort or another.  Some of us just get a bit more impatient than others.  

Let's see....... we have FoKs, and we have FoEs.  Ron has always assumed that I was a FoE, friend of the Eschaton.  Wrongo..... I'm a FoM, friend of the Monad.  So, let's see...... FoK + FoE = FoM.  I'm just trying to keep tabs on both sides, making sure that no one is cheating, as if that were possible.  

Apparently, Ron didn't get the money memo.  Money becomes an increasingly delicate issue, as we approach the Portal/MoAPS.  It is perfectly true that you cannot take your money with you, just as you cannot take your smart phone.  What we don't want is a monetary Potlatch.  Yes, the last one to leave will have to turn off the lights.  Everyone who wants to stay had better be way out of town.  And remember, sports fans, we're not talking about days, here, we're talking centuries.  

So, relax everyone..... just don't relax too much, not just yet.  Better wait for the signal...... and, yes, you guessed it, it will be a personal signal.   But what about all the evangelicals?  Is Gabriel not going to be allowed to blow his horn?  Hmmm...... we're still working on that.  

Meantime, back at the ranch, steve is staying on, just keeping a lower profile.  I would speculate that J&I got the Eschaton memo.  That would make four.  I'm guessing that Nunez got the Tinkerbell memo, and he was not totally prepared for it, so he gets a little R&R.  

See, I'm trying to connect the dots between Cuban turtles and WH politicos.   It's still pretty gappy, but we did make some progress with our micro livecast.  Maybe a few more of those, and we can call it a day.  


Now this....... my mathematical aesthetic is right on the norm, with Euler's Identity...... e^i*pi = -1.  That formula does tell us something, it's just that we're not quite sure what...... https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/15/opinion/sunday/the-worlds-most-beautiful-mathematical-equation.html

If Kim Jong Un nukes Seoul, will we call it urban revitalization?  I would call it a pretty serious speed bump on the road to Shangri-La.  


The Sixties were basically a portal experience for an entire generation.  It was a preview of coming attractions.  It was also an object lesson in maintaining social balance and cohesion.  

It was also a setup for the Reagan/Trump years.  There was a backlash, and now we're getting a front lash.  We still have to keep things in balance, as we engage in this Eschatological high-wire act...... conservatives v liberals, with no one quite knowing what they're wishing for.  People sense that stuff is about to happen. We mostly think that it will be bad stuff.  

When we ask how many have had a portal experience.... we all have.  Many of those experiences have had scary aspects.  Much of that experience has subsided to the individual and collective subconscious.  


In point of fact, CC, you missed very little.  The Princess broke the ice by asking how many aliens I'd abducted.  It's difficult to stop laughing when you're trying to be serious.  Then she asked Kevin about his portal experience.  Both of those questions were quite unscripted.  

The rest of the time, she was showing off the puppies, and she and Kevin were helping me to answer the typed in questions.  After, the first half hour, someone asked what the show was supposed to be about.  We agreed that it was supposed to be about Disclosure, which I talked around, for a few minutes.  It was supposed to be about the BPWH and the Wishing Well.  That's what every show will be about.  We are scheduled to try again, in a couple of weeks.  

I mean, really, you'd get more substance here, on a given day, than you'd ever get on a livecast.  We were mostly just hamming it up, and not deliberately.  This is what the Monad is mostly about...... everyone trying to act natural, whether we want to or not.  

It is a shame, when we go to all the trouble of dreaming up the best possible co-Creation, and then, when someone gets here, all they want to do is take drugs.  It's a big waste, and often it's not the individual's fault, but has more to do with the crazy situation they've been thrown into.  Am I sounding like a liberal?  Yes, on either side of the veil, we can never be sure what's in store for us on the other side.  It's always a gamble..... always more ignorance than knowledge.  


Will disclosure solve the drug problem.....?  

If anything, it's likely to make it worse..... before it gets better.  The mere notion that the currently unavailable portals are similar, in many ways, to drug induced phenomena will only add to the allure of their widely available substitute.  

I would like to think that, as we rediscover the purpose of life, our lives would become more meaningful to us.  There would be less need for drug induced escape when we can focus on the present as now being expanded to include the widening portals to eternity.  

But there is liable to be stress and uncertainty associated with any major social change.  People will seek to escape that stress, regardless of its source.  

As our horizons begin to expand, won't we all be suffering from ADHD?  But will the distraction of eternity be that much worse than the distraction of the various media onslaughts of the past hundred years?  Our economic robustness seems to survive, mostly intact.... not that I'm advocating for economic growth.  But economic and spiritual growth need not be mutually exclusive, either for the individual or the society.  

Besides, having made it this far, it's hard to imagine how, with the finish line looming so near, we will suddenly give up, and throw in the towel.  This would be the absolute dumbest time to even think about selling humanity short.  


Cosmology is a science that had become inaccessible to all but the experts.  I fail to see how the Monadology of the MoAPS will fail to open its new vistas to a wider audience.  The ends of the physical universe were mere mathematical abstractions.  The portals, however, are places that we can look forward to visiting on a weekend.  

Will Hollywood be able to handle the special effects?  I think they'll take a stab at it.  What the animators fail to capture...... well, you'll just have to see it for yourself.  


The concept of teleology and the microcosm are hardly unfamiliar to the biologists.  But what will replace the electron microscope?  That I don't know, but it is rather unlikely that wholistic medicine will be closing its shop anytime soon.  

What about the professions, in general.......?   Yes, one could easily lay awake at night with such worries.  Have I?  I confess to not having paid sufficient attention to the structure of a post-MoAPS economy.  How do we dismantle the banking system?  With considerable caution, I would advise.  

The medical system......?  Well, I'd imagine that hospice care will be among the first segments to be effected.  There would be a transport service.......  

Generally speaking, I think we'll be revisioning economic matters from now until doomsday...... no rest for the practitioners of the dismal science....... They may even find that Monadomics will suitably challenge their skill 'stacks'.  

I do spend hours and hours reading the Economist.  I'm thinking that it may not be for naught.  


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Mon Apr 17, 2017 12:00 pm


Is there any way for those of us who were not able to sign into this event on Saturday to get a summary of what took place/what was revealed?

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:15 am

Speaking of portal experiences, I had a dream last night......

It is quite unusual for me to have memorable dreams.  This was a zombie/vampire dream.  It started with my needing to retrieve a personal government record of some sort.  I was led to an underground vault by a female clerk.  She opened the door to a lengthy tunnel that was dimly lit.  It was well into that tunnel that I met my shaven headed z/v buddy.  The rest of the dream was spent attempting to retrieve the file and escape the vault, with my buddy breathing down my neck.  I do not remember having been successful at either task.  

Hey, maybe I was looking for my birth certificate.  

I'm told that there is a particular official at F&W in charge of our turtle liaison with Cuba, and Ron is of the impression that he is discriminatory in his awarding of Cuban turtle conservation grants, and that this has something to do with the Miami mob.  Just as the government had to step in to break up the Patel motel mob, Ron is intent upon breaking up the Miami/Cuban turtle mob.  This should be a made for TV movie, Kevin.  Let's see if we can sell it in Hollywood.  

Speaking of conspiracies, what about our little Eschaton conspiracy, Ron.....?

Who's gonna blow the whistle on us?  It seems that Ron wants to induct Sam into the conspiracy.  I've just been informed that Al and his wife are masterminding the DC portal connection.  I've been attending their spring party, off and on, for as long as I've known Ron, and this alleged facet never occurred to me.  See how naive I am.  

Is there a Passover plot?  I sure hope so.  We'd look silly without one.  It must be my naïveté that makes me useful here.  I can be the mostly honest broker, except when I lose my god, and become dishonest, according to Kashmir and the Princess.  

There are tribes, and tribes do return, just ask Ken Carey.  There were the 12 tribes of Israel, and there are the twelve motherships of the Alpha and the Omega.  What more do we need to know?  

Tribalism is a priority issue, in my estimation.  According to my mentor, Owen Barfield, there is original participation and final participation, separated by normal, beta consciousness, which may be associated with Julian Jaynes' Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind.   Original participation was mediated tribally.  We are about to enter into final participation.  How will it be mediated, is our question?  

Instead of the twelve motherships, we now have the twelve main portals.  They will be geographically located and controlled, I'm supposing.  Will there be 'tribes' associated with these Omega portals?  With some there will be.  Other portals will be rather more eclectic.  If you can figure how to optimize our exodus, be my guest.  

There might even be professional portals....... the philosophers have one and the physicists have another, but I don't think I like that idea.  Does anyone?  

We're talking zodiacal and Olympiad style portals.  Maybe that's it..... we could be segregated by birthday.  

At this point, I'm reminded of my grandfather Vaughan, the surgeon, at the dinner table.  Someone complained that the food items on their plate had gotten mixed together.  Hush, he said, it'll all end up in the same place, anyway.  It was not I who had complained, but I will not forget  the admonition.  Welcome to the wedding feast in the sky.  

And do keep in mind, sports fans, that we likely have centuries to properly set the places at the banquet table.  Don't think that your place is not already reserved.  In the meantime, there will be portals galore.  Each one will have its own form of traffic control.  For the individual, there will be dreams, drugs and parapsychological phenomena..... many altered states.  

We should certainly not neglect the internet/cloud portal.  I hope that all the tweeters can have their own portal.  Hey, we bloggers can have another.  

Well, I hope that now you understand the Eschaton.  It almost sounds like business as usual, and maybe it is.  That would be my preference, just as long as someone can wake up the baddies, like my zombie/vampire buddy down in the tunnel.  What was his problem?  It never occurred to me to ask.  I would have told him to run, not walk, toward the light.  But that was the problem with this tunnel..... I could not see any light at the end.  There was no end, and I was having trouble retracing my steps to the beginning.  

So, ok, what next.......?

I think I need to be able to blog about a conversation with some government official.  It doesn't have to be my conversation, nor my choice of official.  But it has to be on topic.   Ron claims to have discussed the Eschaton with Donald.  Ok, let's hear about it, or one with Steve or Jared.  It doesn't sound like Ron has spoken with Jared.  So, let me talk to S&J, preferably together.  Is Jared part of the turtle mob?  Ok, let's find out.  

We could have an anonymous third party bring this topic up with Donald, with the proviso that I get to talk with this person before and after, and blog about it.  How's that?  Or it could be with Steve, or some similarly placed individual.  Likely there would also be a follow up question or two.  

But maybe there is a higher priority issue....... how many people, globally have gotten the Omega information, and how many sources are there for the Omega information?  Yes, this is crucial.  

How many of us are on the same page, and how many pages are there?   It's a simple question, and I, for one, would like a simple answer.  Is this TMI?  If it is, I'd like to know why.  Or just tell me that it is TMI, and I'll go ahead and speculate about why it's either TMI, or why no one has the answer.  Which option would you prefer?  

Ok, we'd better dot the 'i's' and cross the 't's'........  getting the Omega information entails getting 'briefed' by a trusted, respected source.  And it's not that the individual in question has to embrace the information, they just have to treat it very seriously.  

Furthermore, this would not just be a one shot deal.  An open channel would be maintained for the individual in question.  They, too, would be told how many had been so briefed.  

It is assumed, of course, that this number includes only those who would have a need to know.  Nay, they would be the ones who would have the most need to know.  


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by NordicWonder on Tue Apr 18, 2017 1:37 pm

Dan, inquiring minds would like to know, how do we get to be a need to know? Pardon my impudence, but the construct is in danger of collapse, more and more people are peeling back the wallpaper and instead of finding brick or drywall they're finding nothing at all, a blank void. As the Solar System enters the new energies things will change, but not on our terms unless we act first. Garbandal did not come to pass this Easter, which means we've perhaps gotten a reprieve from the Warning for a few years, 2020 comes to mind as a possible date for things to happen.
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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:43 pm


Apparently, you didn't get the memo....... nature abhors the Void.  Be careful what you wish for NorWon...... you may be closer to the Wishing Well than you think.  

I'm afraid that I've not been introduced to Garbandal.  Would you care to do the honors?   And remind me as to the Action that we are to undertake.  

So, if Garbandal and Eric will excuse our impertinence, we are going ahead with our own plans for the Eschaton.  But remember we're always in the market for better plans.  

I've been informed that Kevin is about to come east, but we are awaiting final approval.  I gather that he might have a significant role to play, in this regard.  

Sam and I had a lengthy discussion over coffee, this afternoon......

I was mainly updating him on the portal people.  There turn out to be many more than we might suspect.  Everyone of us is a portal person, but most of us are unaware of that fact of life.   Like me and Sam, for instance.  

The scary thing is that there are those who keep track of such information.  There is a tracking radar.  For instance, it's not difficult for me to suspect that Donald was being tracked.  When confronted, he admitted it, but Hillary still refuses to admit.  She is, thereby, deemed dishonest.  The Princess was accusing me of such dishonesty, but I think she is coming around to accept my naïveté, instead.  

There are upwards of million of are aware of having had paranormal experiences.  No, I'd say that is much too conservative.  Let's just say that it's 1/100.  Then let's say that 1/100 of those have the sense of being part of a sleeper cell.  And then 1/100 of those are aware of having a special assignment, which they are acting upon.  Therefore, there are 7,000 of us who are knowingly executing non-terrestrial assignments.  And let's say that 1/100 of those also have Information Omega.  Hmmm......

But, as we speak, all of those ratios are increasing exponentially, especially the last ratio which is also being augmented terrestrially, such as with OMF and KWF.  

If we take that final number of 70, within the last couple of weeks, and plot it on a logarithmic chart, let's say that it would be a straight line, sloping upward, with a slope of 'a'.  So the number 'N' of fully active agents is then N = 70*e^a*(t-1) on some yet to be determined time scale, starting at t = 1.   Is my math correct?  

The question for the readers is to guesstimate the optimal value for a(>0+e).  I'll work on my own estimate, and then we'll see who wins.


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by dan on Wed Apr 19, 2017 5:50 am

Gary sends the following link...... https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2017/apr/18/twin-peaks-dale-cooper-david-lynch .  It is more than a little apropos.

And what about the Vatican?  How would the Jesuits be so different in this regard?   Benedict was an early responder, we understand.  Would Benjamin's interests be so much different from  Benny's?  Is Benjy demanding to be first in line?  He does own the prophetic tradition.  He's paid the price of admission.  

We are threatening to turn over the big rock, and a lot of us will deem ourselves unready, especially the elite.  How much further can we kick the can down the road, before we all end up in the ditch?  I doubt that we're going to have a referendum.  And what do turtles have to say about the Eschaton?  I imagine they're tired of holding up the world..... turtles shrug?  And Benjy won't?  

Whatever struggle is going on, almost all of it is behind the veil.  We're just little rowboats being tossed about, on rough seas.  

Are we going to play out the clash of civilizations?  Individuals like Kim Jong Un are chess pieces on the board..... ask Gary.  


Our vastly oversimplified rule of thumb for the global knowledge index pertaining to the paranormal left us with only 70 with a current need for the omega information.  During the general election there was one team for each candidate.  There was also the intelligence side and the military side, and the Navy may well have its own, in house.  That could be four of five teams.  There might be 30 briefers, just for this country.  How many briefees?  Starting from this back end, I'm guessing that there would be at least 700 briefees, globally.  

None of these teams approach the transparency of the aquarium team, evidently.  We provide a 'water cooler', around which the various parties may swap information or eavesdrop, as they choose, and I would be none the wiser.  

And what about the omega, itself?  How many different omega visions might be floating around this grapevine?  It's not like there's any visible competition, at this point.  

To change the subject for the moment...... there has been partial agreement as to that other source being involved in that other, much more visible, initiative.  It is now known to us.  Its distraction potential would seem evident, but you're more than welcome to keep your options open.  


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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by NordicWonder on Wed Apr 19, 2017 2:11 pm

dan wrote:NorWon,  

The only void I can think of, might be between your ears.  Be careful what you wish for NorWon...... you may be closer to the Wishing Well than you think.  

Tsk tsk, is that any way to speak to a fellow truth seeker? The void I was referring to was the lack of absolution. So many of us are tearing layer after layer after layer to get to the truth only to be stymied again and again. Be they the Goodes, the Wilcocks, the Fulfords, none of these sources have proven themselves to be the holder of truth, perhaps it is after all in the eye of the beholder?

Garbandal is another matter, those of the Orthodox or Protestant persuasions may not be familiar, as I was not until recently. From one of the many sites dealing with the story:

"In the evening of June 18, 1961, four girls were playing on the outskirts of the town - Conchita Gonzalez, Maria Dolores (Mari-loli) Mazon, Jacinta Gonzalez and Maria Cruz Gonzalez (not related despite having the same name.) Maria Cruz was eleven, the others twelve, and all were from poor families.

Suddenly they heard a loud noise, like thunder, and saw before them the bright figure of the Archangel Michael. On the following days the Archangel appeared to them again in the same place. He announced that on July 2 they would see Our Lady. This was the beginning of the Garabandal events."

The Virgin supposedly told the girls that there at some point in the near future would be a warning from heaven, something terrible which would make men fear and repent. This would be followed by a miracle at the site of Garabandal, a phenomenon which would be inexplicable by science. Should man not repent there would be a great chastisement.

Some had pegged this Easter to be the start of these events, but obviously we are still here and none of us had a soul-baring paranormal experience during that time (at least not me), your mileage may vary.


Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:04 pm


These people have no answers.

Find your own answers.

Their information doesn't matter.

Things are happening, always have been, always will be.

Knowing how to plug in the information has always been and will always be the necessary reaction.

I have no connection to these people.

Intention is the key.

You will find hell or heaven.

Entirely depended on you.

Just my two cents.

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Re: Hello, Cy, OMF II - Part 2

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