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Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

karl 12
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Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

Post by karl 12 on Fri Jul 26, 2013 1:07 pm

EM effects are a pretty intriguing aspect of the UFO subject and there have been plenty of very strange UFO cases where electromagnetic interference with avionic systems, motors, headlights, radios (and even weapons systems) have been reported at the same time the UFO has been witnessed.

Richard Thieme brings up the subject in this  presentation and the NICAP document below, 'Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects' does a good job of cataloging cases through the 1950s and exploring the subject in general - it's said the report was circulated to several hundred interested parties including scientists and members of Congress and concluded that 'the evidence was sufficient to warrant a more thorough investigation of UFOs, and an attempt to learn more about the E -M phenomenon through deliberate instrumentation for that purpose'.


Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects.

The purpose of this booklet is to explore this one aspect of the UFO mystery: Electromagnetic effects which occurred at the same time a UFO was seen.

PDF File

NARCAP's Richard Haines has also conducted some scientific research on aircraft EM effects in the paper below and for more in depth reading then Chapter five of John McCampbell's book 'Ufology' goes into more detail about stalling of vehicle motors, dimming and extinguishing of car headlights/house lights, fading or loss of radio/television reception and malfunction of compasses and watches.


Richard F. Haines, Ph.D.

"Reports of anomalous aerial objects (AAO) appearing in the atmosphere continue to be made by pilots of almost every airline and air force of the world in addition to private and experimental test pilots. This paper presents a review of 56 reports of AAO in which electromagnetic effects (E-M) take place on-board the aircraft when the phenomenon is located nearby but not before it appeared or after it had departed.
Reported E-M effects included radio interference or total failure, radar contact with and without simultaneous visual contact, magnetic and/or gyro-compass deviations, automatic direction finder failure or interference, engine stopping or interruption, dimming cabin lights, transponder failure, and military aircraft weapon system failure. We're not dealing with mental projections or hallucinations on the part of the witness but with a real physical phenomenon."

Dr. Richard Haines, Psychologist specializing in pilot and astronaut "human factors" research for the Ames NASA Research Center in California-Chief of the Space Human Factors Office.





EM Effects Database (pdf)
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Re: Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

Post by isaackoi on Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:38 pm

karl 12 wrote:EM effects are a pretty intriguing aspect of the UFO subject

Indeed. Incidentally Karl, as you may already know, BUFORA did a classic study on EM cases of vehicle interference. They produced an updated version of that study a few years ago:

(I know a few people in BUFORA and may ask them if they would consider making at least the original study available online free of charge. I would have thought that making that work freely available may actually stimulate some sales for them of their updated study - a win/win situation for everyone).

Good to see you here by the way. I just joined myself.
karl 12
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Re: Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

Post by karl 12 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 5:49 pm

Hola Isaac, good to see you here too my friend (along with Senor Gut Smile)- have to say I wasn't aware of the updated study so many thanks for bringing it up -would certainly like to have a read of that one and hopefully the good folks at BUFORA will actually consider posting the original online for free.

I've just seen the message you posted on UFOUpDates back in 2005 and have to say great job -that's one pretty comprehensive post you provided them with although it's a great shame that the majority of links have now been removed.

BUFORA Updating Vehicle Interference Project

I'm betting you will have already looked through this collection from Loren E. Gross but there are still some relevant EM examples in there -you also mention the work of James McCampbell in your post and I found his book to be a really excellent one -here's another one of his entitled 'Effects of UFOs Upon People' and it also brings up electro-magnetism so I've included it.  

Paper given at UFO symposium in 1986:

All observed effects of UFOs, except purely mechanical processes and artifacts, carry implications of electromagnetic and gravitational fields in their vicinity.

Technical studies of individual effects can establish limits to the parameters of those fields. So detailed studies of the wide range of effects should lead to a significant understanding of the UFO field. Limitations deduced from one effect may well be different from those of another, and still another.

By overlaying these various constraints, specific parameters of the UFO fields should become progressively more apparent.

Pdf file


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Re: Electromagnetic Effects Associated with Unidentified Flying Objects

Post by Sponsored content

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