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Who's Disclosure is Disclosure?

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The narrative war is in full swing. When there's a 100 different competing narratives, how is it possible to discern a disclosure?

Is it akin to which truth is Truth?

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The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys


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Project - The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys Empty The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys

Post by Cyrellys on Fri Aug 09, 2013 3:27 pm

Fw: Dear Colleague, 8 Aug 13, Talking with the Small Grays
Cy's Inbox

Bruce A Widaman
7:50 AM (7 hours ago)

to John, Jean, Spencer, smdobin, Schmierbac, Adam, Anita, Bruce, Bruce, Black, wayne,, Debbie, John, chris, me, George
----- Forwarded Message -----
From: Donald Ware
To: Donald Ware
Sent: Thursday, August 8, 2013 11:45 AM
Subject: Dear Colleague, 8 Aug 13, Talking with the Small Grays

Dear Colleagues,
Speaking of Grays can be confusing. An Air Force member of a crash recovery team told us that their training manual provided first-aid instructions for 57 species of ETs that may be on the vehicles. My Zeta friend told me, through a telepathic human, that "Gray" is not a very useful term in speaking of an ET species, because there are many that look so much alike we humans have a hard time telling them apart by appearance. He mentioned that most Americans have a hard time distinguishing between Japanese and Chinese. He said that among his species there are Zetas, altered Zetas, and hybrid Zetas based on genetics, and there are authorized Zetas and renegade Zetas based on relations with humans. Then there is a possibility of what some call biological robots. Perhaps I will have a better understanding after we have completed reading the entire Exobiology Project series.
Enjoy, Don Ware


January 17th, 2006


Exobiology – Small Grays – Part 1

1. How do they cooperate? Is there a Confederation that is acting together?

SMALL GRAYS: We have always been. We have always been here. We are not part of the Confederation. We do not need to act together but we do, with the other Grays and the Whites (referred to in this transcript as Nordics) and many others. We were here before you and will be here after you. We tolerate you. The Earth is home to many species not just Humans. The Earth is for everybody, for Humans and others. Humans and others claim the Earth as their own but it belongs to everybody: Grays, Nordics, Humans and many others. Humans do not have any priority claim to the Earth. Humans need to tolerate other species as well as tolerate other Humans.

Q. Are you a mechanical species, as some Humans claim?

SMALL GRAYS: No, we are biological but different in our biology than Human and other species.

Q. Are you part plant, as some Humans say, that your tissues contain chlorophyll?

SMALL GRAYS: We are not plant but use chlorophyll in a symbiotic way. Chlorophyll provides us with energy and nutrients.

Q. Is that why you look bluish-grey in white light?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, the chlorophyll in our skins colors our appearance. We are also able to bioluminescence.

Q. I once “observed” a Gray in captivity. Did this one die and what could have been done to keep it alive?

SMALL GRAYS: It did die. It needed other Grays and it needed nutrients.

Q. Do we have these nutrients on Earth?

SMALL GRAYS: Some of them. Chlorophyll, boron, but others you do not have.

Q. So, that means that captured Grays will always die?

SMALL GRAYS: Not always. Some may have enough reserves to survive.

Q. Are you mainly nocturnal?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, we work by night. Bright light, unless it has special filters, damages us. Both heat and light damage us.

Q. How does the chlorophyll provide nutrients if it does not have sunlight?
SMALL GRAYS: We have special illumination.

2. Is there more to the Orbs, observed by the businessman and others and can they manifest responses? Are there different types of Orbs?
SMALL GRAYS: There are different types of Orbs. Some have intelligence. Some are able to act independently.

Q. The Nordics said that the Orbs were mainly messengers and probes. Are they wrong?

SMALL GRAYS: No, they are not wrong. The Orbs that they work with do not have autonomy but go where they are sent.

Q. Is this comparable to someone having a domesticated dog and another person owning a semi-wild wolf?

SMALL GRAYS: No. It is like keeping one dog chained, yet allowing another to roam.

Q. That could be dangerous.

SMALL GRAYS: Only if the roaming dog is aggressive. Orbs are not aggressive. They do not carry weapons. They are able to materialize and dematerialize. They carry information and energy and are useful.

Q. Could we learn to harness the Orbs?

SMALL GRAYS: That is a Human concept. Orbs are intelligent. They will come or go when asked. They will carry information.

3. Can the different extraterrestrial races also manifest responses and are they positively oriented? Are there inherent conflicts detrimental to our interests?

SMALL GRAYS: There are species that are detrimental to Humans.

Q. Which ones?

SMALL GRAYS: More later.

Q. (Upon reviewing this question, it was not answered later.)

Q. Aren’t abductions detrimental to Humans?

SMALL GRAYS: No. They are beneficial.

Q. They can be very traumatic to Humans.

SMALL GRAYS: It is for research, for Human growth.

Q. Is it true that the Hybrids are a combination of Human, Gray and Nordic?


Q. Can alien technology harm Humans?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, propulsion systems and fields can harm Humans if they are in the way. We need Humans to not get in the way.

4. Can other alien races prevent abductions?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, other races could prevent the abductions but do not.

Q. Why not?

SMALL GRAYS: Because it is beneficial for them too.

Q. Are you talking about the Nordics?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, mainly but others benefit, too.

Q. Who?

SMALL GRAYS: Humans, Lights, and Smooths.

5. Who are the good guys, who are the bad guys and what can we learn from them?

SMALL GRAYS: Good and bad are Human terms. Humans are different than Nordics and Grays and others. You can learn to be tolerant and work together.

6. Can some races render implants fallible?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes but why would they? Humans can render implants fallible but they would be replaced. Always, they would be replaced.

7. Can we interfere with the functioning of implants?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, Humans can interfere with the functioning but they would be replaced, always.

8. Are they the same races or different groups of the same race that are carrying out the abductions?

SMALL GRAYS: We carry out most collections and the large Grays and Nordics sometimes help, if there is resistance.

Q. Do you ask the Nordics to help if the abductee is scared of the Grays?

9. How do they travel and is this travel with or without vehicles?
SMALL GRAYS: We travel with vehicles, large and small.

Q. Are these manufactured someplace?

SMALL GRAYS: Partly manufactured and partly grown.

Q. Does that mean they have plant-like qualities?

SMALL GRAYS: No, they grow like crystals but they are not crystals. They grow to a form that we put together.

Q. Our knowledge of physics is growing, is there some point in our near future, when we will understand your travel physics?

SMALL GRAYS: There are some who already know, others who are learning but it will be a long time before being put into use.

Q. The Nordics are able to bi-locate into prepared bodies that are waiting for them. Can you do this?


10. How long can Hybrids stay on Earth and why has the hybridization program taken so long?

SMALL GRAYS: Hybrids stay on Earth for very short periods. All Hybrids have varying amounts of Gray, Nordic, and Human. Some Hybrids have more Human and can stay on Earth for longer time periods; some have more Nordic and Human than Gray. Most Hybrids, especially those with more Gray, stay away from Earth. Hybrids have always been and will continue to be for a longer time.

k. What and who are the Indigo Children? Is there a specific race that is producing the Indigo Children?

SMALL GRAYS: No race is producing the Indigo Children. They have always been. They interest us and we collect them more often. They have been in every culture and at every time but have not always been recognized.

12. Why are some species interested in hydrocarbons? Are they rare in the galaxy? What about other minerals and gases: hydrogen, boron? What purpose do these species put hydrocarbons to? Are we in conflict for these resources?

SMALL GRAYS: You are not the only species that needs these minerals and gases. They are for everybody. Grays and others took these resources before Humans were on Earth. No conflict.

Exobiology – Small Grays – Part 2

In addition the businessman asked the following philosophical questions that were addressed to each of the accessed extraterrestrial races.

1. They obviously find our Human civilization to possess valuable galactic characteristics, some of which they probably lost eons ago, or they wouldn't be interbreeding with us. They certainly possess the ability to destroy our Human civilization, but have not, why?

SMALL GRAYS: Humans are a novelty. They came along, long after we were already here. There is no need to destroy. We add the Human characteristics to the Hybrids. We are the ones who were here first on the Earth, before Humans. Humans are interesting. There is no need to destroy them.

Q. The Nordics say that they started a Nordic Hybrid that has become the Human/ Nordics. Is that correct?

SMALL GRAYS: We do not know.

Q. I have read that the Grays do not always know what Humans are doing or saying, that they only pay attention to certain things? Is this so?
SMALL GRAYS: Yes. There would be too much data. We perceive most but not all.

2. Is this intergalactic ethics - being held to certain behavior by other ET civilizations? Or is it just that their self-interest benefits more by using us for their own needs rather than simply destroying us (a similar model of how things operate on Earth)?

SMALL GRAYS: Each group lives by its own rules. We use Earth for our own needs but we do not need to destroy.

Q. There have been stories of Humans being hurt during abductions, for example broken limbs.

SMALL GRAYS: This is true. Accidents happen. Humans get broken sometimes. We try not to do this.

Q. Is it true that there is a hierarchy: hooded, robed ones, down to reptilian, Nordics, large Grays, then small Grays?

SMALL GRAYS: No, we all have our own tasks and levels. We work together but there is no hierarchy. Hierarchy is a Human concept. This is how Humans see our races. We are not the aliens. Humans are the aliens. Some Grays (Q. and Nordics) collect the Humans and prepare them for procedures. The Humans are then given to the Grays and others for their use while they are with us.

3. Given the billions of likely planets in our galaxy alone, there couldn't be anything very unique and special about Earth. Although the need to mine some of the debris circling Saturn is puzzling - - the implications of which implies a gigantic civilization that is widespread in our galaxy with a vast need for ongoing raw material supply. I would very much appreciate your insights on what all this implies about the nature of intergalactic inhabitation, the inhabitants in a portion or all of our galaxy. Are they dominant or is there a cacophony of conflicting vested interests in our galaxy like here on Earth?

SMALL GRAYS: There are many species. We all have our interests. There is no conflict among the ones who work together.

Q. Is there pressure for the Grays to join the Confederation?

SMALL GRAYS: No. We join when we are ready. There are species that do not work with us but they have their own interests.

Q. Would that be the robed Reptilians, and others?


4. What are the intentions of each race? What is each race’s ongoing purpose and when will this be completed?

SMALL GRAYS: Too many to tell. The Grays collect Humans, gain knowledge, construct Hybrids, travel, learn, and work together.

Q. There is still a question in my mind that small Grays are robot-like and perhaps mechanical?

SMALL GRAYS: No. We have become as one because we share everything. We appear insect-like and cannot survive alone. There is no completion date.

5. Will there be a scenario like a “shock wave” from a distant part of the galaxy that will wipe out Earth? Will it hit the Earth and its oceans?

SMALL GRAYS: There have been and will be shock waves. Humans are new and will have to learn how to avoid these. Our races know how to avoid them by going into the Earth. It will hit the Earth and the oceans. Humans are always concerned about what may or may not happen instead of living now.

Q. That sounds very Zen-like!

SMALL GRAYS: It is how we survive.

6. What does the future of the Earth look like, say in 2012? What types of scenarios, based on fact, will Earth experience?

SMALL GRAYS: No Response.

Q. Do the Small Grays create such scenarios in their “Mind scans?”

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, but not to predict the future, to see what emotions arise. These scenarios are always possible. They have happened and they will happen. Earth will experience all of them in the future.

7. Are there specific races that are influencing our leaders and the process of civilization? Does any one race or a combination control our civilizations? If so why is this permitted?

SMALL GRAYS: There is no race that controls all other races. That is Earth-thinking. We all control ourselves. There is no permitting because it is not so. There are no races that purposely influence the Earth’s leaders except if they are collected. Then they are the same as all others who have been collected. Some leaders have been collected, others not.

Q. What decides who you will collect and who you will not collect?

SMALL GRAYS: We have criteria: physical, mental, and emotional. We do not recognize social or racial groups as you do. All are equally collected.

8. Would other civilizations be able to counter the possible Earth changes? Are the Orbs more positive to Humans?

SMALL GRAYS: Other civilizations have been around and will be around during Earth changes. Change is always happening on Earth. We do not counter any Earth changes. Most Orbs do not have personality that is positive or negative. Positive and negative are Earth judgments.

9. Regarding other controlling civilizations, what can we do as Humans to enter this chain of command?

SMALL GRAYS: There is no chain of commend. Chain of command is an Earth concept. Humans can become another species that works together. It can join the Confederation. It can be part of the species that work together.

10. Most religions of the world accept life after Earthly death. 96% of Humans accept this as fact. What is the alien concept and is there an equivalent life after death for them?

SMALL GRAYS: Death is a physical concept. Even after our physical stops, the remainder of our race assimilates the memories of us and that remains to be used by others. So we may stop in the physical but remain living as information.

11. What mutual benefits are in place between different civilizations?
SMALL GRAYS: We work together. Most races work together. There is a sharing of resources including Humans. We do not see these as benefits. There is just sharing.

12. What will help the Human race survive? Is the Human race expendable? Are we in danger of decimation some time in the future?

SMALL GRAYS: Humans are always wondering about being less. There are always times when Humans are less and sometimes they are more. More or less, it does not matter. The Human race is not expendable. The races need Humans to collect and produce Hybrids. The races will always need Humans but the Humans do not always need the other races.

13. Would there be a sharing of resources with different species in the future. This could affect the Earth financially. Would our leadership agree to share resources? How best can we manage our natural resources without destroying ourselves?

SMALL GRAYS: Humans have a backward-looking view of resources. We have a forward-view of resources. Other races were collecting Earth resources before Humans. Humans have claimed Earth resources as theirs, they are not theirs to own. The resources belong to everybody but belonged to the other races first.

Q. When you say other races, do you mean the Native Americans or other alien races?) SMALL GRAYS: Not Native Americans, before them. Humans can avoid destroying themselves by sharing resources.

14. Are some races hindering or helping us? Do they have a respect for intelligent life?

SMALL GRAYS: There is no hindering or helping. There is sharing and collecting. We have a respect for intelligent life. We have a respect for Human life.

The businessman concluded, “Each bit of information can be extrapolated to better understand our situation here on Earth and how we should live and take advantage of our lives during our hopefully 100 years in this evolution.”

Exobiology – Small Grays – Part 3

C. Wright Mills Methodology

1) Social Structure: What is the structure of this particular society/organization as a whole? What are its essential components, and how are they related to one another? How does it differ from other varieties of social order? Within it, what is the meaning of any particular feature for its continuance and for its change?

SMALL GRAYS: Our race, the Small Grays, is a group society. We share all thoughts, all actions, and all consequences.

Q. It seems that some groups of Grays do not share the same information. For example a group that collects Humans in Montana, may not know information about Humans that are originally collected in New Jersey?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, it is true; there is localized information and greater shared information. When Humans are collected from a new area, we do not know about them until we are in close contact with them. We do not have leaders, as we all share decision making. Decision-making is carried out by a group consensus. When something unexpected happens, when a Human behaves erratically during collection, we have to stop and regroup and concur before continuing. There is no individual decision-making or autonomy as with Humans. This is seen as a benefit and a detriment.

2) Social Change: Where does this society/organization stand in Human history? What are the mechanics by which it is changing? What is its place within and its meaning for the development of Humanity as a whole? How does any particular feature we are examining affect, and how is it affected by, the historical period in which it moves? And this period - what are its essential features? How does it differ from other periods? What are its characteristic ways of history making?

SMALL GRAYS: The Grays were around before Humans and will be around after Humans. There is no social change in Gray society. Gray society has a meaning for Humans due to the collections and the fact that part of Humans is incorporated into the Hybrids that then are spread around the galaxy. This social period is the same as other social periods. It is no different. The Grays have always done things this way. Humans think that they are the only species in the galaxy. They are Earth-centric and must expand their viewpoint.

3) Social Inequality: What varieties of entities now prevail in this society/organization and in this period? And what varieties are coming to prevail? In what ways are they selected and formed, liberated and repressed, made sensitive and blunted? What kinds of 'Human nature' are revealed in the conduct and character we observe in this society in this period?

SMALL GRAYS: All Grays are equal: thoughts, actions and consequences are shared. There are no Grays that are less or more than other Grays. Sometimes a Gray becomes injured or damaged. They naturally stop but their information remains to be shared by all others. The conduct and characteristics that are like “Human nature” are that we have some emotions, we have compassion, we have a sense of order, we have memory, we learn, we appreciate diverse forms of life and we can plan in the short term.

Exobiology – Small Grays – Part 4

The following is taken from the TSS Director, an online effort to document general bodies of information, established by sociologist Dan Brook (now out of circulation). The interview structures outlined by Brook will also become part of the assessment of each alien culture.

“Sociology is the study of groups of two or more people and their interactions, including how they act and react, organize themselves, construct ideas, explain the world, communicate with each other, form groups and build institutions, protect themselves, produce, distribute, and consume things, work, play, conform, resist, learn, love, live, and die. Sociology also focuses on the social forces that shape individual lives and how groups of individuals influence those social forces.”

According to E. Barbara Phillips and included by Brooks, basic sociological questions for any given situation may include, but are not limited to:

a. What are people thinking and doing there?

SMALL GRAYS: Grays act and think together as one unit. No Gray thinks or acts by itself.

b. What kinds of people are there?

SMALL GRAYS: The Grays are one people among many races.

c. Who is included and who is excluded? What rules and norms govern behavior there? How are roles assigned and tasks divided?

SMALL GRAYS: None are excluded unless they are damaged. Roles are assigned and tasks divided according to group consensus.

d. Who says so? How are people socialized? Whose interests do these social arrangements serve?

SMALL GRAYS: The group decisions and group consensus affect the whole of Gray society.

e. Who benefits and who loses? What powerful people, processes, institutions, and structures influence these arrangements? When, how, and why do people resist?

SMALL GRAYS: There is consensus. If there is resistance, it is assumed that a Gray is damaged and he stops. Change only occurs through new learning and consensus.

f. Is this process or system relatively sustainable?

SMALL GRAYS: Yes, sustainable.

In addition the following series of definitions and considerations from Gidden’s et al Introduction to Sociology (also now out of circulation) will be taken into account while conducting the exobiology interviews. Following are excerpts from Gidden’s that will guide this project, remembering of course, that these definitions and guidelines were designed for the Human race. I believe that they can also be adapted to interact with and study alien races. Only those parts that were able to be assessed in this interview are reported.

a. “Unfocused interaction - takes place whenever individuals exhibit mutual awareness of one another's presence. Focused interaction - occurs when individuals directly attend to what others say or do.”

Q. There was definite mutual awareness and an attention to what the other said. Answers came reciprocally: turns were taken.

“Interaction in Time and Space. All social interaction is situated in time and space. We can analyze how our daily lives are "zoned" in time and space by looking at how activities occur during definite durations and at the same time involve spatial movement. Studying people's movement across time-space can further illuminate the meanings embedded in social interaction.”

Q. Both species of Grays appear to be nocturnal with an aversion to daylight and strong artificial light sources. Unlike the Nordics they do not normally appear on Earth during daylight hours. There are reports that, if they do, they bundle up in some sort of clothing.

“Microsociology and macrosociology” are closely connected.” “Culture consists of the values the members of a given group hold, the norms they follow, and the material goods they create. Society is a system of interrelationships that connects individuals. No culture could exist without a society, and equally, no society could exist without culture.”

Q. The Grays are strongly connected to the point of there being no individuality. Gray society is pure socialism, with no autonomy. Everything is consensus.

6. “The Concepts of Culture”.

“Culture - - the values the members of a given group hold, the norms they follow, and the material goods they create.”

Q. Material goods are produced by the Grays, i.e. medical instrumentation, transportation and implants, but very little value is placed on cultural items such as art, music or writing.

“Values - - abstract ideals. For example, monogamy is a prominent value in most Western societies.”

Q. All values are shared and agreed upon. Marriage and life after death, as accepted on Earth, do not seem to exist in Gray society.

“Norms - - definite principles or rules people are expected to observe.”

Q. Grays live by prearranged rules and norms that are mutually agreed upon by all.

“Society - a system of relationships that connects individuals who share the same culture.

Q. Grays are a definite culture under this definition.

“Ethnocentrism - judging other cultures in terms of the standards of one's own culture.

Countercultures - groups that largely reject the prevailing values and norms of society.

Cultural composites - a population made up of a number of groups from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds.”

Q. Grays judge each other in terms of their own culture but are very aware that there are other races and cultures that are very different and act very differently from the Grays. The Grays accept these differences and do not seek to impose changes on Humans and include Human characteristics into Hybrids.

“With the studying of other cultures comes the trap of ethnocentrism, judging other cultures by our own standards. Sociologists seek to avoid this with the practice of cultural relativism, judging a society by its own standards.”

Q. Every effort was taken to avoid judgment of each race. Grays do not judge other races and accept that other races have different ways of being and doing. It was assumed that by interacting with one Gray I was interacting with the group.

“Cultural universals are forms of behavior found in all, or nearly all, cultures. Language, the prohibition against incest, institutions of marriage, the family, religion, and property are cultural universals.”

Q. Grays do not appear to have a spoken language or social prohibitions as seen on Earth. They do not appear to have religion and see the universe as property belonging to all.

”The possession of language is the most distinctive cultural attribute. All cultures have language, but thousands of different languages are spoken in the world. The writing of language is a notable development in Human history. It began as a way to store information, to make lists of important events. But as we know, a text is not just written speech. Language takes on different qualities when it is put down on paper. The society that began making lists of important events was able to transform language into the ability to locate itself in time and space.”

Q. While the Grays do not have a spoken language, they are quite capable of making themselves understood. Both abductees and others who have contacted Grays have been able to understand them. They appear to be more “vocal” than the Large Grays, and to have a wider range of concepts and understanding.

”Linguistic relativity hypothesis: Sapir and Whorf argue that the language we use influences our perception of the world. Human behavior is oriented toward the symbols we use to represent "reality," rather than to the reality itself--and these symbols are determined within a particular culture.”

Q. Other researchers have noted that the Grays employ a great many symbols that have meaning to them. Some of these symbols have been incorporated into Human understanding and culture i.e. the Rune glyphs. Some of these Rune glyphs have been noted in crop circles.

“The symbols expressed in speech and writing are one of the key ways cultural meanings are formed and expressed. But language is not the only culturally symbolic form. Behavior and material objects can be signifiers as well. A signifier is any vehicle of meaning. Semiotics is the analysis of nonverbal cultural meaning. Sociologists have found semiotic analysis to be useful for comparing one culture with another.”

Q. This might be a useful study but direct communication with the Grays appears to gather more information, than from symbols alone. We thank the Small Grays for their cooperation. The next race to be interviewed will be the Robed or Hooded Reptilians.


"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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Project - The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys Empty Re: The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys

Post by pman35 on Sun Aug 11, 2013 6:03 am

Hi Cy thanks for this indepth article so many questions which I would be better off asking Don ware, such like 1: How reliable is the information ,
2: Home planet ( I know they say been here since before humans but where did they come from
3: can they tell from an action , the effects of a reaction , before they do an action are they already aware of the reaction.
4: Can they give me next weeks lottery numbers Smile lol

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Project - The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys Empty Re: The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys

Post by Cyrellys on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:53 pm

lol. Yes many questions only he can answer. It is also another example of there being multiple contact initiatives and events which are unrelated to each other occurring.

Don Ware's is not associated with Michael on facebook's and not with several of the others like A.R. Bordon etc. Although I get the impression the last one is probably more aware of the others than anything else. Again I'd like to be able to compare notes directly but everyone is so gun-shy because of the public & IC headhunters and anti-disclosure system groups.

So we sort of have a free-for-all going on with no one on the same page. It makes for a great deal of confusion for all the public observers trying to understand and not react fearfully.

If I were to point fingers it'd be at all the insider groups who refuse to connect up and put all their cards on the same table so a cohesive story and differentiation could be clearly made for the sake of everyone's sanity.

But who ever said the human race was capable of real sanity? We're daydreaming here about sanity right?

My dad refers to it as, "people being first rate at 'screwing up the moving parts of a rock.'" A description I've been finding disconcertingly apropos. Not that we couldn't get this right, just that people wear horse blinders and that makes the propensity for a disconnect and associated chaos just about the only thing they all have in common at the moment.



"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

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Project - The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys Empty Re: The Exobiology Project: Talking With Small Greys

Post by Cyrellys on Sun Aug 11, 2013 1:59 pm

and what's worse they all seem to REALLY LIKE their horse blinders. They act like they feel nekkid without them.

So we see ET acclimation projects some with threats of unambiguity, and others with carrot and stick routines.

Other ETs simply circumvent the whole late night college party/zoo/plantation thing and avoid us entirely. Can't say as I blame them.

What does a contact insider do distinctly as a kid that he does even better as an adult? I've come to figure it must have been tie his shoe laces in intricate knots. The kind that takes over an hour to unravel.


"This is an indeterminite problem. How shall I solve it? Pessimistically? Or optimistically? Or a range of probabilities expressed as a curve, or several curves?..........Well.....we're Loonies. Loonies bet. Hell, we have to! They shipped us up and bet us we couldn't stay alive. We fooled 'em. We'll fool 'em again!" Robert Heinlein, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress.

Rue she said Protection
Rooster's Crow Confusion
One thing else to end the deed --
A dog with no Illusion.

~ Walter Wangerin Jr., Book of the Dun Cow

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