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A New Language

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A New Language

Post by GreatandWiseTrixie on Fri Apr 03, 2015 5:56 pm

I have noticed the human patterns since an early age. I was brought up on the English language but I've learned a bit of other languages here and there as well. From what I've noticed from human behavoirs and interactions their language is quite bloated and their communications are quite animalistic in nature. Now you might say that humans are intellectuals, and that their language is not bloated and that their language helps them achieve great mechanical and scientific things. I'd say this is not true as well, the english language is tremendously unsuited for machine code purposes and it is in adequate to describe most mechanical science related things. For instance, the science community has terms like "escape velocity" which has no clarity of any kind as to what it implies. In order to understand the definition one needs to be taught a paragraph of background and mathematics behind the word. Spiritually and metaphysically the english language is completely unnecessary as well, as most spiritual concepts the english language struggles to define. For the most part this language was formed to satisfy the emotional need of variation, lots of long words with little meaning, or vague or redundant meaning but fancy to look at. This is further amplified by the fact that the human brain was larger 10000 years ago. Too many words with little meaning or multiple meanings. Now you all are open minded but most humans are babies would would say something like "preposterous" or whatever fancy cool-feeling word they like to use to this notion. In fact this above paragraph itself is bloated and could be made in to about 50-100 runes with this new language. Much of the language is mostly fluff and has no real or practical purpose other than artistic satisfaction and fancyness.

Here is the beginnings of this new language, more will be added as time goes on.
O - related to the infinite, infinity, circle, circular
I - self, ego, doer of action
C - funny truth, smile, comedy
T - serious truth
F - funny lie, funny failure, funny screw up
E - serious lie, error, serious fuck up
Z - sleep, rest, dream, inn, desert hotel
S - soft, sensuous, slitherous, luxurious hotel
H - hug, home, happy
L - competitive ness, sports related, duel
X - something bad, negative, death
Ugh - When you read something dull and you are certain it is wrong. Amplify this using logical operands after.
!O! - to amplify
Cha - Similar to change, create, construction, build, except change is a misleading word. There is no such thing has change, only matter rearanging due to inertia
Inertia - inertia, moving force

Where - same as where
Should - same as should
Go - move to, move I to
To - same as to, put before any action to indicate you seek to perform this action
(future) - put a parentheses after an action to indicate if it is past future or tense it will happen

This is only the beginning, it is very incomplete. This may seem primitive but it is actually a step forward. This clears room for new things, this is truthful. Now that the english language is revealed to be basic, Now it can be made advanced in a truthful and intelligient manner. Gone are the days of adding new words based on ancient peasant fool's traditions. New runes and words will have scientific and spiritual merit, efficiency, and comprehensibility.

Please add your words below. Also keep in mind that this is not meant to extinguish the english language completely, for example when choosing items, item category names do serve a purpose. This is to be used when the Human DNA is evolved. Cheers

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