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Headline Relay: Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica

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Linda Moulton Howe Interview of Naval Officer - Antarctica  

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Robert Gribble's Audio UFO Collection.

karl 12
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Robert Gribble's Audio UFO Collection.

Post by karl 12 on Sat Nov 29, 2014 11:33 pm

At over 44 recorded hours with 252 tracks the Robert Gribble audio collection is a bit of a big one but well worth a listen for anyone interested in UFO research -it contains raw UFO reports from police officers, pilots, USAF personnel, FAA employees, scientists, coastguards (as well as the general public) and involves lots of different UFO descriptions from disc, square, oval and bullet shaped objects right through to boomerang, cylindrical, triangular and arrow shaped ones.

Some of the first hand witness reports also involve aspects like E.M. effects, multiple witnesses, radar confirmation, animal reactions, physiological effects, vehicle interference etc.. and contain accounts of unidentified flying objects entering bodies of water, separating and merging together, pacing aircraft, executing right angle turns etc.. so it really is a great archive for a rainy day.

Review - Robert Barrow:

The Gribble Collection

In this remarkable collection you won't find gaggles of stuffy scientists postulating what UFOs are or are not. Instead, refreshingly, here are folks from every walk of life reporting their UFO experiences in disturbing detail, sometimes right after they occur, and sometimes as they happen in real-time-witnesses in denial or scared out of their wits, or people who simply seek an explanation following the most bizarre event their lives will ever know. The depth of military and government agency involvement or cooperation evidenced in these telephone recordings, it must be noted, simply astounds.

Case Summaries

Michel M. Deschamps over at NOUFORS has hosted the archive compiled by Wendy Conners at the link below -there's also a great collection of UFO Government documentation in PDF Format on the site which can be found here.

Archive - Wendy Conners:

Research Recordings of Robert Gribble.

Robert Gribble began his research into the unidentified flying object phenomena in 1955. He began the Aerial Phenomena Research Group (APRG), which circulated a newsletter detailing new cases. In late 1974, Gribble converted the Phenomena Research Reporting Center to allow the public a place they could call and report their experiences to a nonjudgmental researcher. Commonly known as the UFO Reporting Center or UFO Central during the early years, it became known internationally as the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC). First calls received began on November 11, 1974.

Over a period of twenty years, Gribble received thousands of telephone calls from witnesses of actual encounters with UFOs, which were recorded and data collected. On-site investigations and interviews were conducted by Gribble and his associates and accompanying documentation for cases were archived..

These recordings are of actual witness interviews to UFO encounters and were selected to show a broad based overview of the UFO phenomena being observed and reported.

It makes no difference whether a person believe, or not believe, in UFOs. But the reality is found here and is indisputable. Nobody, as yet, has proven any of the theories of where these objects originate and why they are encountered. Robert Gribble has made the truth abundantly clear…and you'll hear it directly from people of all walks of life. For the seasoned researcher, this audio data is priceless as the missing half of research that written data could never convey…the human element.

Full Audio Archive

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